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Say hello to all friends, everyone. In this clip, I will analyze ten coins. My friend asked me to come to the bottom. There will be BTC ETH LUNC SHIB ADA PEPE STX PHB LINA DOT BTC ETH. LUNC SHIB ADA PEPE STX PHB LINA DOT

Asked to come to the south Of this clip, please leave your friends, friends, press and press for me too. Thank you in advance. Well, before making a clip, I want to support it. You can apply. There will be an application button under this clip to receive different benefits. can press apply

If your friend is looking for a board, now there is a board to recommend to friends. In addition to trading or whether or not, then this is also free for friends, friends to use as well. Up to sixteen characters, which

Has a discount on the application fee for friends to twenty percent of my friends. If friends, friends, apply through the screen or click to apply through the under, besides that, there are also things that have been made in, for friends, friends to use for free. Which will be

Fifteen minutes late, that when the price is going up or down, there will be both entry and exit. enter the wood automatically which is the same Friends, friends can use it by pressing through. Under this clip, come in. Well, let’s start with Bitcoin now. This friend, this friend, you have to understand first,

That his body is running like a Chanel style, see this line? Well, and the bottom line. upper frame and lower frame Now I If we follow the channel, this is his body. There is still a chance to come down to the bottom frame.

It will have its channel that cuts through like this again. Now, the latest Admin sees that his body is this. There is an opportunity to test in this area. Before going down, row two, eight, zero, one, one or nine hundred and five. In this section, ask why, right? Different signals tell me,

Like the AO, look at it. It cuts into green here. Green is up. Up. RSI is up. Therefore, at this point From now on, he will go up to test this resistance , where there will be an observation that one, he can go through . Go up.

Go up. Two. Price can’t break through. If you can’t get through Confirmation of coming down to the support line, row twenty-four, one hundred and ninety or seven hundred and eighty eight thousand for sure So from now on, the first thing.

In the short term, it will come up to this resistance again, of course, the chance is very high. Later, it will be running in the same frame. As I said He can still go down. If we look at the frame here that has come down, take note.

It will run in the upper frame. The bottom frame is like this, right? Now, it can go deeper. but short term There will be a cut-down frame. The cut-down frame. In the frame. In the cut-down frame. That will be his body.

There will be a brake point at about one nine two nine resistance. or sixty-five Therefore, following this He has a chance to go up there. Note the same. That is, if you can get through it. It will brake and become a leg up. It’s better than making a new one.

But this time, if you can’t get through it. This will confirm the descent to the row support. One five nine six USDT or fifty five thousand. in the short term There is a chance to come up to resistance one nine two nine or sixty-five thousand baht for sure. It’s a

Clear sign that there is a chance . at the green program It’s above zero, it’s positive on the positive side, and it’s going up. If you see it, do you see it? Here it is. Next, it’s a classic face hole. classic It’s still sticky. Notice, if we look at the big picture,

It will be the old support line. Where he is standing, this support line, look at the screen, and it will match the last support line that was standing. Finally, to indicate that he is still able to stand, that is, zero point zero zero zero eight zero four seven

, well found or zero point zero zero two. Seven baht, according to the Thai price in return, like this. If your friend wants to hold I see that this point is a good point. The point is that if you stop falling off this point, go out, take a break, take a long break,

But if you don’t fall off here. Will be a reversal point to hold or can be kept at a low price. If we look, suppose we can collect it here, right? The price goes up, imagine how many times, but ask if it’s just a theory. and probabilities

Therefore, from now on, this point is the point that is considered good, good, good, almost the best, for the current situation to be reached. In terms of the signal, how is it? Is it short-term? Oh, the green litre is a good sign . I think it’s safe.

Will look at this resistance line, don’t let it come up to fight zero point zero zero One one seven six two. Is this place safer? Zero, zero, zero, four and five baht . Let’s keep pushing. Please help luna classic fans . Later, it’s me. Notice. First time , second time, and last time.

It will be the third time. It’s not good. It’s about the support line. Seven five zero point zero zero. Center, center, center, seven, five centers. Let’s say five zeros, decimals. I’m asking here, right now, I haven’t been able to go down yet, but what does it mean that it used to come down?

