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  1. Bro मेरे पास 88 sol है अलग अलग प्राइस पे up मैं ही buying है इसको मैं sell kardu pls reply thank u 🙏

  2. भाई Aptos का भी रिव्यू दीजिये, ये क्यों गिर रहा है

  3. The crypto market is still declining fast and my holdings again fell in value, just lost $1300… i think am gonna quit crypto? 😓

  4. भाई Luna के सप्लाय 200मिलियन से 6बिलियन हो गये थे इस लिये price गीरा था , Sol और FTT के सप्लाय नाही बडे , ये सब खेल है , SOL बहोत बडा है 10$ को buy करलो…..

  5. Bitcoins investment and trading as really change a lot in my life and in the life of many other investors thanks for your good work sir keep it on

  6. This is the best time to accumulate Solana in SIP way…iske business m koi problem ni h…nd Inn u-tubero ko kuchh pta ni…ye log to crypto s na to kuchh earn kiya or na kisi ko karne denge…buy in SIP mode..or down jaaye to or accumulate kro…its life changing time

  7. This past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening, Holding doesn't really profits much, any idea on how to earn more better in the short run?

  8. जो भी यह कमेंट पढ़ रहा है। उसको भगवान खुश रखे 🙏 आगे बढे प्रगति करे । यह कामना करता हूं 🙏 Nice 👍

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