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Thank you hello everybody it’s Max with crypto talk now a couple days ago I of course addressed the whole big issue in regards to Jasmine’s d-listing on and to catch you up I’m of course going to play that here in the moment on top of that instead of just

Breaking these videos into three separate segments I thought I would just go ahead and put them all together as one because it’s going to give you an idea of what happened the last few days my response in a course as of last night Jasmine’s official response to the matter

Straight from their medium so let’s go ahead and start that now there’s been some fun right in regards to Jasmine some people were like oh no you know binance us d-listed Jasmine should I just you know I’m scared uh fear is certainly doubt should I just you know

Get out of she has me my answer would be no but you gotta do what you gotta do if anything I might load up more on Jasmine especially with the recent pullback so um he States here is volume comparison that shows what is actually at stake to

Keep Jasmine on a binance U.S with U.S regular tours waiting for the slightest misstep from binance risk versus reward is extremely high so I say let them take it and let’s move forward in my opinion I think that’s exactly what’s going on here all right so you know you have some

Of these guys what’s the name uh Hara from Jasmine yeah some of the other guys are part of the team I think they’re recognize this as recognizing this as look we pull this off it’s a short-term loss nobody wants to get delisted from from binance right whether it’s binance us or you know

Traditional binance everybody wants to get listed on binance my God djan place you name it right but this might be a perfect case of take the smaller loss to avoid bigger and you know worse uh worse losses if you will right you have to you

Know as the saying goes lose a battle to win the war so again let’s reiterate this risk versus Ward is extremely high so again take it move forward now if you look at was printed here and this is the bit the biggest I can make it at the moment

Look what it says for binance right so jasme usdt 14.4 million dollar volume all right but even on kucoin you have 1.63 million volume Five bit 241 000 coinbase you have you know 5.48 million binance U.S 111 000. see so you know gate IO I’m not a big fan and

I’m 2.9 Million right but the thing what’s the key thing here right on the surface a person comes in and they say oh binance oh God that’s like you know uh the worst thing since Pearl Harbor or something right it’s not it’s not the thing is it’s Finance us now this could

Be the world’s worst thing ever if it was traditional binance that is not the case right so to me when they if it was binance U.S specifically come on guys I mean are we overthinking it no we’re not we’re not overthinking it at all is delisting from binance us now I would

Say this would be bigger news than it is if it was also traditional Finance you know where I’m going with this hopefully you do all right I’m going to go ahead and kick it back into the comments actually no I’m not I want to also forgot so there’s replies in this I

Don’t even usually I don’t read the replies but this is good stuff so apologize look what it says Jasmine yes this is uh you know one of the main sources if you will right so it says Hara could even like I was mentioned earlier earlier Hara could

Even be initiating this if he thinks Jasmine’s at risk of being classified security a little bit more like literally what I’ve just mentioned right um under current U.S regulation again it’s a as I would say it’s kind of like a power play you got to keep some some form of

The power right so I’d rather him be proactive and safe to protect investors yeah so for all the funders they’re going to say they don’t care about us it’s a big scam huh if that’s the case they wouldn’t even give a crap they always let this thing

Keep dumping in value right so it says we’ll hopefully get an update from him or the team and I think we will uh Manila will 100 agree with this I’m with Manila Williams a hundred percent 110 agree with this of course you know there’s other people responding and you know uh this guy

Jasmine King says compared to binance kind of blows so it’s not really lost yeah exactly we just basically mentioned that however his concern is how it looks to investors is I don’t want them getting the wrong idea and then Jasmine having The Exodus of people bailing on all right so let’s squash

This for a moment right do we panic when xrp um was no longer listed on uh coinbase right do we panic when xlm got a D listing from coinbase you get one going with some of this so it’s like you know my thing is I’m not gonna you know just panic and

Just sell all this stuff no if anything I’m that much more bullish on this right so how about this a little bit more and we’ll kick it back in the comments I swear but look at this says I thought the same but we have to look at this globally true living in the

US it sounds like a big deal but think about the Asian markets they could care less about binance us and that’s absolutely 110 true they could give a crap just like um the rest of the world if you know if Ripple loses the SEC case which would

Suck don’t get me wrong is the rest of the world going to panic and not use this particular technology no they’re still going to do it we’re still going to have ISO 222 mandate going rolling out we’re still going to be using some of the blockchain Technologies and to distribute Leisure

Um Technologies of all these different types of companies that you know what they bring to the table it sucks that we have this thing with the SEC but that’s our problem here in the United States that’s not the Asian markets problem right right um again you know this guy asked how do you

