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Foreign Hey guys welcome back to the Wall Street ball Anthony here I hope you’re all doing well and staying positive out there it is never a dull and pouring moment in crypto and finance that is why I love doing daily Market updates now today ladies and gentlemen there was a

Lot that happened last night and I tried to stay awake for all of it but that was the Takeover obviously with UBS and Credit Suisse which was an enormous deal uh apparently they offered one billion dollars that did not get accepted uh obviously and then moving up to 2

Billion and now finalizing the deal at 3 billion dollars which is insane well I should say 3 billion Swiss Francs right there which is just crazy uh you’ve got Bitcoin still remaining very strong at the moment guys 27 720 USD at the time recording this right now I’m looking it on my other

Screen the balls are back in my opinion and there’s a lot to talk about with ripple and xrp we’ve obviously got Microsoft coming out with their own a crypto wallet which is interesting I’m going to go through it also make sure you stick around to the end of the video

Let’s get straight into it guys massive shout out and thank you to every single one of you who have subscribed to the channel I really appreciate it thank you very much now if you are new please make sure you smash the Subscribe button down there and turn on that little bell

Notification as well because as you can see right here I love documenting my journey with investing with cryptos dividend stocks growth stocks talking about passive income building Financial Freedom and of course my goal at the end of the day is to build generational wealth so come along with this insane

Journey things are getting wild in space Also if you can give this video a thumbs up watch us straight through would really help me push this channel out to a lot more people because the YouTube algorithm is absolute magic when you find ladies and gentlemen do that make

Sure you give it a good old thumbs up doesn’t cost you anything it’s down there thank you very much you guys absolutely rock also a little disclaimer I am not a financial advisor please do your own research and due diligence with this stuff I do not want to see anyone

Get financially hurt that is why my number one Golden Rule is I only invest what I can afford to lose and yes we don’t like to lose you can lose money like that in the blink of an eye in crypto and investing in general all right so please be careful do your own

Research this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only all right ladies and gentlemen the four Melodies are out of the way I’m going straight to the community tab but I put up this poll and there’s a lot going on at the moment but do you believe Bitcoin will hit one

Million dollars USD mind you in 90 days we’ve got 16 of you have said yes 83 percent of you have said no way that is out of 875 votes so that is a lot and again anything is possible and obviously with this whole thing going on with hyperinflation I’m going to go through

That and explain exactly what that is as well so we’ll stick with it there and uh yes I’m not just a crypto investor I am also heavily invested in the stock market and the ASX as well and a Sprinkle of property development which is very bullish that’s the reason

Why I’m so bullish about all this news about the finance and stock market as well because I’m invested in it and yes this is no BS right here these are the actual gains I’m making all right so that 136 is incredible you’ve got 40 416 which is insane 117 214 and 39 gains

Absolutely love these crypto trading Bots which are in the patreon the link is in the community tab go join up it’s incredible I’m watching them as we speak making gains and yes it’s official UBS has basically taken over Credit Suisse right now which pretty much prevents a global economic collapse of the entire

Financial world because if that happens it was a systemically important bank so again UBS has taken that out they’ve gotten an insane discount uh on this acquisition right here but look at this but both banks will have unrestricted access to swish Swiss National Bank facilities both Banks can obtain

Liquidity assistance loans of up to 100 billion Swiss ranks backed by the federal default guarantee finma was a risk of Cs becoming illiquid Swiss president burst set right here it is not possible to restore confidence in Credit Suisse Swiss government grants UBS 9.79 billion guarantee on credit Swiss losses

And UBS credit default swaps have doubled since news break it would rescue Credit Suisse uh moving on you’ve got smb’s chairman Jordan U.S banking crisis are aggravated by Credit Suisse crisis and swiss president deposited outflows on Friday showed that stabilization of Credit Suisse was necessary this is

