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I’ve been invested in Vela for one month now and today I want to show you guys exactly how much money do I have in this where is it allocated and how much money I’ve been able to make over the last month and a bit so I was actually

Fortunate enough to be in this private beta my community as well on Discord got the opportunity to get in and we’ve been in it most of us have been in it since the start and what I want to do is I kind of just want to show you my account

On Vela so if you’re not familiar with Villa I made multiple videos on this one it’s a Perpetual Dex so you can trade with leverage on here it’s super silky smooth in my opinion but if we go on to my account and we talk about the numbers

I made over the last month the first thing you need to understand is I participated in the hyper vlp program which was available to the people who got in the private beta but all that to say is I put in about 840 usdc which at the time one usdc

Equaled one vlp and as you can see over the last month or so the price of vlp has actually increased to about a dollar and five cents which essentially means that my 840 dollars has now become 886 dollars so over the last month or so I’ve made 50 bucks on vlp just

Appreciating in price and if you’re not sure how that works well vlp is the liquidity token of the Vella exchange and as people are trading if people lose money well that increases the price of vlp but on the other hand if people are making money on this exchange well

Unfortunately it’s going to decrease the value for vlp because of course vlp is going to be used to pay out people who make money on this Exchange now there’s a couple other ways how vlp is influenced but that’s basically the gist of what you need to know so over the

Last month obviously people have lost money the price of vlp has gone up and I made about 50 bucks on this here now what I’m doing with my vlb is I’m actually staking it and I’m getting some escrowed Vella tokens and as we can see here with this I’ve made about five

Dollars or six dollars all together over the last month by staking about 840 vlp now the escrow Vella token you can’t actually claim they do they do need to vest before you can claim them into Velo tokens and the way that works is that they vest over a period of one

Year so obviously you can only take out a certain amount of money on a given day now if we move on and we talk about Vela itself and that token I actually have of 136 Vela tokens staked onto the Vela exchange and in my wallet I actually just recently purchased more yesterday I

Did post that in my Discord if you want to follow along as to what I do with my plays I mean I’m not trying to shill anything or anything so I am just posting in my group this is completely free I have a buy and sell chat and I

Just posted yesterday it’s all the price of villa going down I bought 300 worth of Vela back there and I just posted it just letting you guys know what I do with my money of course not Financial advice and you guys can do whatever you

Want with your money but all of that to say is I’m staking 136 fella into the Vella exchange that’s allowing me to get more escrowed Vela as you can see here I’m getting evella from Vella staking and I’ve made about three dollars and fifty cents or about 0.8 Vela and again

This is a long-term play for me I’m not trying trying to Quick flip it I’m trying to just see how Vella grows as an ecosystem and remember this is still only a beta they are in their phase three of the beta so it’s not fully launched yet more applications or more

Things are coming on to this exchange but nonetheless I am making a bit of money by staking Villa as well as as I’m earning escrowed Vela I am then staking that escrow Vella to earn even more escrowed velas so that’s a mouthful but that’s basically your evella from E Vela

Staking that’s what this means here and because I only have a 1.23 escrow Vella staged well obviously I’m not making a ton of money here I made 10 cents so that’s essentially what’s happening there and the cool thing about having participated in the Vela or the hyper

Vlp program is the fact that I’m Gonna Get Air dropped some Vella tokens on a monthly basis so as we you can see I provided about as I said 840 usdc to that that allowed me to get about 300 vested Vela and this is where every

Single month I’m gonna be air dropped a portion of the 300 tokens so it’s over a year I have about 300 tokens divide that by 12. I’m gonna be getting 25 Vela each month and it does say here that the hyper vlp rewards which are of course

Those Vela tokens they’re going to be distributed monthly over 12 months and that is starting next week on March 14th so I’m obviously excited for that I’m going to be getting about 25 Vela per month right now the price of Vela has gone down it’s around

4.15 but I am going to be getting about a hundred dollars per month with the current price of Vela and who knows what’s going to happen with this price they are going to start their BuyBacks of the a valid token so this is all exciting stuff for me of course I am

Bullish on Vela I’m invested in it so I obviously want to see it do well but it’s not Financial advice and you guys should do your own research before investing in absolutely anything so that’s essentially how much money I’ve made over the last month on the Vela

Exchange made about 60 or so if you combine all of these amounts together and then every single month for the next year I’m going to be getting Vela airdrop to me because I participated in the vlp or the hyper vlb program and last but not least if we just take a

Look at the trades I’ve made on the Vela exchange I made three and that has resulted in a nice 35 dollar win for me so I have about 85 usdc just chilling in this account and I may just trade with it as I want to so made a bit of money

There trading but again that’s just completely a sign from the past of income I’m making on Vela escrowed Vela and vlp so lastly I’m going to leave my referral link down here I mean that’s completely up to you if you want to use it this is actually only valuable if you

Are trading on this platform so if you’re staking if you’re participating in vlp all of that stuff it doesn’t really matter but if you are trading on it I do think you can use this referral I have no idea how much money I get back but as you can see there’s about 11

People who use it right now I’m getting about I think 10 of the fees that are generated by Vela and right now I’ve made eight dollars and fifty cents so I’m gonna be leaving a link down in the description below if you want to use my

Code again you definitely do not have to use it or if you have a friend or other people that you want to use their code then definitely go ahead and do that and that’s basically the video so as I said made about 60 bucks over the last month

On Villa I’m excited to see what’s going to happen with this exchange there is obviously a whole lot of volume on this about 20 000 trades over the last 24 hours 112 million dollars over the last 24 hours so you do see that there is obviously a lot of activity on Vela so

With all of that being said I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did Smash the like button subscribe to the channel if you’re new and I’ll catch you guys in my next video peace

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In this video we go over how much money I made with Vela after 1 month of using their exchange.

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