🔥Nice takeoff Novair🔥✈️ Airbus A320–251N NEO Type A21N #madeiralanding

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⭕️ Date: 15.11.2022
⭕️ Flightradar24:

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💢 Madeira Landing & TakeOff airplanes
💢 Plane spotting Madeira airport
💢 Madeira aviation spotting
💢 Madeira Airport
💢 Runway 05-23
💢 Flightradar24
💢 Aviation radio
💢 Portugal – Air Force
💢 Força Aérea Portuguesa (FAP)

🎯Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport – FNC / LPMA
🌍 Madeira, Portugal
✈️ Aero Porto da Madeira

This Youtube channel is focused on the landing and departure of planes on the island of Madeira in Portugal in the Atlantic ocean from the LPMA airport, where you can watch the events surrounding aviation.

Videos are shot in high definition 4K HDR with a frame rate of 30 or 60 frames per second for maximum detail and viewing experience.

The image is complemented by high-quality professional sound recording equipment, to which music is added. You will feel as if you are standing in the place of the cameraman and pleasant music is playing around you to make your experience more pleasant.

🔆 Enjoy it!

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♦️Videos with 24x optical zoom record:
Panasonic HC-X1500E 4K

♦️Videos & Photo with 125x optical zoom record:
Nikon Coolpix P1000

♦️SDXC CARDS for Panasonic:
Lexar Profesionální 1667x 256GB 250MB/s

♦️Videos & Photos record:
Apple Iphone 12 MAX PRO 512GB:

♦️Polarizing filter for iphone:

♦️Image stabilization:
Gimbal DJI OM5:

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Microphone Blue Yeti USB, Black (blackout):
Tascam Portacapture X8 – Portable 6+2-Spur High-Resolution 32-bit/192-kHz recorder:

♦️I store files for backup on this drive:
SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD exter. SSD 2 TB:

♦️The lighting I use for studio recordings is this:
VIJIM VL120 RGB LED Video Light Mini Video Light Dimmable 2500-9000K, USB Rechargeable Rechargeable Light with Built-in 3100mAh Battery and 1/4 Expander Hole, CRI95+ for Sony/Nikon DSLR Cameras:

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