Massive news this was huge we would have lit with we literally we’re that close to seeing the Lehman Brothers Again from 2008. and for those of you don’t know go watch that movie as well on Netflix I keep forgetting it uh anyway go watch it on Netflix it’s very very insane what’s

Happened there and it’s pretty much happened again but that’s just been prevented by UBS taking over Credit Suisse now let’s go to coin spot this is where I buy my cryptos in Australia I’m not going to go through all of them I’m just going to go through the banking

Coins because I’m very bullish on this and yes it is the 20th of March ISO 222 goes live today around the world so it’s gonna be very interesting to see what happens as you can see here all the cryptos in the green which is nice but

Anyway all the prices you see here are an Australian dollars and everything else is set to USD and again because I’m catering for everybody around the world and my uh obviously the Aussie fans which are incredible there is a referral link below for coin spot feel free to

Use that now Bitcoin sitting at 42 529 today 27 881 USD so I’m doing both moments I’ve got two screens makes it easy but 4.83 do you think a lot of people starting to realize what crypto is doing now for the financial world is more secure and we do

Not have to rely on anyone else ethereum is a 2737 you’ve got xrp 59 cents there is an interesting article coming out about these Hinman emails which again may be released to the public but to gain 2.49 which is really nice as well I’m gonna go down to my other banking

Coins of course we’ve got xlm at 13 cents hedera at nine cents as well Quant is at 203. Aussie dollars this thing will not go down August at 33 cents moving down ladies and gentlemen some other favorites of mind the banking coins that is if we keep scrolling down

Here you’ve got Iota at 34 cents very undervalued xdc is a gem at five cents up nearly two percent today and of course we have Casper up two percent as well to five cents so basically xdc and Casper are on par with each other in terms of price at the moment honestly I

Believe xdc is incredibly undervalued for what it’s actually used for which is going to be you know trade finance and you know literally it is backed by gold literally anyway go look that up it’s insane now let’s go to crypto Bubbles and yes before I do I’ve got the Wall

Street or patreon links Below guys I’m building a very bullish Community here of serious investors I love putting up all my buyers my cells my trades my crypto trading Bots my entire crypto list I put up here every morning my top gainers uh which is really awesome I put

That up when I’m having my espresso and also my dividend stock Investments which are very important to me because it provides passive income whilst I’ll sleep and watching my money grow and compound is incredible so I do share that all in the patreon link is below do

Not wait join up you will not regret it now let’s go on the day we have again cfx is moving four fourteen point two percent on the day still up 135 on the week and 102 182 on the month that is insane 44 U.S cents right now that is insanely cheap guys

Let me just refresh this wait for the bubbles to drop we’ve got Neo as well 9.4 on the day 20 on the week 35 on the month and again I’m very bullish on there I’ve been holding it for a long time it is a layer one and uh it’s like a chinese-based

Ethereum pretty much in short terms we have Solana up 4.2 on the day 22.41 right there so 22 USD still up 13 on the week I do believe that Solana will make a comeback but it’s going to take time to obviously recover from Sam bankman Freed’s absolute destruction of the crypto world

Uh let’s have a look and find some other ones we’ve got hedera up 1.3 as well 3.5 in the week still trading at six cents this is an absolute gem basically everything you’re seeing here uh is at an accumulation phase in my opinion the peak of the bull market

Again I was buying Neo much higher than this we had ax Infinity at 80 which was insane Quant was at 400 Australian dollars internet computer was like 140 something 145 dollars so it was a lot so again everything here is still cheap in my opinion dollar cost

Averaging of course is the best now let’s move on to the news but I want to get through all of this I’m not going to go through every article like in detail but UBS acquires troubled rival Credit Suisse in 4.5 billion dollar buyer to stem the banking crisis

That is insane but in battle banking giant Credit Suisse has been bought out by rival institution in an AUD 4.5 billion deal to stem fears of emerging financial crisis had this not have happened Market opened today Monday being obviously the 20th of March there would have been