This means that the third time there is a chance to come down. If it comes down, it will be a fall . Come down like this. Now, come on, let’s move on to the observations. And what will be next? Notice that I will use two hundred lines. It’s a resistance line, so to

Do this analysis, this line is two hundredths. It’s an important resistance line. Well, one thing is that it’s this blue line. If you pass, nine, two, two, you can go up. If through nine two two Five decimal places, zero, nine, two, two.

Here, admin sees that the price has a chance to go up. Return to an uptrend But if you can’t go through here, this will be the point that indicates that his body continues to run down continuously. which of course

The support that will come down will be rows seven, five, eight, seven, one, eight. Therefore, this point, friends, friends must be excited here. Let’s go up to see it as an uptrend. in the latest now I haven’t passed it yet, but the signal has a chance to test.

Of course, it’s like AO up in green, Art up, later it’s ADA. ADA hasn’t analyzed it for a while now. But if we look at it, ADA is one of those who have done well. Notice here. This one adds a parallel frame. Chanel. Lower frame, upper frame. Now, if it happens, notice

, they use this point to stand. One, two, the last time, the second time. In the past, observe, there is a cut. If it happens, look like this. Is it a good signal? It’s good. It’s the same for both the lower frame and the upper frame.

Ask if it happens to be this channel and ask if it’s wrong . I’m not saying that it can’t be dropped , but now I’m asking if it’s easy to trade, easier to trade, easier to trade than normal conditions. Ask why we can use this point. At zero point three four three nine

Or twelve baht, three eleven can be a point. In case of falling off this point, take a break. Let it go. But if it doesn’t fall off this point, ask where your friends have a chance to go. You can go down on Friday. Well,

It’s ah, his resistance. Will go to the line zero point five two zero one right away. If it doesn’t fall off, the price has to adjust up. Do it like this. Low or low. Or about to say around ten eighteen baht. or may go up to twenty baht How is the signal now?

Opportunity to reconcile with yourself. There is. Ask why there is. We see the same thing, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, it ‘s a green hippogram. It’s a good sign that there is a chance to go up. Later, it’s Pepe. Ah, Pepe here. Pepe can stick

You can keep this support line. It’s one four one nine two. Popular with zero, five positions, here, admin sees that it can still go down, well, because there is a support line that used to stand, which is a one-center five-four-four support line. So here, don’t do it yet,

But don’t get your mind on it yet. At this point, I would like you to be careful, even if the body has a cut line. Blue cut red is an uptrend signal . Therefore, there is a chance to continue down. At this point, admin sees that friends, friends, the question is

Add me when will I be able to access it? Seeing admin say this Please be clear Add, let me tell you. Friends, friends will be able to access only when they pass through. This point comes up, this line, that’s two, one, zero, three.

One asks why, isn’t it? At this point, this is the case where there is an attack, for example, it can go up. brake up He will call it a breakout. It’s a breakout here and up. This breakout is a good buy signal. in an uptrend

But asked if there is no breakout, why can’t I enter? Suppose I enter here and the price keeps running sideways like this. what is happening Distraction of stress from the fact that the price has not gone anywhere Worried about going down, can you imagine? Therefore, if

We enter, the best is through two zero two one zero three one, it will be the best, later it will be STX. STX asks if this is a good point. If you want to enter, right? This place is still good, but not good enough.

Ask why it’s not good enough, right? It used to have rolled lows around ah, zero point five six two three, and recently, its low is just six four seven three. Show me how You can still go down. Asked why it still goes down.

If we look at this, do you see the average line? This is an EMA line, right here, it’s a good resistance line. It’s a straight line, so the breakout doesn’t indicate anything. Is below the average, the price is lower than the average, it is at the point where it is

Or the trend is down, so for him, admin sees that there must be a test here, around the zero point. Let’s say zero point seven, that is, if it can’t go through zero point seven, then it will be in a downtrend. at this point

Add will tell friends, friends that Friends, friends can become an uptrend only when it breaks through zero point seven. Can’t break through now Add sees that it is still a significant resistance and there is still a chance to go down until zero point five six two three.

By this contract Many people would look into that. Why add says it will go down while the signal and it is up? Say it’s an uptrend here. to send strength to test at the two hundred EMA line It’s still going up. In the short term, try trading the fifteen minute time frame futures.

