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Ripple XRP News Today. This video is about Ripple and XRP News and i hope you enjoyed wacthing!

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  9. Moon Lambo can’t see anything other than the ink on the paper in front of him. Turned him off a while back. There has to be a level of speculation regarding this asset as we are putting pieces of the puzzle together daily.

    Much of what is being accepted now was laughed at years ago when the channels Love for Crypto and To the Lifeboats spoke about these details at length. Most don’t know what they hold. Several influencers don’t know what they hold. HODL!

  10. Tothelifeboats mislead everyone with his ridiculous Bearableguy123 support and pathetic predictions. He was one of the first bullshit channels with an attitude!!

  11. Stopped payin attention to moon lambo channel over a year ago.. he's the thumbnail king of hype. His pessimism as well got on my nerves.

  12. It depends on how good the banking rails are currently. Brad Garlinghouse has been quoted as being surprised for the Japanese government was so excited to not just use it for cross-border payments but use it domestically as well as there domestic rails are terrible. xrp Doesn’t have to be used for conversion of currency it can simply be use for movement of value.

  13. Alex Bro we need you now more than ever stay strong just come up with any content you can you allow me to hold I know that sounds crazy but I'm trying to hang on for any reason I can I know that sounds weak even when I type it out it sounds weak but I swear you keep people in this space thank you for all you do

  14. Stop eating your mic, sounds like a porn set. Position the mice below your chin and facing off to your side. Have the pop filter flat above the mic on top.

  15. My question with all these volume and price "glitches" is do other digital assets have as many glitches as XRP?

  16. Totally understand there is no need for xrp to be used domestically within the US for fiat to fiat transfers…but what about using xrp in transfering value of different assets.(stocks, bonds, fx)

  17. Nice one, This is a scary time for new investors but the best thing you can do is not to make decisions based on emotions. This could actually be a good time to buy more of your high conviction stocks or crypto on a discount Wealth is created during bear markets, not bull markets. If your portfolio is really effecting your mental health then delete the app and go for a walk Let the market do its thing and have a long time horizon. I buy and just trade long term more than ever , I have made over $12500 from weekly trading with Mrs Katelyn Ejmont Signals on YouTube. Signal is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish📉📉

  18. We can hope it's all very interesting and XRP will be a major player in the world that's a fact all you need is patience

  19. Nobody can say there’s no use case domestically. I own a painting company and when customers ask how I’d like to get paid I say cash, check, PayPal, Cashapp, and toss XRP in there as a joke just to see if they know what it is but I’d love to get paid for jobs with XRP and would love to buy things with XRP. So in my opinion there is a use case.

  20. Why you explain yourself to moon Lambo he doesn't know anymore or less than anyone else people need to understand for themselves its called speculation that it might , it can and its also reasonable speculation

  21. There are many developers on the XRP ledger. Even weird stuff like how We had XRP tipbot, and I'm sure that the existence of crossborder payments as ripples main goal DOES NOT exclude the possibility of local use cases. I don't feel as though moonlambos argument is completely sound tbh, and I've watched his vids since 2017 or 18. I think he's extremely smart, but sometimes we all miss the forest for the trees. I actually paid for kratom using XRP back in 2017. Lol!!! We are all legends if we hold this game changing asset. I'd argue the XRP army is one of the most powerful computers ever to exist.

  22. Here me out now.. what if (and believe me this is completely hypothetical), but what if the Fed adopted XRP as the digital dollar in order to ensure the USD maintains it's place as THE reserve currency and currency cross border transactions are conducted in? So the "digital dollar" would be worth it's demand, like today's dollar? (But 1XRP is worth however many greenbacks would be demanded)..

    Think about it..

  23. Didn't check back with you for 3 years and you still talking about xrp at 32 cents….how the hell xrp to get you guys to waste all this time advertising them for free so one of their top guys cashing out at the same time?.I really hope xrp will do something soon for you guys…

  24. All great domestic payment systems will hook up to international payments. This is why Ripple was involved from the beginning. There will be stages to this. ODL could be part of FedNow in the future.

  25. FedNow is a domestic market. XRP would add cost and make it slower. they are NOT going to use XRP.

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