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Thank you Good morning crypto good morning Warriors hello and welcome back to another episode of your favorite crypto News Channel good morning crypto where we bring you the most relevant and impactful crypto related topics from a top crypto research team in the world I’m your host abstra by several members

Of our 3T family this morning we got the Italian Stallion Mr Johnny crypto Gonzo also known as Super G is in the building and Andrew cash flow aka the cash flow King is joining us so I’m very excited for today’s show today on Good Morning crypto we’ll be discussing how the fall

Of decentralization may be happening before our eyes with shocking new evidence revealing that ledger has access to your funds and metamask has the ability to lock user wallets two massive announcements came in for Ripple’s team last week Shifting the momentum in the lawsuit and amongst the general public and with the world moving

Away from the US dollar and into digital assets President Biden states he will not protect crypto investors we discuss how this will affect American investors during the greatest Financial opportunity of our era our show is available on your favorite podcast platforms like Spotify and apple music and for those of you listening via

Podcast our show is Live on YouTube Monday through Friday 11 A.M Eastern at the 3T Warrior Academy channel so Johnny crypto last night was pretty exciting for the Merlin team as you started your first Maryland spaces so I guess that’s a good place to begin the episode and

How you feeling my friend thank you for being here yes ABS it was a wonderful weekend but it’s always a beautiful beautiful day when the birds are out chirping the sun is out to be here on your backyard deck I love being here thank you for having me down here it is

Wonderful wonderful but it’s great to see my friends out there Gonzo and Andrew yes we had a little historic weekend we did get to launch the Merlin Twitter spaces last night after some technical difficulties that went well but uh awesome can’t wait to get started good morning to all the war Maniacs out

There Gonzo we got a great comment from one of our listeners it said isn’t metamask owned by JP Morgan we’re going to be getting into that today but before we do that how you feeling my friend happy Monday and thank you for being here good morning good morning everybody uh

Just super excited to be here man I miss you guys you know uh so it’s just great to be here um you know like Johnny said it’s been a great weekend for Merlin uh we had the Twitter spaces I was there at the beginning we kept having some technical

Issues and stuff but uh behind the scenes I’ve been working on some Merlin instructional videos and stuff of that and just just seeing everything that it does like every time I mess with it I learned something new right and just it’s the little details and stuff so I’m

Really excited I can’t wait for you guys to be able to put your hands on it and start using it I mean look at that I got my Merlin shirt on that’s how excited I am Berlin Mondays so yeah man it’s been great uh you know I’m not on is on as

Often but I have still been kind of going deep into my research and stuff like that so so it’s been good thank you Gonzo always happy to have you on and Andrew cash flow obviously we’re going to be talking about Merlin today and with the Ledger debacle Merlin seems

To be coming more important than ever because through our new application you can take advantage of decentralization you can have your treasure your Ledger and your coinbase all monitored in one location so that’s going to be a huge difference for our users out there but before we talk about that today how you

Feeling my friend thank you for making time for us as always and and what’s going on in the Netherlands yeah I have my Maryland t-shirt I have no Merlin t-shirts so uh you know it will come it’s excellent here in the Netherlands it’s 5 p.m so good morning good evening

Good afternoon good night everybody um this morning I was I was sitting I thought you know do I take the blue pill or the red pill today and I think you know what I’ll take I’ll take the red one again absolutely Andrew cash flow and that’s

The best way we could start the show this morning and we’re gonna get this thing started the same way we always do by showing you my good morning crypto Twitter account that’s at 3tgm crypto on Twitter we’re at almost 4 200 followers go smash that follow button I love

Talking to you the Bitcoin fear and greeting decks is sitting at a 49 Johnny in neutral this morning and when we look at the daily movers pretty much right across the board hex is down nearly 30 on the day we’ve got TRX up four percent and miyota up about three percent when

We look at the total coin market cap this morning we are sitting at 1.12 trillion in total market cap Bitcoin is 46 dominance ethereum is about 19 we’ve got Bitcoin sitting at 26 800 ethereum eighteen hundred flat xrp is at 45 cents cardano is 36 and a token we’re going to

Be talking about today is Quant Network sitting at 101 and Gonzo before we get into our articles I’d love to hear what you’ve been watching over the weekend there’s a lot of xrp news but is there anything going on in the ethereum community yeah you know uh it’s the same old same

Old I I think you know I’m still leaning towards that we could get some bullish price action you know going into June before we get the major correction uh you know 27-6 for Bitcoin is the level that I’m looking at uh when I look at

The chart you know if you look like ever since we made that 19-5 low um all we’re doing is just making a higher low um so I wouldn’t be surprised we could technically go down and we haven’t retested 25 000 since we kind of moved

Up uh we had that candle wick that you see right there that kind of got close but really we haven’t really gone back to kind of back test that so I think it’d be completely healthy for Bitcoin to turn around kind of back test that 25k level and then maybe move up one

Final time going into June into that kind of New Moon energy and then we get that major correction right Waters have been talking about some kind of event that’s going to happen sometime after the Summer where we get a major correction uh and then come back down to

Kind of test the close so uh I’m still you know I’m not dollar cost averaging right now I’m still kind of just studying the charts you know putting some dry powder on the side and kind of waiting for that uh bigger correction to come absolutely and with the uh

Regulatory Agencies figuring out how they’re going to manage this market today we’re going to hear some thoughtful thoughts or some insightful thoughts from Michael Saylor this is from April of 2021 just before Gary Gensler was appointed as chairman of the SEC and I think it’s very important because I want our listeners to

Understand the narrative before Gary Gensler took over if God If God get a better person than Gary ginsler if God came down and picked the perfect person to run the SEC you couldn’t get a better person than Gary ginsler Johnny I think God made a mistake my friend it would be the first one ever either two things happened here

God didn’t appoint gear against her or Michael Saylor is way off on his basis and of course I’m just making a joke but what do you think about Michael Sayler’s statements because you know at the time they weren’t that out of whack they weren’t it wasn’t that crazy to think