Feel about financing listings she has me in reality is finance us and again one last reiteration so vanilla says he had a negative reaction at first but taking a second look this is more of a finance problem than a Jasmine one I can only speculate but I feel this is preamped

Measure regarding possible U.S regulation with Finance eyes on Kraken and coinbase to verify this very very true and we’ll leave it at that you know um it is what it is I mean if it happens with the big players you know Ripples xrp and so on Stellar lumens right

This is not like anything all that real shocking in my opinion so I think they’re gonna be more than five in the long run but they are setting themselves up to avoid a more disastrous problem with the freaking SEC doing their thing all right so I still stand behind my

Particular statements in regards to that let’s face it it happened with xrp it happened with xlm it happens uh to some of these other particular crypto assets and on top of that it even happens to hnt at the same time as Jasmine h t of course is healing I actually also hold

Helium and I think it’s a great uh one to have especially long term it really stands out in mining I don’t mind but I definitely was thinking about getting into mining for helium and I still stand behind that now let’s get back to the topic in regards to Jasmine so I’m going

To go ahead and full screen this for the most part right just up to about right here and you know of course this was the uh original uh response from specifically binance try to blow this up a little bit more for you guys yeah there we go so this is the original

One from binance and like you see on sus we’ll do list helium like I mentioned and Jasmine on March 21st now we won’t get into the part in regards to helium um but look what it says it says they periodically review as in you know Finance U.S

Um each digital asset they want to basically ensure that it continues to meet their standards of excellence uh what they you know expect and so on they operate in a rapidly evolving industry yada yada yada right but main thing here is where it says you know they want to

Monitor the process and you know basically uh recognize what the market is doing uh regulatory developments you know all sounds great on paper right but says when digital asset is no longer meaning they’re high standards or industry circumstances basically change would they conduct a quote unquote uh more in-depth review of the affected

Asset and assess whether uh further action is needed for example D listing right so in regards to all this when they conduct these specific reviews they state that they consider a variety of factors which is you know Mesa criteria D listing and here’s that grocery list of that changes in a digital assets

Token risk profile and I do want to point that out I mean let’s face it guys you know you know just right off the surface surface when it comes to Jasmine um you know if you didn’t do more of your own research right it appears to be a

Blatant rug pull you know and I don’t know if um the people from binance are basically doing that like if they’re just you know on the surface oh well we own CMC which they do right and they come over here and they say all right let’s just click on all time

Oh blatant Rock pool and just that’s all the research to do let’s just be honest with that guys I mean not everybody and even people from binance are not going to do the whole deep Dives they’re not going to look into it all the way and so

On they’re just going to go what they see off the surface and to be honest right and not just binance anybody would do this you see this and they would say this is a total Road pool all right yeah we’re Finance we’re gonna de-list this you know what I

Mean it could be a situation like that I’m not saying it is but just off the surface if you’re the guy who’s hired with a specific job I guess you could say that definitely could be alarming all right so yeah regulatory standing commitment of team to project level and quality of

Development activity now let’s be honest right you know I like Jasmine a lot of you guys like Jasmine of course there’s some Footers that come around and so on um but off the surface when you go to the jasme site you know you gotta admit like it could be put together a little

Bit better it could be one of those things in which uh you want to see a little bit more transparency from the team and so on yeah we have to get a lot of our you know updates from crypto Twitter and so on and at the same time people say well

That’s technically how it is with a lot of projects Max and that would be true but looking at from the perspective I could see where they’re coming from when it comes to level and quality of development uh and active right um a lot of times I had to get real

Creative with putting some things together right so that’s a factor let’s just be real right that’s not me flooding it that’s just me being real SO trading volume and liquidity as you can see right here um you know they have certain requirements in regards to that I think

We’re more than fine with that right especially when we have certain pullbacks in the market trading volumes like you know awesome um stability and safety of network from attacks I don’t think that’s an issue I don’t know whether you know but of course that’s part of their criteria not

Saying that specifically Jasmine related now we’re smart contract stability levels of community engagement with um with Jasmine right um it’s reasonable right you get some uh particular updates from um Hara um and some other community members and so on uh how this evidence of unethical fraudulent conduct or negligence with

Some of that recent flood if um you know some of these guys from binance didn’t look more into it just got off the surface they’re gonna you know uh look at seven things for instance like what crypto Smith Sean covered right on his particular video now of course we verify that

Um some of those particular things that came out um were not true right we squashed that but again if this person just went right off the surface and to do a proper Deep dive these things will happen so contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem as we know

