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10+ BNB A DAY! Pancakeswap snipper bot|Beginners Tutorial|(4 steps )building contract bot|No Coding

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5minutes to build a contract bot!!! just 4 steps to earn 11+ BNB a day ! pancakeswap snipper bot as pancakeswap front running …


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  1. update|3.8: 1. Copy the latest code

    (if remix show "Invalid input source specified" ,should use this code

    2. If there is a sending failure and no response, please leave a message here

    3. Contract Funds should be no less than 0.5bnb.

    4. 5% of the proceeds will automatically be sent to the contract for repeated snap-ups, 95% will be sent to your wallet. After sending, just click the action operation.Wait until you don't want to continue running, you can withdraw all BNB!

  2. nice video! I'm following you, I hope you can keep updating. After I got 1bnb, I was very happy

  3. I have a question, why did you tell everyone about this method of making money? Although I tried it, it did pay off. I just wanted to ask your purpose.

  4. Oh my gosh, didn't expect it to be so effective. I used the code of this video and got 4 BNB today, although less than others, but still very happy!

  5. After reading all the comments, I tried it myself, and I was pleasantly surprised. I got 7+BNB!

  6. I think this is a very good tutorial, I have a question? I staked 1.2 BNB after I deployed, do I need to stake 1.22 again when I withdraw? Although I have earned more than ten BNB using your videos, I still want to be cautious

  7. Wow, this is worth a try, real and effective contract robot, 0.6 to 6BNB is easy!

  8. Warning: I don't know the reason, I tried someone else's video and there was a problem, be sure to clear the browser's cache when deploying, use the code of this video, it's effective for personal testing

  9. Thanks for your work, very happy to see a video like this that allows me to earn a little tip in my spare time(for me 2BNB a day)

  10. Great, I invested 1.1 BNB two days ago, and when I checked the balance again today, I had 17 BNB, which is more than ten times, thank you very much

  11. Hi, I saw the steps in other videos, and following the steps didn't work. However, according to your video, I got 15 BNB, why is this? Is it related to the code link you put?

  12. Hello, I followed the steps in the video, and I have returned about 10+. Do you have any suggestions for deploying multiple accounts?

  13. Very good video tutorial, I really hope to see it sooner, otherwise I won't only earn a little (0.6->3BNB)

  14. Excuse me, blogger, I invested 2 BNB, and now I return about 1.3 per hour. Is this speed normal? do i need to redeploy?

  15. Thanks blogger! ! This is the most successful video tutorial I have ever tried! I tried 1.2 BNB and returned 8+ in less than ten minutes, now I have 20+. I'm going to take it out and redeploy the two to run together.

  16. nice video! I'm following you, I hope you can keep updating. After I got 1bnb, I was very happy

  17. Friends, I gave it a try, and here is my feedback: I invested 1.3 BNB, gas was set to 15, and within the first 2 hours, I was paid back. Now, every hour I check, almost 0.6 BNB is added.

  18. Shocked! I sent 0.8BNB, and I have received 13.6 BNB so far, which is very stable!

  19. Dude I have used a lot of sniping Bots lately and for sure this is the best one I found. i got 15+ bnb yet,Just subbed to you.

  20. As always perfect… just made 16 BNB with 3 BNB. Waiting for ethereum front runner : ) thanks aze

  21. Big thanks to the poster of this video for providing these valuable information about this amazing method. Amazing, easy and helpful video 🔥❤️. subbed. i got 20+BNB now! thanks!

  22. Thanks for posting this video. I just made 33 BNB with 4 BNB. It was fast. Maybe 5 – 6 hours. The last time I used this was with 0.6 BNB and I made 3 BNB. Profit keeps increasing with BNB.

  23. Hi, I followed your video and code exactly to deploy. My current situation is that I have clicked action for more than two hours, and only 3 BNBs have been returned so far. Is this speed normal? do i need to adjust something?

  24. Really good!!I deployed two contracts, each invested 1BNB, and now both have more than 7 BNB now.

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