Absolute chaos in the financial world we would have seen everything collapsing globally as a result of this because again Credit Suisse is literally in every country on the planet even in Australia based in Sydney believe it or not I actually looked it up um so yeah it’s pretty full-on this deal

Had to happen to keep the financial system moving and of course uh I mean look at this this is interesting as well but Justin’s son put up an offer uh obviously to take over Credit Suisse which is really interesting but if you scroll down here

Have a look at this but Justin’s son he made a proposal and obviously from his role in hoibi right here in his former role as CEO of Tron uh offered to buy Credit Suisse for 1.5 billion US Dollars earlier in the day and I would like to

Propose my offer of of 1.5 billion dollars to acquire Credit Suisse and integrate it into web 3 world Switzerland has been one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world which is nice and Sun wrote that ubs’s original bid falls short which it did and describe his own plans to integrate

Credit Suisse with the blockchain technology in crypto he noted that Switzerland among the world’s most crypto friendly countries in terms of Regulation it is unclear whether Credit Suisse and the Swiss government considered Sun’s offer and I highly doubt it because again it is you um Credit Suisse is a systemically

Important Bank literally one of up there you know with bny Mellon Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs all of these big boys JP Morgan you know Bank of Royal Bank of Canada all of them it was up there with them so again I don’t think Justin’s son’s offer would have been even looked

At to be quite honest but would have been interesting though and it will happen I believe that all of these exchanges that we’re currently using will become banks in the future I just believe that anyway xrp ladies and gentlemen marker cap tops 20 billion which is really nice as well but the

Market cap of xrp the controversial cryptocurrency with ties to San francisco-based distributed Ledger company Ripple has topped 20 billion dollars and the token gained nearly five percent over the past 24 hours the increase in value comes amid the broader rally in the crypto Market with Bitcoin up 2.41 ethereum 1.62 BMB 0.72 in

Cardano 1.62 also experiencing gains and xrp’s price has been steadily climbing over the past week yes uh this recent surge in price has brought xrp near a horizontal resistance level which is a technical analysis concept referring to the price level at which the crypto upwards momentum is expected to be met

With significant selling pressure keep an eye on that guys again I’m just bullish about xrp finally making moves and this is really interesting but uh Dayton predicts Hinman emails will be made public there will be chaos in the markets if this happens because it would

Be I just want to read them all and see exactly what was discussed I think it’s about time but he has predicted that the emails and speech drops relating to the former SEC official will Hinman will be made public and despite the regulator’s request for them to remain sealed Deaton who is or

Sorry has been closely following the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the SEC expressed his confidence in a series of tweets stating that documents would be relevant in the other ongoing and future litigation involving cryptos the xrp friendly Legend lawyer believes that judge Annalisa Torres cites and

Relies on the emails and drafts making in no decision and there are 75 chance she will declare them judicial documents and order them to be unsealed albeit with limited redactions meaning blacked out you know like there’s emails at the moment that have been released but there’s just literally you can’t even

Read anything even if she does indeed and argue that the documents will eventually be made public due to their relevance in other cases such as the lawsuit against Dragon chain so we’ll keep an eye on that I can’t wait for that to actually be released moving on

Okay of course we’ve got Bitcoin Only Hits 28 000 US Dollars sorry about this stupid pop-ups and again I think it’s still going to continue to move up but again the markets are quiet at the moment but it will continue to Surge upwards which is nice uh let’s go here guys

Bitcoin Bulls again surges past 28k for the first time since June now this is a bit interesting right here but the trader who nailed the Bitcoin bottom in 2022 uh obviously says Bitcoin is one resistance away from a new all-time high here’s his Outlook right now and crypto strategists who correctly called

Bitcoin’s 2022 price floor thinks that the king of crypto may be once uh one resistance level away from a fresh all-time high in a new strategy recession synonymous Trader don don alt I like that name uh tells his 48 000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin looks really really good on the monthly time