It comes to Jasmine eventually they’re trying to get to that point where they can have other projects kind of building on it but it’s not there yet all right so I said based on the review uh hnt and Jasmine coin will be delisted from binance I’ll tell you flat out all right

When it comes to you know hnt for some of those things listed here I just don’t see it and in regards to that just briefly um from what I’ve seen is it’s because the whole thing of you know them bringing a salon in now of course you’re wondering what about Jasmine

Again kind of like back to what I was mentioning um a couple days ago that you saw uh on the previous brief segment before we got to this part of the video I feel as though that it’s kind of like you gotta lose the battle to win the war right if

We’re coming up here soon and I really feel like we are when it comes to you know getting the regulated regulations fast tracks right it’s a it’s kind of like a power move if you will right and it’s positioning yourself to avoid um problems whether it’s with like you know the SEC

Um or other you know regulatory problems in general right sometimes you have to take the L to get the Big W in the long run all right so it says you know some of the things here h t and Jasmine deposits on binance us will be closed of course

On March 20th funny house March 20th ISO 22 goes live on March 20th um not to say there’s a particular connection but I do find it’s kind of odd in regards to that um I mean in reality March 20th is Monday so you know maybe I’m not looking

At from that perspective I should look at from that perspective I should say um how about the trading pair so it says um Jasmine USD and Jasmine usdt trading pairs will be removed on the 21st uh all Traders will be automatic removed after trading seizes for each respective

Trading pair which all will remain open and of course you know they’re asking for us to um you know understand where they’re coming from supposedly right all right so that was finance’s response now how about let’s get into jazz means response right because at the end of the day

Um we need to basically do that we need to hear Jasmine’s response so um this was released last night I believe with a time difference something like that and of course this comes straight from their Medium as you see this this is March 15th uh this is

Basically early morning on the 16th so this is pretty fresh for the most part guys so I’m glad to get this out to you so of course in response to bonus us straight from Jasmine on behalf of the Jasmine official team we would like to announce the news

Regarding the delisting of the jasme training pair on binance USA us first of all we express our disappointment and regret for this is the uh excuse me decision especially since there was no prior communication with us about the the listing we understand that this may cause some inconvenience to our

Community members or please rest assured that you can still find our exchanges to continue trading Jasmine on the official website that you see there and it just kind of like reiterates what ones they have and what exchanges you can go to right whether it’s kucoin like myself and so on

Um it says despite this they will maintain close communication with binance us continuously promoting Jasmine’s core plans and development roadmap concerning Dana data democratization and The Internet of Things They firmly believe that Jasmine’s philosophy and technological advancements will bring significant value and change to the entire industry and they will strive to demonstrate

Their long-term commitment and development potential to bonus U.S I mean it’s just kind of like in reality anybody would come out with this particular statement right um you know so like the right PR thing to mention now look what it says here it says in the meantime they asked for

Readers to continue following the Jasmine ecosystem obviously we’re doing that uh the remain transparent and promptly update you on progress of course some people feel as though they’re not transparent enough it is what it is um but it says you know they highly appreciate us uh they want to give us

More info but look what it says here uh we will keep to advance jasme’s 2023 roadmap uh of course and I did that particular video that outlines from the roadmap uh try to translate for you guys all that stuff but let’s talk about that for a moment so you know they recently

Um got this thing going on in regards to the grants I talked about that a little bit in regards to a particular recorded video while back I talked about on the live show um but anyway yeah look at this it says um that submission channel has been officially launched so that’s good it’s

A little bit of update regards to that soliciting innovative ideas from all walks of life let’s work together and strengthen the Jasmine ecosystem and create more value for the course their Community I mean who doesn’t want that so it says lastly would like to thank us again for the ongoing support please

Continue to believe in us as we uphold our original intentions and work hard to achieve the integration of just that uh data democracy and iot uh driving the development of the industry I know I wrote that a lot verbatim or most of it but yeah you kind of want to hear their

Official response um you know and yeah I also realized that none of what I was thinking in regards to like is this them taking a a loss you know I mean for the greater good they’re not going to really officially come out with that right because if anything you know

I guess you could say um it might not look too great right and at the same time you know by officially mentioning that think about what kind of position they’ll put them in that would put them in my opinion in the direct sniper scope of harsh regulations or SEC

Or whatever the case be right um by not officially coming out and saying that’s what they’re doing well anything it kind of pushes that aside currently speaking right like again I’m not saying that it’s 100 what I’m saying um I just kind of feel as though that

That would make sense and I’m not the only one who feels that way all right so it’s not just me coming up with some you know uh controversial you know theory if you will um and I could be wrong and a lot of people could be wrong but to me that