Gary Gensler was going to save crypto I agree with him 100 he’s right Jerry Gensler was and still is probably the most knowledgeable one of the most knowledgeable people in crypto and blockchain technology so the reality is the reason why everybody’s bashing him and saying it’s wrong it’s not here like

I said and nobody’s gonna bring me and that’s fine but I like to think differently the reality is it’s the agenda that Gary has been told to run Gary’s doing what Gary’s told to do that’s the bottom line that’s how it worked Gary has a boss and his boss is

Given a direction and he’s following the direction and if his boss told him go ahead and make crypto happen then you would see just the opposite Gary would be doing everything in his power to be um creating and enabling adoption of the technology but I personally believe that

The agenda and it’s obvious what we’ve seen from above is that the agenda is to choke right operation choke point exists for a reason and Gary’s just doing what he’s told to do so I don’t disagree with sailor uh I totally think that he’s doing what he’s being to I agree uh I

Believe Gary’s doing what he’s told to do and so in that case it looks like Gary’s the bad guy and I get why everybody doesn’t like Gary I totally understand it and get it um I think when we get a change at the top let’s assess Gary then and see what

He does and then we’re gonna decide then you can make a true decision of Gary if he really is or isn’t the right person but right now with giving a certain set of agenda and only running that one agenda you can’t make the decision right now and Johnny we were going over this

List of what the SEC considers to be unregistered Securities before the show we were trying to find a pattern here what are they going after what are they actually trying to regulate we couldn’t figure it out our group could not figure out there’s no pattern within this

Within the suing of the these crypto companies they’ve got custody companies liquidity companies utility companies smart contracts data storage they’ve got liquidized real estate you name a use case the SEC has probably gone after it in the United States and we got 243 live listeners joining us show us some love

Smash that like button and your cash flow the first article we’re going to be talking about today is how the sec’s leaked emails suggests that xrp is not a security but before we get into that I just wanted to get some broad thoughts from you how do you feel about Gary

Gensler’s regulation so far and is there anything you want to address before we get into our articles now first of all I think that uh that Michael Sader was right Gary Denzel is a guy with an enormous amount of knowledge of the crypto industry and I also

Learned a lot of them you know when I joined here the treaty academy uh I was also a fan of uh of of Gary and and and based on his knowledge I’m still a fan of him but but yeah he indeed he is another other agenda and

Um yeah about the all those those projects they they are suing I think they need an enormous amount of stuff in in their uh organization and they need an enormous amount of money to run all this these lawsuits so I think it’s quite a challenge I was a project

Manager for many years but this is a huge project to to manage it and I hope they are still in control and and but yeah you know we do not know for sure what the agenda is but the agenda looks like delaying everything what is what Rick’s like what smells like crypto it

Should be delayed so and that yeah they are succeeding in that pretty good absolutely and one of our listeners said it’s time to cut the puppet strings and we could be witnessing that happen right now Gonzo I want to give you a chance to comment and then we’re going to start

Off with this video yeah I’m just gonna say you know all you have to do is look at like Gary Gensler when he was at MIT all the videos that have surfaced showing what his stance was on blockchain technology on certain crypto assets and then the difference in

How he’s dealing with it through the SEC right and that like Johnny saying someone else is is is directing him right because it’s a total like 180 in what his um sentiment was at MIT in his sentiment now right uh and and operation choke point and there he is right I mean that

That’s who’s pushing the strings right that that is who’s pushing these this narrative and Johnny’s right we’re going to have to see what happens when someone else becomes uh in power um to see if the sentiment with the SEC changes because he’s taking orders like anybody else right

Um I will say this like about Michael Saylor because he’s also kind of one of these controversial guys um take what he says with a grain of salt right but just because he says something really stupid I know there was a lot of talk about when he was talking about the

Mortgaging your home thing but just because he’s a human being right so just because he says something stupid or something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have knowledge that you can extract from him right while I’ve been off I’ve really been looking at like the definition of money and

Currency and and how that relates to bitcoin you know we we get on the show with Billy on our on our kind of conspiracy Fridays and and Billy has brought up these really good questions and so I’ve really done started to do all this research to really understand

Money and how Bitcoin fits in that or any crypto asset fits in that when we talk about like store value and a means of exchange right and so a lot of the stuff that I’ve researched is Michael Saylor because he has a good understanding of what money is now he’s

A Bitcoin Maxi so my point is this is that just because someone’s a maxi or says something stupid doesn’t mean they can’t be knowledgeable in other areas and that you can extract information from what they have and then you kind of make it your own spot on Gonzo and I’m gonna play this

Video right now he said who’s leading the objective who’s really cracking down on crypto we’re going to show you a little bit of evidence as to how Joe Biden and his political campaign could be anti-crypto going forward here we go not going to agree to a deal that

Protects both the tax sheets and crypto Traders while putting food assistance at risk for nearly 100 Washington nearly 1 million Americans that protects both the tax states so what he said there is he’s not going to pass a bill to protect crypto Traders I responded I want to read this and then

I’m going to kick it back to you Gonzo it said over 50 million Americans own crypto today and the U.S population is 331 million it’s statistically impossible for us all to be considered wealthy and for Joe Biden to continue to make blanket statements like this when

We’re all as educated as we are about this Market I don’t know it seems a little outlandish and I do think it’s intentional I’d like to get some brief thoughts from you and then we’ll kick it to cash flow yeah so all you have to do is see and

I’m not making this a left or right thing right but if you see like the Democrats they all have the same talking points right when they had the committee where they were talking about stable co-regulation you had a lot of good Common Sense comments that were coming

From some of the Congress people that were on the Republican side a few Democrats too but then uh Mr Sherman when he came out he was saying the same thing right he called it the crypto Bros and we’re all Millionaires and it’s just a narrative right it’s just a narrative

