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Hey what’s up guys this is the Krypton ninja coming live from Tropical Paradise guys I just discovered a very low cap arbitrum gen that actually earns you Reflections in this coin called Grail okay Grail is worth like pretty much an eighth right now guys so you can earn

Some really juicy Reflections in this project okay the name of the coin is called quail okay um I’m gonna put the link below for you guys the contract address you guys can pick this up on uh Sushi Swap and all you gotta do guys is just come

In here on this link I’ll put it below the video just click on uh click on copy address and then just paste it into Sushi Swap and pick up a bag guys this is very uh low market cap you can see right now it’s only 37 000 uh Thai risk

High reward there’s only one million Supply so I mean if you owe if you own 10 000 then you’re pretty much a whale I mean what if you own one percent of this project man and they don’t even have a website yet but they do have a telegram

They do have a Twitter uh this thing’s brand new guys brand spanking new okay there uh let’s go over to their Twitter really fast is right here okay baby Camelot like nobody even knows about this project guys so this thing could pop off because it’s super low market cap nobody’s

Talking about it on Twitter nobody knows about it and it’s on arbitrine so the fees are super low and like I said earn Grill Reflections okay and here’s their tell or here’s a telegram if you guys want to hop in their telegram but like I said this is super early guys still

Early okay so yeah check it out maybe buy a small bag and just sit on it and see what happens because this thing could take off guys okay yeah it’s pumped a little bit you know 3x or whatever 4X but that’s nothing guys crypto that’s nothing okay this thing

Could do 50x100x you never know so check it out uh pick up a bag not Financial advice but like I said if you’re earning Reflections and uh in grail that’s that’s really good so looking forward to their website in the future developments they have a lot of

Cool developments in the uh the works too so just hop in the telegram ask some questions and become part of the community and uh yeah let’s take this thing to the Moon guys nobody’s talking about it all right peace

Chart and contract address
Bridge Eth to arbitrum Eth here
Buy on
IN today’s vid I speak about a super hi risk low cap arbitrum gem called $GWAIL

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