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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has literally been the most profitable asset class to invest in in all human history but most people get wrecked and lose money why the problem is everybody is so passionate about where they want the price to go I mean right now you’ve got people still calling for a 12 000

Bitcoin they just refuse to admit that just perhaps the bottom could already be in but on the other hand you’ve got people calling for a 100 000 Bitcoin in 2023 just refusing to admit that this is just a bear Market rally before another huge drop later this year but here’s the

Truth people these days they love to pick a side we see this all over in our society things are so polarizing people just want to pick one side and then they get overly passionate about that side without actually doing their due diligence to take a look at the

Available data and then come to their own conclusions and this results in most people losing money in crypto I mean again literally the most profitable asset class to invest in in all human history most people are losing money money and most people are going to be losing money in crypto during the next

Bull Run So today we’re going to be taking a look an objective look at the reality of the data that the charts are giving us no emotions and we’re going to determine for ourselves what lies in store for Bitcoin and crypto in the rest of 2023 and Beyond so make sure to like

The video subscribe to the channel and click the bell for notifications because we are bringing you the most timely and the juiciest of Bitcoin updates here on YouTube I am a technical Trader I use technical analysis to enter and exit my positions this means I am only ever

Looking at the chart to make a decision about where I’m going to buy and sell I don’t care what the news says I don’t care if there’s a rumor that ripples of security or not or Gary ginsler China’s Banning Bitcoin I do not care the charts

Are always going to tell us what is going to happen and the great thing about Bitcoin is that we can zoom out right now I’m on the Bitcoin all-time index we can look at how Bitcoin behaved previously during the market cycles and that’s another great thing about Bitcoin

That it it has these four year Market cycles and when we take a look at the market Cycles we can kind of determine the trajectory of the price in the coming months and even years and now we have enough data from previous Market Cycles to take a look at some of these

Technical indicators and say what are the indicators telling us right now so first we need to ask the question is the bottom end let’s take a look at what the charts are saying and then we can come to our own conclusions now I want to start with my favorite indicator Market

Cipher B on the monthly time frame as we are looking at the Bitcoin all time index now for the past three Market Cycles every time the bear Market has bottomed out we can see that market Cipher B is printing a bottom below the zero line on the monthly time frame this

Has happened in 2015. this happened here in 2019 and happened once again here in 2023 So based on historical data we could say it’s actually more probable than not that the bottom is in based on our indicator Market Cipher B now let’s take a look at the RSI indicator just

The regular old RSI now with this RSI we can go back in time pretty far and see that whenever the green RSI crosses above the yellow moving average it means the bottom has already been put in confirmed bottom has already been put in we saw this happen back here in 2012 the

Bottom was already in when the green line crossed above the yellow line then we see that again in 2015 the bottom had already been put in when confirmed this green line is above the yellow line we see it again in 2019 where the bottom has already been put in once we see the

Green line cross above the yellow line and right now in 2023 we have confirmed the Green Line crossing above the yellow line so doesn’t mean that 100 the bottom is in but what it does mean is that the data is pointing to the fact that the

Bottom is more probably in than not now we can take a look at the regular we took a look at the regular RSI let’s take a look at the stochastic RSI now the stochastic RSI can kind of tell us uh when the bottom is in as well right

When we see the green line cross above the orange line and we see both of the rsis kind of come above that 20 Level once again it means the bottom is already in we saw this happen back here in 2012. the bottom was already in when we got the stochastic RSI Crossing above

The neck uh the 20 line and the green Crossing above the orange we saw it again in 2015 we saw it again in 2019 and we are seeing it once again right now in 2023 so again based on three technical indicators right here it’s more probable than not that the bottom

Is already been put in for Bitcoin now something else we need to understand is where did we actually come down to back in November after FTX went down we came down to a very important Fibonacci level every single Market cycle going all the way back to 2011 the bottom of the bear

Market has come in in between the 786 and the 886 Fibonacci okay so the bottom is put in between these two FIB levels and we saw it happen in 2011 2015 2019 and here we are again in 2023 coming down to these same FIB levels now not

Only are we coming down to those sib levels but we know Market Cipher B at the time of the FIB levels is giving us the bottom signal we know the RSI at the time of the FIB levels is giving us that bottom signal we know that the

Stochastic RSI at the time of the FIB levels is giving us that bottom signal and so in my opinion based on what the charts are actually saying it is more probable than not that the bottom is in and people who are still calling for another major drop uh on bitcoin