It’s a talking point that they’re using but when you look at it it just makes them sound really stupid right because it’s all you have to do is do a little bit of research and due diligence and see what he’s saying is totally not true

And a total farce and a lie and it just makes them look stupid right and it seems like it’s starting to divide through you know the left and the right right and so but like I said all you have to do is watch some of the media

And you’ll see they’re all kind of saying the same gibberish right and they’re pushing this narrative that we’re all Millionaires and that we just all right around in our Lambos and our Jets and we’re just avoiding our taxes right which is just it’s just not the

Case spot on and I want to bring up this point as well Andrew 13 countries just this weekend requested to formally join brics Nations as an economic Alliance to challenge the US dollar Supremacy and when you talk about the world moving into a digital environment while the US

Is moving away from it this is another primary example of why countries like Brazil Saudi Arabia and European nations are quickly moving away from the dollar the dollar is backed by two things the US government and the U.S military and both of those entities appear to be

Weaker than ever ever since the c-19 crisis of 2020. so I’d like to get some of your thoughts and then we’ll kick it to Johnny crypto so yeah what what you see is just another uh currency is is arising at the moment look at the redalio video with uh

Changing uh changing world order it’s exactly happening as what he’s written there or what he’s teaching us there so um it’s inevitable uh on the other hand we always had gold in the past already for five six seven eight thousand years gold was a uh uh a way to to pay something

It’s not currency it’s it’s money and uh what you also see is that a lot of banks are currently collecting Golds why are they doing that you know yeah I I understand why they are doing it even in last week in the Netherlands we had a transport of an enormous amount of gold

From one safe to another safe and it was only one third of the gold reserved from the Netherlands and then there is also one third I think somewhere in Canada and U.S but there is no proof if that gold is really there so this is also

Weird you know in in the whole gold standard and but I know China it’s not allowed to export gold out of China although China has some gold mines uh yeah I think we will go back somewhere to a golf bags uh World Reserve currency and we will see it happening at the

Moment and I’m very curious and actually I’m all sometimes a little bit happy I live in Europe because we are more or less in the middle and that’s slowly shifting in One Direction and your cash flow and we got almost 300 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button

And Johnny crypto this is the latest update from John D in one of the topics of conversation over the past week we had some major announcements come in for ripple Ripple hired a former Amazon CFO joining their board of directors with Rosie Rios and a bunch of other banking

Uh Elites we also had them confirm Microsoft is looking to utilize ripples technology to enhance what they’ve already built but here’s another major detail the Hinman emails are going to be released regardless of if Ripple gets a settlement or if the SEC outright wins you can’t put the genie back in the

Bottle and that’s what John Deaton’s saying right here so we’re going to play this short clip and go to Johnny here we go the documents are coming even if there’s a second in the bottle the documents are not going to lead to a settlement and I just don’t think there

Will be a settlement until we get a judgment from Judge Torres only then could there be a post summary judgment settlement so Johnny before you give your thoughts I just wanted to preface this when we were in xrp Las Vegas John Deaton dropped a bombshell on us he said on September 30th judge

Torres is going to be forced to make a decision or stand in front of Congress and be held accountable for why she can’t make a decision on this court case so we finally have a line in the sand we’ve heard it from Brad garlinghouse we’ve heard it from John Deaton what are

You anticipating my friend yeah I think it’s spot on that you know we by for sure by the end of September we should have something but more importantly ABS you have to think about what Deaton’s talking about here with the hidman emails and the real question

Is the judge has seen the him in emails Ripple has seen the him and emails the SEC has seen him everybody’s seen the him and emails that need to in this case to make a decision and what worries me is that the judge didn’t make a decision

Based on what she saw there or it’s taking quite a long time but maybe the thing is they’re gonna wait to see how this the summary judgment turns out and like John said then they’ll make a decision of okay you know what because I guess they’re both sitting there saying

We don’t know which way the judge is leaning what do you think you know Ripple’s thinking hey we got a strong case the SEC for some odd reason things they got a strong case and so ultimately until we get some kind of Direction from the judge that says which way she’s

Pointing that’s when I agree with John that’s when you’re either going to get a settlement or somebody’s going full you know full blown to court and we’re gonna have to wait to see which way the judge is leaning before we get that absolutely Johnny crypto and I’m going to get into

This article right now guys as the breaking news from last week is that sec’s leaked emails suggest xrp is not a security new evidence suggests that Ripple’s xrp token may not be classified as a security according to the sec’s recently unearth internal emails evidence of internal emails from the U.S

Securities and Exchange Commission suggest that there’s reasonable grounds to believe that xrp does not meet all elements of the Howie test and thus might not be classified as a security this information was Unearthed by John Deaton a popular legal commentator who highlighted the references in the sec’s emails in the footnotes of Ripple’s

Opposition and reply briefs judican expressed confusion as to why ripples uh why the potential implication of these emails was not give even more prominence by Ripple’s legal team the emails cited an exhibit 220 appear to argue that there are reasonable grounds to consider that xrp does not satisfy all prongs of

The Howie test a test that’s used to determine whether certain transactions to qualify as investment contracts the analysis concluded that xrp was not a security drawing attention away from the email citation that immediately followed Deaton poised an intriguing question as to why Ripple’s lawyers did not consider making a bigger deal about this

Information if the statement was from a senior SEC staff member he speculated that the quote might not be a direct statement from an SEC official but rather an SEC official referencing another person’s analysis of xrp in the emails with Hinman this would be another former SEC director here Johnny and the

Point that I want to focus on is finally we are going to get some clarity here finally the truth is going to be revealed I’d like to know what you found most important about that article well what’s important or interesting to me ABS is are we going to see something in

There where people within the SEC are saying hey this thing’s not a security oh my God if that’s in writing they’re screwed I mean it’s just you blow this it’s a Smoking Gun and to me you know Brad said when you see it you’re gonna see some you know bad or nefarious