Try trading get profit for sure But if trading sports or holding long, it’s still in a downward trend. Ask why, we still have it seen. This is the two hundredth MA line. And this is the price that goes up to test and able to penetrate

Plus, he also happens to be a double top. Down, see? Well, later, it’s PHB. PHB is his body. It is assumed that there will be an attempt to break through. Notice, do you see it here ? Let’s try to hit the parallel, ah, or the frame

. Let’s see what direction his walk is. Ah, if we hit the frame here. Buddy, it’s obvious that there will be a bottom and top here. What admin is saying is that at this point, the price has moved. Come down to rest. Where to stay? It’s a support line.

One line of psychology Therefore, at this point, admin sees that there is a chance to turn around. If you go back up where? is the point of resistance Of course, it’s the upper frame channel that the band comes in. See, it hits at one point zero zero four one.

Asked why it looks like it, and it can’t go up, is it true? Check out more signals. That is AO. AO. This is. Yes. It is one of the characters that we look at. To see what his body is, what direction will the momentum trend be? Chasing the green

Red then green on the negative side. This is the beginning of a break down to an uptrend. Look at the reversal bars. There is a reversal bar. Turn around but it’s not clear . Let’s see. Turn around. RSI can turn around. Cut yellow.

Notice that purple cuts straight yellow. This is a good sign. Ask if you want to enter this point. How can you enter? Sometimes, we can enter, but we must have. Where is it? It’s around zero point seven one. This is good. If you miss zero point seven one, take a break.

But if you don’t slip zero point seven one, at least a little. It will go up to test one. USDT again Ask if the difference here Futures trading is definitely profitable. But sporty to be beautiful is to go through one or more

If it exceeds one or more Let’s meet again, give me a timeline. One, seven, then it’s me. On this page, I set up a countdown. But notice. Two Hundred MA lines can be used, every institution is really true. The blue line, it’s the MA two hundred line,

Which is going to be tested and many times, please observe. can’t go up back down to the original place, at this point Where is the critical resistance? For zero point zero one zero seven nine three, this is the critical resistance.

Is there a chance of going through it? Yes, but now it’s still going through. So at this point, friends can enter only when it breaks through the 200 mA line. If it can go up here. what is the brake signal What’s the signal? It’s a signal.

Every time too There is a chance to break through here. If it breaks through resistance going to zero point zero one three two zero five asking if it’s an uptrend or not If you get to that point, not yet, until you get past that point. Even if it’s a clear uptrend, this

Is after this, meaning it’s going up non-stop. but asked if it was easy It’s not easy, this distance can be kept short, but wait for the breakout first. Wait through zero point zero one. Zero seven nine three first, something like this. Good breakout

What kind of breakout should I take? Suppose if you can pass through this Should be sideways up a bit, even if it indicates that there is an upward level, adjust the base up, which is quite difficult, you have to gradually understand, later, it’s a dot Yes, I’m Dot.

Notice that the standing point is a good point. If you ask me why, it’s a good point. This is where it stands. And this is the old support line that used to stand.

And it’s the same support at five point one five four. It can be a lot, or a hundred and seventy-four baht , and it means that there is a chance that it can stand. The word chance

Means that it can be dropped, but there is still a chance that it depends more than in normal conditions , so this is a trading method. Let’s look at a few more indicators. For the sake of it, I decided to cut it up. It’s green. The green is cut up, the body is

Trying to get up, but it’s not considered beautiful. You can play, you can play, but you have to set it up. The fifth row hit that four point nine nine would be good, don’t fall off at this point. Price has a chance to reverse

Asked if he turned back from now on How will it return? Of course, there is a chance of a reversal. Ask me why, right? Here it is. It has already been brewed. The top of it has been made low like this. Can you imagine?

In the previous one, uh, the bottom has equal support, the top looks like a triangle pattern. Asked if the beginning here goes up, where does it have to end? Row six, USDT. or two hundred and three three baht

If it can turn up, it has to be before six USDT, two hundred and three three baht. Okay, thank you very much friends for watching. If you love it, please press like and press subscribe as an encouragement to the add too.

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