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there was a live ama on twitter today with papa and it kind of just sporadically happened! i and safemoon joe both got to ask papa questions it was epic!! papa is about to take safemoon to the next level! he is only at 10% and about to turn up!! safemoon blockchain will have smart contract capability!! LETS GOOO!! SAFEMOON TO THE MOON!
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  1. papa also came out and said on the twitter ama that he is going to put literal safemoon on the literal moon!!!

  2. Safemoon to the moon 🌙

    What if they surprised us all and released the wallet, exchange and blockchain at the same time at the end of the month?

  3. Safemoon to the moon!!!

    You are doing great man! Now lets hope for some real product releases soon!

  4. Safemoon to the moon dude, i think we're about to take off soon🚀🚀🚀🚀💎💎💎🌝🌝

  5. SafeMoon is now fading. It's promises are pale. Too much hype. And well up to now, there's no even single project that has really materialized. So now, isn't it clear enough to prove that price goes down while "reflections" are growing? Wake up, people. This project is just a conspired "pump-and-dump".

  6. Today was great I heard you ask your question to Papa and join Safemoon Joe on live
    Keep up the hood work bro

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