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This video is about Ripple and XRP. Huge XRP update you need to see. XRP Update, Ripple Update, Ripple XRP News Latest News, $589 PER XRP, $10,000 PER XRP, $37,500 PER XRP

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Hey, I am Rich from Common Sense Crypto, bring you crypto news & information regarding the cryptocurrency market. The content on my channel will focus on news, common sense, insights and overall guides regarding XRP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, HBAR, & various altcoins.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser, & all information given in my videos or on my social media platforms is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice.

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  1. To be successful, you need to make plans and work towards them. Investing is still the smartest way to prepare the unexpected. I have been investing constantly for 6 years now and I'm extremely pleased with the returns. For anyone who want to start; The good news is it's never late to start…

  2. How are they gona print 1.7T when the Printers have been turned off and no longer viable option and we are going to a gold backed Currency..

  3. Thank you. Praying all the craziness stops and all the criminals that have been running and ruining the world get arrested in 2023. I agree, Ripple could get the world out of a lot financial trouble by the looks of things … if used for good. I think Ripple is part of the "great awakening" and not Klaus Schwab's "great reset". Here's praying … as always … that the best is yet to come for all the good people … and the swamp gets drained.

  4. ,..Great video! I really do have a question. For someone with less than $10,000 to invest, how would you recommend we enter the crypto market with the current dip? I am looking at studying some traders and copying their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally. What’s your take on this approach ? ..

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  11. What's the price of xrp is in the trillions will be very hard to destabilize the price because selling $500,000 won't even move percentage trust me

  12. when brics in in control china will be bullying everyone that will be much worse than the usa

  13. Russia and China will not use ripple for their central banks. Ripple is an american company, they had enough experience with all the sanctions. And Brad is not a chinese or russian.

  14. You are very impressive Richie. I've been in this space for 5 years and you consistently make great observations. Big thank you!

  15. I look forward to your videos short but sweet, the point you make about XRP fluctuating makes sense so are the going to set XRPat a certain price, 💰🇬🇧

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