Um because of the global economic conditions they have uh less to stand on than those who are saying that the bottom is in because the data is in the favor of the bottom being in now does this mean 100 the bottom is in of course

It does not mean that but when it comes to investing this is a game of probability and if we use probabilities to enter into our positions and we do so with good risk management this is how we are going to be profitable over time this is how we trade in the Casper group

VIP Discord right we have an idea we give setups in advance and then we take the trade right we have the setup in advance and we take the trades right currently the long position we are in right now set up given Advance right from the bottom is because we are

Looking at the charts and saying this is what is most probable to happen I don’t care about the news I don’t care about any of that by the way if you want to join the Casper crew VIP Discord where every single day we do three live streams we give our trade setups in

Advance we give our levels it’s a great educational group you can go to go ahead and click the link to join the Discord also if you want to learn how to trade like this using technical analysis probabilities and risk management check out the courses there’s a 25 discount on

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Mexc also guys bit get a wonderful exchange I use big ad for swing trading mexc for scalping great deposit bonuses and other things if you sign up using my link in the description in the pin comment I’m not trying to show exchanges for the sake of Shilling exchanges but

These exchanges really are offering great deals and they’re great to trade on great liquidity if you know how to trade so the bottom is in we’re going straight to pump City 100K next month right well here’s the thing guys this is where we need to be a little bit more

Precise and a little bit more objective with what the data is saying now we know that the macro bottom signals are in however when we take a look at the four-year cycle we can see a few very interesting things now right here I’ve marked out two signif significant things

On the chart this green dotted line is about 365 days before the Bitcoin having the white line represents the having now notice this we always bottom out at the 786 Fibonacci level when the green dotted line comes in right so it’s pretty much the bottom is about a year

Before the having at that FIB level but notice this once that bottom is in Dewey go straight to pump City or do we kind of range for a year going up a little going down a little and then we go into a major bull market well the truth is we

Range for a little we kind of grind it out we go up we go down before the real bull market begins and this is where most people get wrecked because this is where most people get too scared to buy Bitcoin and they’re saying look we’re going to come lower we’re going to come

Lower we never really come as low as people want then the bull market happens without them and then most people start buying high right it’s an emotional roller coaster so right now based on all the data we have we can say that for the next year leading up until about April

2024 or we cannot expect a massive move to the upside we also cannot expect a massive move to the downside at the very best maybe we can have something like we had in 2015 we’re basically for about six months or so we just traded completely sideways here uh before the

Having uh worst case scenario we have a double bottom like what we got here in 2019 where we had the March 2020 crash 20 the March 2020 2020 crash we had the March 2020 20 20 20 2020 crash so that’s something that we really need to keep in

Mind before we get overly passionate about massive volatility either to the upside or to the downside in addition to this guys when we take a look at an indicator called the rank correlation index whenever we see the purple line cross above the Blue Line This is

Telling us that we have to range for a little bit before the big pump begins it happened back in 2012. it happened back in 2015 we see the purple Crossing above the blue and we just range for like half a year before that having before that

Big pump we saw it happen again in 2019 we’re basically from May of 2019 all the way until April 2020 about a year we range sideways putting in a double bottom and once again we are seeing that purple cross above the blue which is telling me that look there’s a good

Chance that for the next year we’re not going to see a big move to the upside and we’re not going to see a big move to the downside all these people getting so polarized calling for 12K 10K 3K all these people calling for 100k the probabilities are saying that none

Of those things are going to happen and in general we’re just going to kind of range it out here for the rest of the year okay so what does this mean what does this mean well this means basically guys that in my opinion the probabilities are showing us that the bottom is in

However the bull market is not here yet not until about April 2024. what this means to me is that 2023 is going to be pretty dang boring but it’s going to be a great opportunity to accumulate Bitcoin at low prices before going into an explosive boat Market in 2024 2025

Are going to be absolutely amazing and euphoric and now is the time to be accumulating in my opinion based on these technicals and of course this is not Financial advice I’m talking about paper trading only we’re accumulating fake paper Bitcoin only but now’s the time to be accumulating fake paper

Bitcoin because in 2024 2025 then everyone’s gonna know the bottom was in and people are going to start fomoing in at high prices so guys that is my overall outlook on bitcoin and that’s where I think the charts are pointing that’s it for today’s video guys make sure to like

Subscribe click the Bell if you found this video helpful or useful or informative at all may God bless you all in the name of Jesus Yeshua the Messiah even if you are not religious I still pray that you and your family are super blessed and I’ll see everybody in the next video

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