Things that was going on or untruthfulness he said or something like that I’m paraphrasing I think apps to me that’s what I’m looking for are there other people within the SEC that said these things are not Securities as they’re being operated today if there are I don’t even know why there’s even a

Case today but that is what I’m looking for and that’s what’s interesting to me there was another crazy detail that would revealed over the weekend Johnny 63 drafts of the him and email were produced before he stepped on stage and new evidence could be coming out that

During that speech he was supposed to address Ripple and xrp but for some reason and even other SEC officials didn’t know about this he decided not to mention the company or the token leaving all this regulatory uncertainty for the general public to deal with and I’m

Going to play a quick video showing our listeners as to why that might be the case this is a video six days before the himan speech was released and this is Mike novingratz explaining why the SEC may be comfortable giving ethereum a free pass they’ve already kind of said it’s not a

Security okay but ethereum they haven’t they haven’t pulled on yet I I bet dimes dimes to to Donuts they will say ethereum probably wasn’t security if it’s not anymore uh and they’re gonna they’re stuck because they weren’t ahead there’s this group of tokens that were issued probably

2500 in total but in reality probably 200 that matter uh that are in this kind of regulatory no man’s land and they got to figure out how to deal with that and they’re working on that right now like that feeling is they’re going to take it

They’re going to take out a law firm they’re going to take out a token they’re going to take out some of the promoters of these things just to say dudes you got to play them you got to play by the rules two things the rule book wasn’t written in Johnny the

Confidence of this man to say well I believe they may go after a company or a law firm what sticks out to you then we’ll kick it to Gonzo I mean ABS to me he freaking nailed it spot on he just told you exactly what was going on and what the problem was

And he spot on a lot of these currencies were loaded or launched back in 2013-14 they were absolutely being punched out as Securities but aren’t Securities today and that’s a big problem how do you hand it we’ll look what the SEC decided to do they said hey we’re gonna

Go after one of them but the interesting thing where the SEC screwed up is they went after one and not all of them and that’s why people are certainly saying why is the SEC picking favorites why does ethereum get a pass and why it Ripple didn’t when they actually did the

Same kind of thing to some degree there’s some differences in a little bit because Ripple had a technology right but nonetheless still you could make the argument when they first launched it was a security it isn’t today though so no regrets is spot on and we saw now three

Years later or five years later what what the SUV did decide to do they said we’re gonna go after one or two of these and they chose Ripple and not ethereum and my guess is you know if you dig deeper into the relationships I’m sure you’ll probably find out why they went

With one over the other guns when we focus a lot on the SEC officials who actually brought regulation forward to hinder this industry a lot of people are going to be held accountable that turned a blind eye to the corruption that’s going on and if you want to get some of

Your thoughts but before I just want to play this quick video updating our listeners on why these Hinman emails are so important now part of what the uh what Ripple asks for in its um you know Discovery motions is uh documents tied to former SEC director of Corporation

Finance with William Edmonds speech and documents tied to you know how he developed a speech uh in which he said that his view either was not a security obviously this was a landmark speech in 2018 it you know signaled to a lot of the industry that okay there’s a way for

Cryptocurrencies to go from possibly being Securities at the beginning of their life cycle to evolving away from that um it’s also not something I think the SEC has come back to at all in the last five years so you know it is what it is he follows

This up with a very important statement console but I just wanted to pause it there the point of the him in speech was to Define one thing when does a commodity or when does a security become something other than that maybe it becomes a commodity maybe it becomes a

Digital asset and what William him was trying to do was provide Clarity that ethereum had already become decentralized enough to not be considered a security there’s about 30 seconds left so I’m going to play this short clip and then I’m kicking it straight to you Gonzo and ripple is asking for the doctor’s

Slice that last year in January 2022 a Magistrate Judge ruled that Ripple should have access to these documents and the SEC later filed to try and have them sealed last night a federal judge in the same courts Senator District of New York ruled that the SEC cannot seal

These documents and uh must keep them there you know into public interest they’re something that should be made public can you believe that Gonzo the people who are protecting us the reason they’re taking Ripple to court is to protect regular everyday investors like Gonzo and apps here but at the end of

The day they’re trying to seal internal documents so we can’t figure out what the real narrative is about these tokens behind closed doors what stuck out to you most about the previous two articles we showed yeah so it definitely seems like judge George is not happy with the

SEC with her you know with her ruling and kind of like probably all the shenanigans that she’s seen with the with the SEC um and whatever’s on those emails um when you look at the case right we didn’t know okay we knew from Brad gollinger’s statement that whatever’s in

Those emails is going to make the SEC look bad but it seemed like it had to do more about their behavior right not specifically about whether xrp was a security or not right uh we thought we’re going to say something about ethereum right and we’re trying to make

That connection point but it seems like from the other story what they found in one of the documents right because Dean didn’t actually see the emails but he found that other note within all of the documents that maybe like Johnny said that maybe that is right like you know

We made the assumption that the emails were going to make the SEC look bad but when it came to the definition of whether xrp was a security in relation to the Howie test we didn’t think it was that specific but maybe it is that specific right maybe that’s what they’re

Talking about maybe there is a connection point that actually those emails are actually directly connected to whether um xrp passes the Howie test or not right so that’s going to be really interesting I think Deaton’s right I think those emails are going to eventually come out she’s already ruled on it

Um so it’s just a you know a matter of time um what was the other part of the story abs um no I think you covered it there or at least I’m forgetting with the other one so the other thing that I was going to

Say is this is you know I think that as time goes on we’re going to learn more and more and I think we’re gonna eventually make guests accurate guess on why Ripple was chosen to be sued because I think at the end of the day what we’re gonna get

Is Ripple’s not going to get an outright win it’s going to be a most of a win right I think the judge is going to come out and say look uh sales up to this point were security and everything after this point in time are not Securities

And then it runs and then everything else gets judged by that right so they can look at ethereum and say look ethereum was a security but at this point after it was no longer a security and they’re going to use that as a base point for all the other different

