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🔥Terra Luna Classic Burn Proposal Passed? – Can it now reach Atleast 1$?.✅

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Terra Luna Classic Burn Proposal Passed? – Can it now reach Atleast 1$?.

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In this video we are going to talk about tera luna classic burn proposal.

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  1. Fix terra lab.
    Tidak bertanggung jawab.
    Tidak bisa buy back.
    Jadi jangan pernah beli produk turunannya.
    Seperti Luna 2.
    Dan produk turunannya yg lain.

  2. Fundamentals front and center:
    Do kown is a son of a gun.
    -How many coins is he holding in his bag? 50%? Is he going to burn them?
    -How much did Binance pay for the 1.7 trillion coins they are holding? Nothing. Who transfered those coins to them? DO kown? Is Binance a front for Do Kown and his group?

    -Can he keep on minting trillions?

    -Are bad-hombres in Asia looking for answers?
    -Who rigged the survey?

    -drag The son of a gun to court.. Where the h@## are the lawyer-bandits to structure a class action suit? Drag anybody , fronts, holding more than a trillion coins to court if u want to see these i$%&s ever burning coins.
    -Some whales are making Luna 2 crash to the ground. Do Kown is using ,currently, dumping funds from Luna c to pump Luna-2. But the whales are determine to crash it to the ground and keep it there

  3. When they don't do that the hole cryptomarket collaps no trust anymore. What you can see already

  4. You didn't get into the actual math of how the burn will impact the supply.

  5. This mean when we have 100 b usd in trade volume of lune monthly which mean 1.2 billion usd worth of lune classic will be burn so we can reach threshold of 10b very soon

  6. I buyied luna classic at 0.0004 dollor,now it's 0.00006 dollors. any chance it bounce back?

  7. Thanks Spot, I think most luna investors like luna classic mostly, let's go baby 🚀 luna2 is nose diving, when will it stop

  8. actually no guarantee if we trading in crypto,just invest 10 usd,then if pump to 1 usd ,still can get 100000,if loss just 10 usd(think of accidentally throw burger after bought it),hehe.

  9. Actually kind of pathetic. Plenty of the memecoin space projects have high taxes, look at safemoon, 12% on a good day. Many, many tokens that come out now have taxes as high as 15, 16… I've seen as high as 18% slippage/tax, and those are the buys, I've seen as high as in the 20's for sale taxes 🤯. But 1.2%? That's a freaking joke.

  10. They know it's a community token now , they should have put 5% buy sell tax , burn it a bit quicker, and it's only a meme token now , so it wouldn't have mattered much

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