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Jasbi is going to be breaking out really really soon and in this video we are gonna be discussing exactly that hey what’s up guys welcome back to another video on the channel in this one we are gonna be analyzing Jazz me and I’m gonna be telling you exactly when should we be

Expecting a movement towards the upside for Jasmine because you guys already know that Jasmine hasn’t been moving at all I mean we are seeing a little bit of a momentum towards the upside but we aren’t seeing those like 30 percent move towards the upside or say hundred percent 200 percent move towards the

Upside so with that being said now let’s jump back into the video and let me show you what basically is happening with Jasmine and how I am planning to take my trades my trade signal group has helped me make some good amount of money in the

Past couple of months I will do all the analysis in this group and give you all of my trade setups so that you can make the most amount of money as you can see in the past couple of months we have made profits of about 142 2 percent 350

Percent and even crazier than that so make sure guys join my patreon the link to it will be down in the description it’s only 30 dollars per month and I truly believe that the value you will be getting in this group will be much higher than this so guys right over here

I have the altcoin season index and you will be able to see that currently it’s Bitcoin season so basically we have divided the whole crypto Market into two single parts or say two different parts one is the Bitcoin season in which Bitcoin is going to be pumping and the

Other is the altcoin season in which small caps like Jasmine Quant H barcelana all these all coins are gonna be pumping now guys as you can see we were trading sideways for a bit of a time and we saw this recent push to boost the upside but uh which really put

Us in the altcoin season this was the time when we saw some massive moves for jasmi we saw like a 200 person move for Jasmine when we saw this all coin season now guys right over here if we check out you will be able to see that even though

You know we try to get up and we reach like about 46 on this altcoin season index we are currently still in a Bitcoin season now guys a lot of people say that you know we are gonna be going towards the upside very very soon and yeah that is completely true and

Completely you know something which we should be taking in our minds because guys at this moment we are still in a Bitcoin season and I mean right now we are seeing some heavy resistance right over here which I personally think we are gonna be breaking out really really

Soon because if we check out the previous charts as well I mean we pump up uh into an old coin season and after that we consolidate for some period in this uh Bitcoin season and after this has been completed we see a massive move towards the upside in which all coin

Gives us some absolutely insane gains now right now we are seeing the Bitcoin season playing out we are seeing some good movements showing by bit coin which is really understandable because Bitcoin hasn’t been moving at all and it recently pumped up by about 30 40 percent in the past couple of months so

That is really really good news and something really positive for the crypto Market however guys I have repeated this on my channel constantly that whenever Bitcoin goes up altcoins also follow the same Trend and my you know analysis is still practically the same I still think

That we are going to be seeing an upward trend for Jasmine really really soon and it only takes let’s say about a week or so or say two to five days for jasmi to show us those insane amount of gains because as you can see at right over

Here as well I mean we were consolidating for a lot of period of time however guys it only took us let’s say about five days to go into an old coin season and this is how basically the old coins move in a crypto market now if we check out some of the charts

For charge me you will be able to see that the volume is pretty much uh pretty much the same same I mean we haven’t been moving up and we haven’t been moving down as you can see we are currently in this rate range where we have been consolidating for quite some

Time right now now if we just zoom in on the charts I still believe we are in this massive Elliott wave third uh third Elliott wave which I personally believe is going to be going towards the upside now guys you already know that I’m a big fan of these Elliott waves and I

Personally uh think that right now we are doing this or say making this one two setup so basically you can see that we went up in Elliott wave one and now we are coming down on Elliott wave 2. I expect another upwards movement for jasmi and then we are going to be seeing

A little bit of sideways momentum or say sideways movement and after that we will finally complete this or say complete our Elliott wave 3. this is the most likely scenario for jasmi by the way guys recently we took a trade in my patreon or say my trade signal group and

We Pro profited almost 135 percent just in a matter of one or two days so if you haven’t been a part of that make sure guys join my trade signal group as soon as possible because I’m 100 sure that you are gonna be making back your money

Really really soon it’s only 30 dollars per month and the trades we are making over there are absolutely insane so I personally think that my trade signal group is gonna be an investment for you and it is going to be benefiting you a lot in the short term as well as in the

Longer term so guys if you are new on my channel and you want to know what is my overall Outlook or say on uh you know what do I think Jasmine is going to be doing I personally uh believe that the bottom for this market for Jasmine was in our

About uh right over here which is at about two cents now I personally believe this was the bottom actually not two cents it’s uh 0.002 that is where I personally believe the bottom was in this was where a lot of people got in on jasmi as well and right now we are or

Say we pumped up in an impulsive wave number one and this gave us almost about 200 person gains from that moment onwards we have been seeing a consolidation phase for charge me and as you can see we’ve done to almost about a 50 percent now I personally believe and

These are my targets for Jasmine as well I personally believe we are gonna be seeing an upwards movement for Jasmine anytime soon as soon as we go into a altcoin season and I personally am expecting Jasmine to reach about uh 0.01 that is my most likely and the easiest

Scenario with jasmi can get to in the immediate short term and yeah guys that’s going to be pretty much my analysis on Jasmine now if you guys want my exact rate setups make sure you guys join my patreon the link to it will be down in the description it’s only 30

Dollars per month but you know the profits we are making in that group are absolutely insane and something which you guys should also be a part of I mean you know we are making some really good profits and I would really want you guys to join up because that way you guys can

Make money trading your cryptocurrencies and you don’t even have to look at all these indicators or say all of these statistics analysis videos and anything like that you can basically just copy what I am doing and make money how I am making money my win rate percentage is

Really high and it’s you know extraordinarily High because people say that you can’t be profitable uh every single time but guys you can check all the trades on my patreon and the fact shows that you know the more the amount of Trades I take is not like you know 5

To 15 trades every single day the amount of Trades I do is let’s say about one or two trade every single uh every three to four days so I mean two uh two days for one single trade and we try to profit above 100 percent and that has been my

Goal for my patreon as well so yeah guys that’s gonna be pretty much it from this video I still think Jasmine is going to be forming an upwards movement really really soon it’s only a matter of time till we see that happening and yeah guys that’s gonna be pretty much my of my

Analysis on jasmi nothing new to report and on I mean we are seeing some uh sideways consolidation at this moment we are making a one-two pattern right over here as you can see we went up in first came down and second went up again in

Third and now we are coming down in a fourth way I personally believe this wave is gonna be over really really soon and they are gonna be seeing an upwards momentum to above 0.0058 now that is going to be my immediate short-term Target for Jasmine it’s only a small jump bar I personally

Believe if you get in right now it has a really good possibility to make you some insane gains and yeah guys that’s only pretty much my analysis on jasmi for today I’ll catch you all in the next one with another charge me update because I’m making daily analysis on Jasmine if

You haven’t been following the channel so now you guys know anyways I’ll catch you all in the next one hope you all have an amazing day peace out


BUSINESS EMAIL- aryan.nvmedia@gmail.com

TRADE SIGNAL GROUP- https://www.patreon.com/user?u=87982974

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