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♊🌹Gemini, you’re *finally* closing down a cycle with someone who hurt you very badly in the past ~ it took you a while to get over this person (I think mostly how they treated you actually). You are so done with them though and now new love is coming in! This new person is such a sweetheart and a wish fulfilment ~ it’s like you were dealing with the devil in the past and now here comes your angel. You are coming out of hermit mode straight into the arms of your new sweetheart!

‘How to Train Your Caterpillar’! 👇

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  1. Your readings always floor me in the best way!! You are truly gifted . Beautiful reading and wonderful energy ✨️ 👏 💜🦋🦋🦋

  2. right after watching this reading after a dew minutes it was posted… and not paying attention I bumped into a virgo from my workplace. Been chatting and went on one date. Yes it happened really fast.

    Brown hair, pisces rising, from my workplace, a quarter scottish, etc.

    Thanks for the reading!

  3. Diane …one needs magical well being ..please ..hope you are in best health Madame Butterfly..

  4. Thank you for the readings and I hope you feel better soon. Sleep with vicks on your chest, nostrils, behind your ears and neck and have a warm tea with honey and lime. Then sleep. 🥰

  5. So so accurate.
    Marriage ended in late nineties and it was only a few months ago that I felt a weight lift off my body. There were red flags before I married him.
    Looking forward to having a loving relationship.
    God bless you, Spirit and my Ancestors.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. This is a personal reading so connected 💯dead on 🥰
    Thanks so much for your guidance 😊

  7. Spot on today madam butterfly…long term of 11 years, was in healing when I met Taurus who did exactly what you’ve said above…took me over 12 months to get over it, met capricorn who made my heart smile who I finally let in after 6 months of him trying but he’s walked away saying he’s scared but tbh who knows…
    Thanks for your reading…
    Have an awesome day ❤

  8. Yes , this reading resonates with my past with a Virgo 😝
    Have allready met a New person that i like a lot but we don't have prived contact yet. We meet as we walk the dogs. Curious how it will go further 🥰 🙏

  9. This sounds like a personal reading for me, amazing. I hope someone new does come in. Thank you.

  10. Omg. Ty!!! U are so on Target! I had a terrible time with a Cancer. Thought my love life was going down the drain. Then God surprised me with my Sweet Gem!! I am over the Top..looking forward to meeting soon!! Yes I was healing 🙃🙂

  11. 6/6/79… 😀 been a hermit for years 😀
    This has been an incredibly accurate read.
    You seem like you're deep into your Divinity.
    Thank You.

  12. Thank you for your reading! I’m a Gemini ♊️ and dealing with a Fire sign- Aries ♈️. I claim it. 🥰🥰🙏🙏

  13. On point 100 💯 Past person a Leo (Scottish) 💔 new person is an Aries (Australian) and seems to good to be true. Brought to me on the wings of an Angel..So grateful & blessed 🙏♥️

  14. Hi, you said it to a T – we were working together, he hurt me terribly, took a very long time to get over it, yes he's a handsome guy, smart, clever, he's funny but something I couldn't figure, he went cold, yes he is a Virgo , I thought the world of him. but the hurt is too deep, Im only human and yes I did need time to heal

  15. This reading was incredible – i know it wasn’t a personal reading but it feels like it was about me to a tee! Especially the Taurean past energy/ and hermit/ healing/ recovery time. Amazing thank you ❤

  16. This is so true!! My new person is very handsome, but very shy and not quick to open up. Very slow moving energy, but also very loyal.

  17. My new crush is a virgo omg 😭😭 and he is honorable and trustworthy. Plus he looks waaayyy better than the past person and is charming but not toxic like the past person lol. He's husband material 💗

  18. Thank you, Diane. Always a sense of a breeze softly blowing through your reads.
    Hmmm…Scottish? Interesting. I’ve always loved the Scottish accent.
    Feel better quickly!

  19. hello' madam, gud day.. thank u so much for sharing this tarot card.. and GOD BLESS UR INTIRE FAMILY "" "♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. Yes pls .beung it on . I'm nit as atttaxtive as I was ..i know why your taking about he's everything you described .

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