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Hi All! Another quick update as the HBAR foundation has tweeted $HBAR will be listed on a new exchange tomorrow. Big speculation as to which exchange.

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Also, FOBI.AI has just integrated with Hedera to provide Vaccine Passports solution. Another massive use case! 🔥

I’ll be posting an update video tomorrow when the exchange gets revealed. Stay tuned!

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As always, thanks for watching!

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This video is for entertainment purposes only and does not contain financial advice, if you are investing please seek advice from a professional.

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  1. I hear natural reverb, like you are in your kitchen or dining area with hard floors. I can tell you have the compression turned up as some of your quieter syllables are cut. Your delivery is clean, with no pops or hiss. You might try adjusting the Eq balance to richen up the bottom end a bit.

    If Fobi dies on the vine, my heart will not be broken. Putting medical NFTs on a public blockchain is a dangerous breach of privacy. Does your wallet contain a Fobi NFT? If yes, you may access gated services. If no, you will be denied, or even targeted for non-compliance. How does one vax certify a multi-sig wallet, but still grant access? Hedera is too powerful and robust to be affected, either way.

  2. top content, like as always 🙂
    can I post a link to my telegram channel here? it focused on hedera
    I want to create a community with patinate and intelligent people like you are

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