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Okay my dear subscribers in this issue at a daily review of the new promising project injective okay good so often we are from Ukraine I’m glad to see everyone on the channel the main speaker of the channel Mr Atlanta uh okay and this is the first episode dedicated to a new quiet promising

Project that has one lava and it has a large fan base and that’s injective and we are going to take a closer look at the following topic injection injective project overview you’ll learn the latest information so enjoy so let’s get started Watts injector injective is a lighting fast first level uh in terrible

Blockchain sets enables interability between Cosmos and ethereum in major Financial applications I am sure that’s a newcomer will not notice any difference between this project and the project that’s had a similar concept so let’s take a deeper look details injective is designed to be a full visualized high performance

Exchange protocol with zero gas freeze and North permits are required injective it uses this through a cosmos vector layer 2 sidechain infrastructure that delivers speed availability and this relies digitalization with optimized connections to the main ethereum chain injective provides access to unlimited reliance financial markets users can

Create any Financial Market using a fast cross chain zero free secure and socialized protocol in additional to what the project is injective has a fairly large ecosystem for its level the injective ecosystem is a network of visualized programs that Focus off of delivering a Best in Class user experience by providing unlimited and

Unprecedented access to the Civilized financial markets product services and their tools ecosystem aims to improve people to allocate Capital more efficiently the next Point won’t pay close attention to its Investments sold Investments injective found its injective labs in 2018. since then they have been a growing stability and attracting more and more Investments

The project was launched with the support of balance labs in the same year and has since raised 55 Sports 6 million in their separate rounds now let’s go through the next rounds of Investments step by step additional rounds of Investments on July 29 2020 injective raised uh two and the six

Million in initial rounds leads by Pantera Capital with participation from qsf’s soteria and xia8 Ventures okay next on April 20 2021 injective raised 10 million in a funding ground led by the Pantera Capital Mark coupon and other and uh finally on August 10 2022 injective raised to 40 million in a

Round Choice with gem crypto and bih digital to summarize and put everything together the Investments came in um gradually and where enough for the project in addition I would like to add that in their latest blog post they published an article introducing the 150 million injective ecosystem group I

Recommend to reading it to the article is interesting and writers were interesting questions namely an overview of the group of objects objective ecosystem how can you attract the builders providing a new Financial level for lab stream okay next takenomics injector usage injective native token inch is used for network security guests

Free payment and management toggle Supply inch is 100 million tokens and can be increased over time through uh inflationary editions from a block Rewards the targets inflation rate was was set so at seven percent and at the beginning of the year and is expected to drop to two percent over time at the

Time of making uh this video um the inflation rate was set at five percent in accordance with proportion 58. the mechanism is a deflationary inch has a deflationary mechanism in which 60 percent of the protocols remain from The Exchange free is results in exchange for an inch which is them burnt it means

That if the exchange free increases so much that the burnt inch exceeds inflation or the inch may be in a deflationary state inch is also used a collateral in derivatives Market science in Insurance posts on injective which feather increases their demands for the token and finally I’ll tell you any I’ll tell

You an interesting fact injective was prepared by valence labs and nine percent of its Supply was sold on the binance language but at a price of zero spots of four a pair a token at a violation or for 40 million and 10 to lock it in periods okay next coin market

Cap inch pocket the injective token has been listed so on time exchanges if memory cells are even on the binance you can buy it and sell this token a ranking the inch token is ranked uh 100 of 21 on coin market cap in my opinion this is a

Good result and the same price for one token is four dollars and 18 cents and if you look at ad set chart you can see that the inch talking is only growing and does not even give small Corrections this is definitely a sign of a strong project while Bitcoin is following the

Injective project is only again momentum and showing rapid drops and the maximum price the token has which is five dollar market capitalization is 303 million and the circulation supply is about 73 percent if you are interested in some additional information coin market cap just enter inch or injective in the

Search box I I will finish this issue but first I shall summarize all of the above so to summarize now uh you are convinced that injective is an extremely promising product that can easily break into the tops uh this is evidence in the idea Adventures features Investments and

Ecosystem of the project I have made my shoes and it’s definitely injective I will continue to invest and help in any way possible I advise you to subscribe to its social network so that you do that you don’t miss the importance aspects that you can earn from France

That’s all for now I was glad to be of service to you see you in the next issue I’m going to buy thank you foreign

👋 Good afternoon…we are from Ukraine! Glad to see everyone on the channel. The main speaker of the channel, Mr. Atlant and this is the first issue dedicated to a new, rather promising project that has won love for itself and has a large fan base, and this is Injective.
🔥 And you and I will analyze the following topic in detail: Detailed review of the Injective project? You will learn relevant information, so enjoy.

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