Cryptocurrencies and there’s a reason why they chose Ripple right there’s a bigger picture whether that’s nefarious or not nefarious or they did it on purpose so they can get the clarity that we need uh that remains to be seen everybody believes something different but I I think we’re going to get the

Clarity uh and then that Clarity is going to relate to all the other different assets and it’s going to look like something like hey it came out it was a security it became sufficiently decent visualized and then it’s no longer security so it’s almost 100 win

For ripple but not quite so Gonzo when you say you think we’re going to get clarity do you think we’re getting a settlement or do you think we’re getting a lawsuit a judge decision um I don’t I don’t at this point uh I don’t I think we would have gotten a

Lawsuit I think we’re going to get the judge and what her result is right and I think I don’t think she’s going to give Ripple the 100 win and just give them everything they want I think that what she’s probably going to do is say hey look when this Inception Point happened

It was probably a Security pay a fine or at this point in time it was sufficiently decentralized it is no longer security and then they’re going to judge everything that comes or that’s been created to that point right and then that’s where we get the clarity for

Everything else your spot on gone Zone we got 345 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button and look at this latest article cash flow before I kick it right back to you before Ripple announced that they were going to be creating a global aggregate

For Central Bank digital currencies they released an article about one month prior stating that they were targeting a 213 billion dollar market that today sits at less than 1 hundred million a study found that the value of cbdc payments will reach 213 annually by 2030 and ripple has positioned themselves to

Take advantage of this massive growth now unveiling a cbdc platform that will enable governments and other financial institutions to issue National digital currencies and while the world is moving away from the US dollar revenues like this continue to open up cash flow so I’d love to hear how do you feel about

Ripple positioning themselves to take advantage of the cbdc narrative yeah uh you know it’s uh it’s a it’s a very good move for the company for uh for a for ripple um and what I hope of course is that they overuse xrp as in as the as the

Liquidity uh uh coin to do all the all those transfers and that kind of stuff so we don’t know that yet but of course we are we are uh uh yeah betting a little bit on that and uh what what I’m looking forward to do is the following

Because you know I also like a lot of staking and other kind of cash flow stuff what I like to do in the future is if I hold my xrp with me then in the future I hope that I can lend my xrp out

For a rent so I I rent it out and that that that that that that yeah institutions can can can can use my xrp but I stay the owner like like a sort of of staking but then the the so I don’t sell it but I just want to use it as a

As an income for the future and if I see this guy the developments and platforms to uh to support cdbcs yeah you know I love I love the Ripple company and there’s a lot going on besides xrp and we’re going to be discussing it all this morning guys we’ve got a ledger

Update and a metamask update coming for you but we got 333 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button and somebody commented 81 nations are meeting to currently move away from the US dollar it is a wild stat it is unbelievably Progressive how quickly countries around the world are

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Have an opportunity to use the beta testing that we’re going to be launching in the coming months and nobody who’s not on the waitlist is going to get access to this and Johnny I’m going to give you a chance to address that story but while you do I would love to connect

It to a relevant article going on today as Ledger has announced the government could subpoena them and access your cold storage funds we’ve talked about solutions to The Ledger debacle all throughout Thursday and Friday last week now we’re addressing it on Monday more bad news for this company but what we

Discussed last night on the Twitter spaces is the fact that decentralization can actually help add to your security so I’d love for you to address that and maybe talk about Merlin ABS you’re right I think at the end of the day people now are scrambling we

Actually had Brad kimes on the show who has been an avid user of The Ledger technology for six years right and you heard what he said I don’t know if our listeners were all here heard that but he basically said I don’t know if I could trust them anymore and that’s

After six years of loving their technology and their product and he’s actually thinking of moving some of his stuff off of Ledger maybe 20 50 whatever percent onto some other platforms and that you know probably is somewhat of a smart move in general just to have your stuff Diversified anywhere anyway in

Multiple places but it creates a crypto tracking nightmare for people now to be able to have all their stuff in different places and the good news is well while that creates a problem luckily Merlin will be coming very soon and it will help solve that problem because as Gonzo rightfully pointed out

As he’s been helping us building tutorial videos that you guys I think will find very useful all your coins will be in one place so no no matter where you’ve got them distributed or how you’ve distributed them Merlin’s still going to show them to you all in one

Simple place and we’re super excited about that abs and you’re right guys get on the waitlist click on the below anybody on the waitlist will have a chance to get early access to Merlin versus the general public so you will probably get it uh you know a month or

Two ahead in advance so if you want that early access and you want to get Merlin as quickly as possible sign up on the waitlist below spot on Johnny and another big big detail coming in here Ledger’s co-founder clarifies that there is no back door in recovery firmware update

Well Andrew why is this so confusing we’re getting different answers from different officials within Ledger and Johnny broke it down right there Merlin’s Hardware wallet is going to allow you to decentralize your portfolio while managing it from one location so these aren’t cheap plugs here guys we’re

Kind of lucky we get to talk about this topic today but Andrew how do you feel about the conflicting narratives coming out of Ledger and what I think was happening currently uh first I think there is a sort of a public negative campaign going on and there are really in untrue statements

Are just ventilated in into the in into the media and I think this is also a sort of attack and now that the centralized entities are are blamed enough the decentralized stuff will will will be pumped fear into the decentralized stuff but let me make you

One thing clear it doesn’t matter if you have your crypto on a ledger or on a metamask or on another uh wallet they just cannot uh access your coins of course a government if they know your address they can see your coins but they are on the blockchain they’re not

Looking into your into your votes you you see it on the blockchain and also what I see I just saw your article about the about metamask that’s it’s also a BS article I mean met the most that’s going to to collect texts I mean it’s it’s absolutely impossible but I I think it’s

It’s just a bigger plan of the of of the media that’s working together to see can we put some more fear in the market because people think if I put it on a wallet then I’m safe and now you get fear articles that that yeah it may be a

