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🚨Urgent Update Market Crash ? – Solana Crashing to 1$❓ – Will it Survive ❓

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Urgent Update Market Crash ? – Solana Crashing to 1$? – Will it Survive ?

In this video we are going to talk about the market crash and discuss whats up with solana.

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  1. Aye it’s funny how, when I lost money with Metamonkey AI by using MetaMask an you told me that I should used FTX … but my my my l👀k at how the table has turned on FTX! I have 90% faith with binance in terms of buying and selling cryptocurrency…

  2. As usual every end of bear market have this kind of fud. I not going to fall for this trap. Whales are manipulating the market just to make retail investor sell their asset so they can load up more at these cheap price. If u are really holding a good project and u believe the project will perform well in bull market then why should u fear for this silly crash.
    For my bro & sis: pls kindly don't sell ur assets if ur holding a good coin or token. In this situation if u are having extra usdt try to DCA. No money no problem hold tight. No one can predict what going to happen next.u thought market will fall so u sel then suddenly market pump so better DCA ur investment.

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