Simply makes sense you know you see some of the things happen recently when it comes to the class of these Banks out there and so on and if anything what’s it doing it’s fast tracking right regulations we need fast track of regulations where you’re 40 or not the

Days of crypto Wild West need to go away if Jasmine is part of uh you know the ones that look like they’re kind of sketchy if you will part of the quote unquote wild west of crypto um they have to separate themselves from crap projects not seeing that Jasmine’s

Crap by all means I’m not at the same time if it’s a person who’s hired like I mentioned earlier to just get what’s on the surface that wouldn’t look good right so um that’s their response it’s not exactly the best response I’m looking for but it is a response and it is definitely

One uh which they recognize us the Jasmine community members now in closing go over to CMC We’re not gonna look at that all the time but when you go there look what we have here we said the volume is down a lot of things are done right the overall Market

Is just you know kind of down right now but this is absolutely a great entry point for a lot of people right whether you’re dcing and whatnot um and look at the brighter perspective of things right guys so you know 95 percent of circulating Supply is uh

Just that in you know since circulation uh Max Supply toll Supply is right around 50 billion and we’re gonna have the rest of this particular the remainder five percent into circulation uh I Believe by the end of the year also as reported previously you ask me is going to be

Um deflationary by the end of this year I mean that’s that’s some big big news so you know keep in mind why you got into Jasmine especially if you were a type investor that came in um as some of these you know uh half a penny or less ranges right

Um some of you guys got into it like less than 0.003 right two nine I believe basically I originally came in at you know 0.0063 something like that um a dc8 into it again doubled my position and basically came in at like 0.005 something right so

Um why would I get into Jasmine right is it just because I’m super impressed with what they got well I am impressed with what they’re trying to do for the future but I like how I got into xrp uh how I got into you know xdc the isos and so on

Jasmine’s on ISO but what is the common strand of why a lot of us got into these it’s because that risk to reward ratio is so incredibly appealing so with that said there’s always gonna be fun when it comes to anything know what you hold

Know why you hold it if crypto is too much of an emotional gain for you you got to do what you got to do you know what I mean but um if you’ve experienced the bull run in the past I of course have done that while you guys

Been into this a lot longer than I am again understand the Cycles understand what’s coming here soon with regulations being fast-tracked understand also that once we get that we can get regulatory Clarity which leads to what leads to Big institutions coming in once that happens oh my God this thing’s

Gonna pop off like crazy we talk about utility runs the same goes forget about it right so I want people to understand just because you’ve never seen a utility run happen before doesn’t mean it won’t happen I use this particular analogy in closing just hear me out I use this

Particular analogy on the uh live show with Sean the crypto Smith on Mondays utility talk now show and that is this when it comes to Jasmine when it comes whatever it comes to xrp some of these other things you have to look at from layman’s terms

Right and that is is the utility being used if the answer is no find out why that is is it because they were in a building process you know think about this xdc is an example right they built and built and built all through 2022 in

The bear market look what you asked me said right just because the Project’s been around for a long time building doesn’t mean that the utility has been fully utilized yet key thing is yet so even with Jasmine or xrp or some of these other ones the key is look at it

From this perspective right fast food chain and throw an example again El Pollo Loco you know you try by that particular chain and you see that um there’s all sorts of development going on you know they got the bulldozers out you know they got the Constructor construction workers out

There and they’re building and saying building and staying building this thing and it might take like oh now let’s say say it took a full year to complete the particular project and it finally got spilled and nobody can go inside the particular building no one can go through the drive through and

Order El Pollo Loco right or go inside and Order and eat in there but they have a grand opening and it’s a specific date what is the key takeaway from this key take away from it all is that can El Pollo Loco make money if people aren’t going in there buying their particular

Chicken and size no they only make money when they’re open for business same thing goes for crypto with the utility being used so keep that in mind you know keep in mind there’s some big players that represent different altcoin projects perfect example is Jasmine Jasmine is trying to build some things

Going on you gotta give it a chance to get to where the utility is being utilized on a daily basis but once it is oh my God watch out so that’s it for today’s video in regards to Jasmine like comment subscribe if you haven’t done so already

And by all means we have live shows every single day of the week at 9pm Eastern 6 p.m Pacific if you’re not the type person that’s into Twitter you can definitely send me a DM or other members go to and if anything is free we have forums you

Name it you can drop in your responses not just of course on YouTube but you know let’s say you got something you found that’s juicy on Jasmine or whatever you could post it over there would be more than glad to take a look into it again that’s it everybody thanks

Again you all have a blessed day we’ll see you on the next one fall

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