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  1. The Whales moved the XRP to coinbase to cause a panic. They then release rumours that XRP is being relisted. Everyone buys xrp they then remove their xrp and sell at profit. Think about it

  2. I'm new to this ripple XRP what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now I don't know how to trade on Cryptocurrency

  3. Whales are not blocked for xrp .. big xrp transactions are nothing new and have nothing to do with the lawsuit

  4. Maybe just maaaaaybe the U.S exchanges knew all along the narrative to the xrp situation maaaaybe when everyone sold, the exchanges filled their bags 🎒 and now putting it back and selling it back while price sky rocketing up. You think Brian Armstrong can just own 8.5 billion in the US 🇺🇸 and not be apart of the sharaid. China control's its corporations, and so does the U.S, the U.S JUST plays ball it's own way and if you don't know now you know. the cat is out of the bag.

  5. My life has totally changed since I started an investment of $6,000 and now earning over $19,000.

  6. While bitcoin’s wild <price movements might seem random, they are often driven by the same fundamental catalysts as in the traditional markets. Some claim bitcoin is impervious to shocks that affect global finance; it’s a hedge against things like inflation and a sure bet against tides of uncertainty. Moves within traditional finance can boost or burn bitcoin’s price because they determine how easy it is for financial epicenters like Wall Street to invest in bitcoin..We were already on shaky footing with historically low volume and almost pure whale pumps, narrowly avoiding a long-term bear market. This is the worst possible time in history to invest as so many don't back up their crypto assets. More emphasis should be put into day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I have made over 11 btc with 2.1 btc from day trading with Oliver John's Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. You can reach Oliver on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉OliverJohn10 or What'sapp✙14242621873

  7. It has been such a long time since april 2021. We finally need some euphoric xrp pirce action again

  8. Good on you Alex,me and the Mrs pissed up tonight ,both recon sec disaster is coming to an end.your a clever man

  9. Mrs Esther is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,…

  10. Thanks to the name ⬆️ above, I can’t access mycoinbase for 8 months now but with his help I was able to to gain access back to my account

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  12. Xrp will moon in stages. Speculative stage is almost over. Cbdc will moon it. Tokenization of other markets will moon it again and again. Other use cases, which there are a lot will moon it.

  13. In case you didn’t know the coinbase wallet lost XrP holders funds. Holders has to ledgerscan to prove they stole the funds to get it back. Of course once holders got their fund they removed millions of XRP from there defective shit Wallet

  14. Great content as usual,A new survey has mapped out the sentiment of crypto holders towards the present market climate. It shows how most investors are looking at the market despite the recent crash. This survey from Deutsche Bank shows that more and more crypto investors are leaning towards holding for the long-term than selling. The majority have revealed that they would not sell their holdings even if cryptocurrencies lost a large chunk of their value.Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 7.5 BTC when I started at 2 BTC in just 5' weeks of implementing trades with signals and insights from expert Richard Golod. For crypto related issues,I left his contacts in the comment below take care!

  15. CB is not going to relist XRP. They´ve shown they don´t have a back-bone against the SEC before and it´s not different now.

  16. This dude 👆👆👆is so amazing he got walk me through the method and I have $20000 now in it am so glad I met him

  17. If you had 40 mill XRP sitting around you could probably call coinbase and have them broker a sale for you. Even tho its not "listed" they are still an exchange.

  18. How can anyone other than coinbase send xrp to Coinbase? I think they made it to where we can't send xrp to coinbase. I can only send it from coinbase to another wallet outside of coinbase.

  19. I would ask the person why wouldn't they send it to Coinbase Pro instead of regular Coinbase, besides the answer of "because they don't have CB Pro"? The fees r much cheaper on Pro!

  20. Relist? Not so fast. I think Ripple will win the suit only for it to be overridden by EOs from our dictatorship governments.

  21. Lawsuit may be a joke and should be dismissed. But it has killed XRP price for too long. I am pissed and tired of waiting for the "clarity" that is supposed to come from this. Keep up the good work Alex. Thx

  22. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $1,000,000 . I know it’s possible

  23. if it is positive for xrp then the price will be 4 dollars on march 1 if it is negative then it will be 30 cents

  24. 40 mil Xrp at the glitch price of 10 mil in December that’s 400 Trillion lol that’s why my account glitched to 473 mil let’s go show me the money.

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