Wallet isn’t that safe so back to you apps spot on and Gonzo I’d love to get some of your thoughts I just want to give an update right here metamask says that they reserve the right to withhold taxes where required what they’re trying to tell their users is if they can’t pay

Your tax their taxes you’re gonna pay their taxes and Gonzo with that being said floor is yours yeah you know as far as The Ledger thing look I think it was a miscalculation on the report but like Andrew’s right as far as the media right when this thing all rolled out

Um you know you don’t have to sign up for the service it’s a pay service it’s like 9.99 for a month right the miscalculation with Ledger was that instead of focusing on the customers that they have now and the reputation that they had with crypto people and cold storage is they’re thinking about

The people that are going to come in in the future right and a lot of the people that are going to come in the future or the ordinary citizen or the ordinary person um is going to want just like they’re used to it like your bank’s holding your

Money and people don’t understand how the Federal Reserve banking system works that it’s not your money it’s going to be the same thing when the masses come into crypto and so they’re just trying to offer a service right you don’t have to sign up for that service you have the

Choice on whether you want to use it or not right I think the confusion about the back door thing is their fault I listen to the AMA and there was basically like a question that came up and he didn’t say that there was a back

Door but I don’t know if he was just kind of frustrated with all the negativity and so it was almost like kind of like a slight where he said well it’s technology and basically any technology can have a back door right and now they’re kind of going back

Because it kind of turned into a firestorm but bottom line is you know Ledger is a company they’re going to do what’s best for Ledger not what’s best for you I say this all the time so you need to make the decision for yourself do I want to continue to use Ledger and

Am I am I going to be okay with just not using their service to where my seed phrase is safe or am I going to like pay the service and I’m going to give them control over right and it’s no different when they talk about search warrants or

The government that’s no different than your bank account right the government or the police can come in right now and write search warrants and freeze your assets and the bank is going to comply that is with any company so it’s not something very unique to like um Ledger

They’re just complying with what the law is but that’s the whole point of what John is saying with decentralization right the whole reason we get into crypto right is so that it’s your asset so that no one can come in so it doesn’t matter if they write a search warrant

Right they can’t get access unless you give them the keys or you turn over that power and so everybody has to make a decision for themselves and to see what they’re comfortable doing but if you don’t want to use the service then don’t use the service but like it’s the media

Like latching onto it that’s no different than anything else when they write warns they can freeze anything that they want right that is the whole point of decentralization that is the whole point of why we got into crypto so that we control right that is the that

Is what the Bitcoin Max sees that’s their whole narrative right that if you have your wealth stored in Bitcoin that you can move it and you can keep it and as long as you have your seed phrase It’s so decentralized that no one can touch it right

And I think that narrative is only going to continue to build going forward but what we’re witnessing right now is a massive change in sentiment when it comes to the Ripple versus SEC lawsuit and the latest person to come out in support of Ripple is a billionaire

Forbes contributor he says the SEC has bitten off more than it can chew in its campaign against xrp and I think the biggest reason here is they didn’t anticipate 75 000 Ripple holders or xrp investors to come out and support this company against the regulatory agency in a recent analysis Sam Lehman a

Well-respected contributor of Forbes suggests that the SEC may have bitten off more than it can chew in its ongoing campaign against Ripa labs and he doesn’t even elaborate much more than that but I think this has something to do with the conversations happening behind the scenes Johnny as the Hinman

Emails we’ve got an Amazon hiring we’ve also got rumors that MasterCard could soon be leveraging Ripple’s technology or sorry not MasterCard Microsoft could soon be leveraging Ripple’s technology but guys we got 330 live listeners joining us show us some love smash that like button and check out this latest

Article because I think this is probably one of the most relevant stories today former Amazon CFO joins rippled and batted company amid the ongoing legal disputes with the SEC Ripple remains unfazed attracting an industry-leading talent and the former Amazon CFO Ripple announced that it appointed the former Amazon Chief Financial Officer Warren

Jensen to its board of directors Jensen brings a wealth of experience while he previously worked at Amazon Delta NBC and several other prominent American companies Jensen has been appointed to the chair of the audit committee as well which will oversee the auditing product process for Ripple’s operations Johnny

Before I kick it back to you check out this list of current participants who are working on Ripple’s board of directors we’ve got Rosie Rios the former U.S treasurer of the United States a former JP Morgan Chief Regulatory Affairs officer and the managing director as well as several other banking institutional Giants

Already involved in this company so right before I came back to you Roto what do you think about this news Amazon higher this Amazon hiring is it a big deal I think so I think when you look at what Ripple’s doing and bringing in certain people from top-notch companies now

Partnering with Microsoft as well this is just I mean they’re putting all the pieces in place ABS I am super excited it’s exactly what you want to see as a ripple owner uh and as far as it’s technology I mean who knows the Outreach that’s going to have and the different

Products they’re going to create but it certainly is extremely exciting when you’ve got big players analyzing ripples technology as they are all now starting to focus on blockchain technology Ripple is going to be a big time leader in the space in my opinion Gonzo and this was a reassuring article

To find this morning as well check this out Microsoft expressed interest in adding a new functionality to its blockchain through Ripple’s interledger protocol Microsoft also recently expressed interest in adding new functionalities to its blockchain toolkit through Ripple’s interledger protocol the cross-border payments Network Ripple created the interledger

Protocol a free open source and neutral web protocol that provides an interface for different ledgers to interact of course Microsoft is going to leverage this new tech what does this mean to you Gonzo yeah you know uh I I think Johnny’s spot on like and it sucks

Because of the way that the regulations are you know they need to be changed as far as like an accredited investor because when you’re able to invest in in Ripple through our partner link to like the way that I look at Ripple not xrp but the company Ripple I think we’re

Gonna look back like in 10 15 years and we’ll be telling the story like Johnny did as far as Amazon but this time it won’t be that we sold it too early right that we held on to it and that Ripple turned into the Amazon of the banking