Frame and he’s taking out resistance at 24K which is nice so every resistance did its job there was really no bounce whatsoever and technically speaking is a monthly closes above resistance around 24K that’s actually the confirmation of the breakout right here the first bullish signal I could obviously I think

It could run for a little bit keep an eye on this because again Bitcoin doing extremely well during this chaos in the financial markets at the moment now for those of you hyperinflation and I needed to look this up for my own knowledge and expertise obviously just looking into something but a situation

Where the prices of goods and services rise uncontrollably over a defined time period That’s What basically means in economics hyperinflation excuse me about these pop-ups but he’s used to describe situations where the prices of all goods and services rise uncontrollably over a defined period time period in other words hyperinflation is extremely rapid

Inflation and I mean if you haven’t noticed but the cost of living in general is going crazy at the moment everything is getting more expensive and it’s just costing a lot more so again I think we’re in that serious phase at the moment of hyperinflation I don’t even

Know if governments and institutions can control it at this point in time I should say governments not institutions but anyway keep an eye on that uh of course we’ve got Signature Bank uh making some interesting news headlines here but sorry about these pop-ups but uh non-crypto related deposits to be

Assumed by New York Community Bank Corp unit FDIC right now so the 40 former branches of Signature Bank will operate under the New York Community Communities Bank Corp Flags Star Bank n a from Monday the FDIC will provide digital banking businesses deposits directly to those customers so then people will be

Able to access some funds based on their insured amounts right it’s not much I think it’s you know 250 000 so there you go and we’ve got Microsoft basically here working on a new ethereum wallet amid the foray and into crypto and nfts would you use it would you use a

Microsoft based wallet I don’t know but again Microsoft is reportedly working on a new feature that enables users to send and receive crypto assets through its default web browser first reported by bleeping computer right here software documenter shared screenshots of the new ethereum wallet that Microsoft is planning to integrate into edge browser

And again it’s going to be very interesting I personally wouldn’t use this I’m sticking with what I know and to be quite honest I don’t want anything to do with Bill Gates if you know what I mean anyway let’s refresh this right here ladies and Gentlemen let’s see where the money has been

Flowing we’ve got obviously Bitcoin ethereum Solana we’ve got algorand right here as well uh ton coin we’ve got Gala which is nice and Shiba Inu really really nice to see those then let’s go to Twitter and again I’m at the Wall Street but always make sure you go follow me there

Guys and I will be giving this away when I hit 100 000 Subs on YouTube Jim Cramer basically on March 14th said to sell Bitcoin rally have a look at this I I was uh Bitcoin went up today and I could argue that now it can imp uh held

In Banks bitcoin’s a strange animal I will say Point black I think it’s being manipulated up it’s very it was being manipulated the whole time by sandbank and free so please don’t make me please don’t assume therefore that it’s not still being manipulated and I would sell

My Bitcoin right into this rally and believe me I had been a Believer one time at Bitcoin not here not next inverse Kramer fine at work right there and James will xrp right here has anyone sifted through these 1053 Hinman emails that’s a lot of emails to sift through

Guys so I don’t know there’s people in there looking at that but a lot of that’s redacted as well and how bad is the banking crisis right here this is uh what is it Omaha airport right here this morning and look at this they’ve got all the

Private jets right here but each one is the private jet of a bank CEO looking to get bought out by Warren Buffett that is insane right there that is crazy Omaha Home of Warren Buffett right there lining up to see Warren Buffett aren’t believable uh moving on we’ve got if

Banks collapsed ISO 222 he’s live Ripple provides lens liquidity to Global liquid liquid uh excuse me liquidity crisis and remaining xrp is entirely accessed uh where would xrp be priced if there was none available I don’t know it would Skyrock and again I this is the problem with you know the

World at the moment there’s no liquidity banks have got no money they’ve got no liquid liquid cash this is what Ripple is trying to solve with xrp and yes this is Judge Torres by the way and I just do want to show you guys but this is Judge Torres I actually didn’t

