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🔥CELSIUS NETWORK Court Updates, Deadline Extensions, Latest News & Updates: What Happens Next?😱

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  2. When I couldn't make withdrawals, I contacted #clericktech he asstisted me throughout the whole process, I'm glad to get my money back

  3. When I couldn't make withdrawals, I contacted #clericktech he asstisted me throughout the whole process, I'm glad to get my money back

  4. When I couldn't make withdrawals, I contacted #clericktech he asstisted me throughout the whole process, I'm glad to get my money back

  5. When I couldn't make withdrawals, I contacted #clericktech he asstisted me throughout the whole process, I'm glad to get my money back

  6. The Examiner just announced finding 5 Billion dollars of cash and liquid crypto in Mashinky's B*TT.

    Hope they are wearing a mask.
    Oh… Sorry wrong company, wrong A*HO*

  7. Does everyone in earn have to file a claim even if they have already confirmed in writing how much they owe you?

  8. Might Celsius change electronic contract before filing bankruptcy. Judge Glen or New York Attorney General should involve a Forensic-Experts to review all Celsius Network and electronic devices to find out if contest of the electronic contract with creditors was change prior Census's bankruptcy was filed.

  9. Judge says:
    For Motions…
    Celsius: Approved
    Lawyers: Approved
    Victims: Denied

    For Money/Coins…
    Celsius: Keep em
    Lawyers: As much as you want
    Victims: Not Yours (Suckers)

  10. Thanks Pete No Stop and glad to see you on the mend 😍. Do you know the date for the bids ? Here's to all creditors being made whole through a positive outcome for creditors that starts asap in 2023 ❤🙏

  11. Thank you for bringing up the retail claw back risk for these platforms. I anticipate the self harbor and ordinary business term defenses available in the bankruptcy code will prevent this, there is litigation coming up this year to test. It is discouraging to see fellow creditors look to retail preference avoidance as some sort of remedy. Our efforts should be directed at insider claw backs before the crooks hide or spend the assets.

  12. Why is no one talking about insider clawbacks? I know it has been mentioned before. The insiders obviously drained all their funds right before things were halted. You can see all the data on chain.

  13. the link to clawback protection TG willnot open in TG as it seems to be pointing to a message in the group and without access to the group there is no access to the message. that is the erro message I am seeing

  14. Well done, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️keep up the good work Pete!! 👍(I changed my photo, but, I'm still subscribed)

  15. what good is filing a claim if we are not getting any back , I, am confused . meniscky care less what he be remembered for he Stoll peoples life savings including mine ,

  16. I thought the dev videos were kind of stupid on the beginning, but man have they gotten better.

  17. Yo @Cel Cat- the jig is up, bro; you will absolutely and unequivocally be proven wrong (and thus labeled, for good, a ScamShitsky meat rider)- we’ve got all the receipts: just the fact that we can see from the blockchain that ScamShitsky lied about not withdrawing funds from Celsius and that he “was one of the creditors,” (he withdrew upwards of 40+ million, leaving only 1 million+ of worthless CEL token), is already evidence enough that the man is a fraud and a con man…. Honest people don’t lie about withdrawals, much less misrepresenting the risk that investors were actually taking.

    I’d change sides before history has a good laugh at your expense.

  18. Since judge glenn ordered Yearn accounts owned by Celsius I want to know how we will get anything back? can u explain a possible process here???

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