Finance world right because that’s what they’re building here right and it just sucks that you know they have these accredited investor laws and that not everyone can go in and buy Ripple and they have to wait for them to actually go public but hopefully like when they

Do go public there’s going to be an opportunity for people to invest and hold on to because we do I do believe that this is going to be the Amazon of the uh you could say Pine of the payments world the cbdc world like I mean you just see all the Partnerships

And all the people that are on that team uh and I think we’ll look back in 10 15 years and and say that um yeah that we were spot on and Johnny or Andrew check out this latest update it’s Mark Zuckerberg and meta where find a record 1.3 billion in

Europe for violating privacy laws Elon Musk put Facebook out of business sooner rather than later that’s what this person tweeted and I think it speaks to the narrative we were talking about before taking control of your own assets and look at this Zuckerberg is going to be fined a billion dollars here for

Violating privacy laws God only knows how much he made off of our data but one thing I can be sure of it was more than 1.3 billion so how do you feel about this update Andrew this is this is ridiculous I mean the stock price of meta went up with three percent today

So and it was going up up up up the lost now since there is a move up since since November uh last year till now it only is going up the meta stock so do you really think it hurts uh uh a matter this fine of course it’s it’s not it’s

Not nice but it’s it’s same like the the manipulation with uh what JP Morgan is doing with the gold and silver and they also get fined uh there’s a battle going on and and all those major companies want to get all the customers they want to get the

Technology and and you know if a privacy fine has to do with customers and keeping customers and you know that’s all what it has to do so now they have all the information they have a fine they will pay it everybody say okay it’s it’s okay and uh they just continue uh

And and maybe they will adjust their rules a little bit so for me it’s not a surprise it doesn’t hurt meta at all but because that’s what we see the price is going up and we’re seeing exchanges being shut down all over the United States and this

Is another example of that this morning crypto exchange hop-it is going to be shutting down and 5 million users will need to withdraw their remaining Bitcoin and other assets before June 23rd well Johnny June could be a massive month for cryptocurrencies because Mr Huber tweeted out isn’t it odd the SEC and

Ripple agreed to delay the disclosure of the Hinman emails until June 13th of 2023 which is exactly five years after him in speech was delivered are there any public statues of limitations for Hinman to be charged by the public why would Ripple agree to this amendment why

Would Ripple agree to take more time here Johnny could that be the reason you know Jessica always says the question’s more important than the answer ABS I can’t tell you the answer I don’t know if there’s a five-year statute of limitation that would be very interesting if there was then that would

Obviously be the reason um but I think the interesting thing is we’re finally getting close although I did see a couple people say me don’t worry Johnny when June 13th comes they’ll delay again for another two weeks so that is what I’m keeping my eye

On abs are we gonna get another delay in another delay if we are then the reality is we know that then Ripple is playing is in the game too and they’re all on the same team so we’ll have to wait and see because if I’m Ripple

I want those Hinman emails to come out I don’t want to be delaying them longer and longer but because as we rightfully call out on this show on the other side there’s also some damning information in those emails uh ABS in terms of uh in relation to Ripple right and so there

Could be a scenario where Ripple who knows what what what conversations are going behind the scenes and maybe they’re kind of talking okay you could you you know you you you scratch out this I’ll scratch out that who knows right we’re gonna have to wait and see

What comes in the next uh two weeks or so but to me that is going to be a very very interesting date and he brings up a very good question we should have somebody in our chat room go check that out is there a five-year statue of

Limitation for crimes on that one that’s a really good question spot on and gone so I’d love to get something yeah I think the statue of limitations the way it work well first of all it has to be criminal right unless you’re talking about some kind of

Civil suit but it’s criminal and then it has to be when basically like the crime is like found out or discovered that’s when the clock starts so uh yeah we’d have to do some research on it I’m just going off the top of my head Johnny

That wouldn’t go back to when he had the speech it wouldn’t be actually when he did the speech it would be when there’s a germination that he actually committed a crime that I think the clock starts so I think it would be okay right but uh

Again it would have to be a criminal statute that’s being applied right uh and so it’d have to be some type of fraud or you know something related to the SEC that’s criminal um it that would be an exception point so yeah we’d have to do some more

Research on that but I what I think is interesting is like the date of June 13 because um I think uh if I’m not correct I I think the full moon is like June 4th or something like that and then going into the new moon that might be June 17th which is when

We’re kind of expecting where like we should be get kind of that topish energy into the middle of June if you think back of what happened in 2019 and 2016 middle of June and so that’s why we’re saying New Moon because you usually get bullish energy going from the full moon

Into the new moon right uh so yeah that’ll be interesting how it plays out it’s going to be kind of a Crazy Summer the other thing that’s coming up in June is we’re going to get the CPI print and then the other fomc meeting right so is

He going to raise 25 basis points or is he just going to keep it flat now right and so that’s going to be another big thing for the market because I think if he keeps it flat the market will run but at some point when he continues to keep

It flat and he doesn’t do the reduction that the market is expecting I think that’s what we could have problems because there’s a big oh I think he froze there guys did we lose some ABS I think so I think so Johnny and let’s close up this video

With an interesting clip of Michael Saylor this is right after Gary genzer was said to be appointed up into the chairman of the SEC pretty much speaks for itself so let’s close it out with this video probably said MIT on bitcoin he’s probably the single best regulator

In the entire world you could if you if God came down and picked the perfect person to run the SEC you couldn’t get a better person than Gary ginsler if you go Google it you’ll find that the MIT open courseware has his 24 session course on cryptocurrency uploaded

Available for you to watch if you want to know what the SEC thinks about Bitcoin watch Gary gensor teach have good relationships with mit’s digital currency initiative I’m a supporter of it I attribute to it you know I give him a million dollars and uh and I asked him before before the Biden

Transition took place I said what do you think they said well you know Gary ginsler’s on the transition team and he’s really pro-bitcoin so if he gets a role that’ll be good Pro Bitcoin not pro crypto Johnny how do you feel about these sailor statements you