Know what she looked like or who she was but basically born in 1959 and obviously was appointed by Barack Obama which is interesting and uh there you go she’s uh between 63 and 64 years old Harvard University right here this is the lady uh that is presiding over the Ripple vs

SSC lawsuit right here and so far she’s been quite good to the Ripple xrp Army so there you go uh now we’ve got a lot here Happening Here guys this is the credit Swiss um conference that took place last night but I’m gonna have a quick listen to

This book a reporter asked credit Swiss chairman Alex Lehman is he related to Lehman Brothers who was responsible for This Disaster have a listen to this and to point a finger it’s a fact since 2021. so we never left the headlines we were overtaken by Legacy situations

By risks that materialized last year we were affected by a market model that does no longer work in this market environment and many clients have been very loyal for a very long time and last Autumn media storm it was we have the social media storm and this had huge repercussions there

You go no liquidity that’s pretty much it that’s why a bank will close and a lot of obviously run on the bank people taking money out for just years apparently with Credit Suisse but anyway bitcoin price and all crypto adoption Trend metcalf’s law Global liquidity Global liquidity is rising Bitcoin

Ethereum and most others will rise if they have adoption it will happen fear and great index is sitting at 66 at the moment and yes my entire feed is based on Credit Suisse but 30k Bitcoin is just a beginning it is true it is just the beginning U.S stock futures rise after

UBS buys Credit Suisse so again we could see the market open you know tonight at a high I don’t know I’m waiting for it obviously and see what happens with that after xrp’s win that is absolutely hilarious I absolutely love that movie go watch it again if you haven’t and of

Course we’ve just got a whole range of stuff here to do with UBS and again this whole takeover which was huge guys and about 16 billion Swiss Francs 17.3 billion of credit swiss’s bonds have become worthless after takeover by UBS that is insane 60 17.3 billion dollars becoming worthless welcome to crypto hey

Anyway we’re used to that in uh crypto guys especially with uh you know all of the stuff that we’ve been happening you know it’s happened to crypto in the last couple of months and we’ve got an interesting uh article right here but Goldman Sachs research data shows that Bitcoin is the best

Market performing asset in the world this year compared to everything else Bitcoin is number one you’ve got information Tech com Services NASDAQ you’ve got the Russell 1000 gold S P 500 10-year treasury bride here Russell 2000 real estate again is very low at zero and everything else just

Getting in the negative territory right there so Bitcoin is number one very very nice now moving on obviously yeah we might be effed but fed pal and U.S treasury secretary yellin the alien uh in a joint statement the U.S banking system uh capital and liquidity positions are robust and the U.S

Financial system is resilient I don’t know about that one keep an eye on that now let’s go to coin market cap we’ve got a total Market of 1.1 trillion which is nice 72 billion dollars in 24 hours you’ve got 45 BTC 18 ethereum I would love to see xrp overtake ethereum

That would be just wild and I would love to put that on my wall in a picture it’ll happen again we’ve got 22 971 cryptos which is wild and again these are my altcoin gainers right here cfx Neo Loop ring V chain Solana Bitcoin which is nice and nexra ckb and gas I

Post this up every single day in the patreon and of course the banking coins guys are where my money’s going right now and of course I can’t wait for xrp to go parabolic the savior of crypto literally it’s going to go crazy and I’d love to see this absolutely sore six thousand

Percent and hopefully it does once we get an announcement from Judge Torres which hopefully should be very very soon but anyway that is it guys and again join the patreon I’m out I’m putting up some very bullish stuff in there at the moment and my bots are literally making

Gains which is really good the biggest one I’ve got here is at the moment 411 which is Chili’s absolutely wild and of course the other one right here is uh cfx which is doing really well as uh in the last couple of days which is awesome

But anyway I’m out make sure you follow me on social media and I’ll speak to everyone tomorrow and in the community Tab and comments alright stay safe guys peace out bye Thank you

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Enjoy the video! Stay safe everyone. LET’S GO!!!!!

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