Know I guess I said earlier ABS I don’t disagree with sailor from a perspective that gentzer had all the right credentials background knowledge uh of the technology and understanding of it if you were to pick somebody and you were you know you were ahead of the office

And you want to pick somebody to run that office and you knew that cryptocurrency or blockchain technology was going to be the focus in the next several years to come and you want somebody in that space I mean are there other people I’m sure there’s other people out there as well

That maybe we don’t know but Gary certainly would have been on that list high up on that list and again as I said earlier you know he I I feel Gary has the knowledge and he’s just running the agenda that he’s being told by his boss

To run and that’s what he’s doing and if if the boss changes his tune and Gary’s told to go do you know the opposite way go make it happen I think you’ll see Gary make it happen and I think everybody would be then praising Gary

The way they were when he first got the job copycat ABS we saw we heard Gary talk he literally said 75 of cryptos not security so we know we know where he was at and we know what he’s doing now just put the simple put the two pieces of

Puzzles together you can see what happened here I don’t know if people would start praising him though I think he would lose credibility because now he’s a flip-flopper uh and uh you know he would be a flip-flopper but everybody in the crypto industry would freaking love his flip-flopping they would but I

Think his credibility would be damaged and you know how people are they would just continue to attack him but like people would be happy because the market would run right uh and so who knows how he does as a leader now that his credibility is shot I mean it’s already

Kind of shot but if he’s you know he flips it uh then you know it’ll be not worse but like you’re still going to get people to say see and like you said it’ll be the evidence that we need to show that he’s just a puppet and that

It’s really coming from the top and now that the top has changed now we have the new narrative so so maybe we can close out this episode with a discussion about what you think happens at the end of the day here Andrew obviously this technology is being adopted by financial

Institutions but it’s the U.S going to give a green light for people like us to continue to hold these Digi assets and eventually give financial institutions the green light to say hey why don’t you take Johnny crypto’s xrp or ethereum for example leverage it for whatever it’s

Built for and then give Johnny a little bit of interest on the back end I think we could see that sometime soon do you agree oh absolutely absolutely yeah but then if I would Implement if I would prefer to implement that as a service I would prefer to do that as a decentralized

Service so that just like with staking that you say Okay I I delegate my guns to a validator or I delegate my coins to somebody who wants to use it but in the smart contract is written I stay the owner and you know and that’s important

And and and and the the more negative stuff happens with money if it’s either Fiat money or crypto money or it doesn’t matter uh the more initiatives will be developed by by engineers and by crypto communities to find ways around the centralization and go into the decentralization you know and that

That’s our future and it’s inevitable an enormous amount of stuff will be decentralized organized and yeah it just lost uh and look in 10 years what will happen I mean everybody will understand decent decentralization and it will be a uh uh yeah a positive pointer oh where

Do you have your money or a centralized Bank in a decentralized way you know so uh yeah we are really on the on the brink of uh enormous Revolution uh scene for that and we’re going to close out this this show today with an interesting Revelation about the him and emails John

Dean talked about when Brad garlinghouse first got access to these emails he talked about how the corruption would be shocking but it may not be what many retail investors are anticipating so we’re going to play these 17 seconds here here we go expectation on these documents right that

That because you know when When Brad Garney house says this is shocking or Stuart Alder Road says you know this was well worth the fight expectation on these documents right that so why do you believe that John Deaton thinks people are going to be let down

Johnny I mean if the corruption is there shouldn’t that be enough wow yeah I think because people want to have confidence in the government agencies and I think what they’re trying to say and this is my interpretation ABS is that they’re looking at it and they’re seeing what’s in writing and we

Don’t have the privy to see it yet but Brad came out and said it Stuart El Dorado came out and said and said when you see what’s in these documents you’re going to be highly disappointed and I think what they mean is you’re going to be highly disappointed because they

Weren’t operating with integrity and I think you know and that’s really you know trust integrity that’s what we expect out of these government agencies and I think that’s what we’re going to find out soon and it’s only going to be what are we at today 22nd that’s 8 plus

13 21 days ABS 21 22 days we’re going to find out if they don’t delay it again Gonzo I’d like to get some closing statements from you and then we’ll close it out yeah I was just gonna say I’ll take a little bit more more esoteric

Right and so when it comes what does coach JV say never have expectations but good intentions I think that when we put expectations people are expecting a certain thing and you’re always let down when you have expectations right it never plays out the way you think it’s

Going to be right because it’s an expectation and so if you have good intentions it ends up playing out a little bit better for you so those are my thoughts amazing guys and thank you so much we’re going to close this episode out the same way we always

Do by saying thank you to each one of our special guests thank you to Johnny crypto thank you AKA super D and thank you to the cash flow King and health you got 277 live listeners joining us shovel some love smash that like button we’ll

See you guys in 23 hours and like we always say Warriors let’s get together baby thank you for joining me let’s go

Today on Good Morning Crypto…

We will be discussing… How the fall of decentralization may be happening before our eyes, with shocking new details revealed about Ledger access to funds and meta mask having the ability to lock user wallets.

Two massive announcements came in for the Ripples team last week, shifting the momentum in the lawsuit and amongst the general public.

And with the world moving away from the US dollar and into digital assets, President Biden states he will not protect crypto investors, we discuss how this will effect American investors during the greatest financial opportunity of our era.


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08:26 – Crypto Securities According To SEC
12:44 – 53 Million Americans Own Crypto
14:52 – BRICS & Gold
17:30 – John Deaton / Hinman Emails
19:39 – !!! SEC / XRP LEAKED EMAILS !!!
22:22 – Mike Novogratz ETH Free Pass
24:53 – Why Are SEC Documents Important ?
30:32 – Ripple CBDC Market (213 Billion)
37:22 – MetaMask News
42:26 – Ripple Adds Former Amazon CFO To Board
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