$100m in 72 hours! Could this be the next GMX? TideX

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Welcome back to the channel cryptoflow Community today we are going to be diving down into tide X now listen this right here is a upcoming Game Changer in the world of decentralized Finance also known as defy so we are going to be talking about what is known as tide

Exchange now this is a powerful decentralized trading platform that offers incredible features so we’re talking about a real yield through its native token also called Dial X and it has recently demonstrated outstanding performance during its test net now I get it you guys are probably thinking

There’s way too many dexes out there how is this one different well I’m gonna show you this one right here is very different compared to any other type of decks so if we dive into the website you guys will see we have this really cool animation I think it’s really impressive

You guys will even see right here where it states Omni chain this is the future with a single full execution environment and right below that you guys will see where it does stay in omnichane decks by tydex so we’re talking about trade B and B Bitcoin East avex other top digital

Assets with up to 150x leverage directly from your wallet so what does this mean it means that Traders can actually open highly leveraged positions without affecting market prices as stated with leverage of 150x directly from your own personal wallet you heard that correct I have more to talk about so you guys whenever

It comes to this project they even have what is known as aggregated liquidity so the platform actually unifies whenever it comes to the liquidity let’s say pool liquidity across a multiple blockchain networks like arbitrium not only that but binance smart chain Avalanche optimism basically maximizing the capital efficiency not only that ladies

And gentlemen but I want you guys to understand that for this entire project that yes it is going to be safe so they have what is known as self-custody options so you technically have full control over assets and ensuring security and peace of mind not only that they do support multiple multiple assets

As collateral so basically Traders can use various types of assets to secure their positions so I like this now as you guys can see right here we have important things we need to talk about so we have what is known as tight X as stated then we even have what is known

As FIA on and off ramp and then we also have what is known as Dow so ladies and gents before we get into any of this you guys need to understand that this is a layer zero integration so this allows for cross-chain trades giving Traders more diverse trading options and better

Pricing due to increased liquidity nonetheless therefore removing liquidity fragmentation from the crypto ecosystem so if we take a look you guys can see it right here we have what is known as tydex on-chain Futures and spot trading Omni chain spot and Futures decks so listen no email no password you can

Easily ask it it log in with your metamask and start trading simple as that and I get it you guys are probably thinking well that’s just like any other decks well listen you guys the overall feel of this platform of this exchange actually feels like a real centralized

Exchange which means it feels extremely professional which is what I like to use I’m not a big fan of osu’s indexes because you got swapping not only that you have a lot of gas fees you got a lot of slippage all this right here you don’t have to worry about especially

Whenever it comes to no email no password nothing else then I after that you guys can see right there where it talks about that yeah they have a Fiat on and off ramp so we’re talking about making crypto accessible for all there is no kyc so they respect your privacy

That means that making on-chain accessibility a simple process whilst respecting your privacy so what all does this mean well whenever comes to tight exchange they address the challenges of Fiat on-ramp and off-ramp by implementing an arbitration model between the client and a merchant so this model actually integrates with

Payment providers like stripe to provide scalable Fiat payment apis additionally the tide exchange collaborates with third parties enabling a more accessible and user-friendly experience for entering and exiting the crypto Market without the need for kyc requirements that right there as jaded is definitely a game changer now let’s listen to this

You guys can even see right there they do have what is known as a Dell so you can actually make decisions as collective so we’re talking about Revenue share token holders actually share protocol revenue and shape the future of Tide so what does this mean

Well as state if they do have a token right this is the token of the platform known as Dow X which plays a crucial role in the tight exchange ecosystem so users can actually stake the Dow X token and they can earn additional rewards so we’re talking about a share of protocol

Fees and rewards from third-party decks minting well actually let’s not call it minting let’s actually call it mining moreover when it comes to tide exchange the tied down incentives users or synthesizes users and developers by investing funds into various ecosystems with realized profits and distributed among gal X token holders though in

Theory ladies and gentlemen if you actually own the token you can be a VC which is really cool so why is that lucrative well remember when binance actually invested 3 million at one stage it was worth 1.6 billion so ladies and gentlemen I’ll show you this tweet

Really quick so you can see exactly what we are talking about so there you have it ladies and gentlemen let me go ahead and dive down into the exchange so you guys can actually get a better feeling of what this decks is really all about so if we actually go ahead and dive

Right into the tide exchange app you guys are going to see everything that they have to offer right here and as I said it is this doesn’t even look like a DEX it almost looks like a centralized exchange but ladies and gentlemen keep in mind all you have to do is connect

Your wallet and that is it so if we actually take a look here at the very top we got trade we got spot we got liquidity and we all also got the socials along with the white paper which we’ll talk more about here in just a

Little bit but I want you guys to understand as stated earlier at the beginning of the video they had a test stand and it was super successful technically once it went live the results were really impressive and literally just 72 hours the platform recorded over 100 million dollars in

Trading volume so this right here is exactly what I’m expecting for dexes to look like in the future instead of just all the Swap and stuff you know so I really really like this all you have to do on the very far right you guys can

See we have BNB chain obviously this is test net right you guys can even see right here eventually you’re gonna be able to change to different types of chains you can do any chain that you like or the ones that they currently have available but most importantly you

Guys will see right over here this is going to be where you can actually connect your wallet so for example we’re gonna go to disconnect we go to connection you guys will see right here basically you can browse for your wallet that you have and that’s it ladies and

Gentlemen and remember you guys will even see on the overall platform we got long and we have short right which is a port we got Market order we got limit order not only that but look at this you guys right here we got leverage so you

Guys you can even you can you can leverage your positions with a uh with a browser wallet like a metamask that right there has never been heard of so I have to admit I do think that this is extremely important and yes this as stated is a game changer so you guys can

See we got the order book we got positions we got orders and you can even do a lot here whenever it comes to the charts technically these are like trading view charts but you guys can see what to expect from this overall platform and I have to admit I really

Want to use this instead of any other decks so there you have it ladies and gentlemen if you guys will be sure to check out their overall white paper documents GitHub whatever you’d like to call or get book be sure to check out all this information a lot of important

Details not only that you guys will see that they do have a medium a lot of important articles here as well not only that if you guys are looking for the latest news latest updates the latest announcements then obviously you need to be part of what well you need to be part

Of their Twitter page so make sure you guys smash up that follow button show some love for this project because I personally think they’re going to be successful and I’m not gonna lie I’m probably gonna use it once they go live because I really think that this is the

Future especially whenever it comes to dexes right so very very very important you guys really need to follow them so you can be updated especially when this thing is fully live not only that if you guys would like to check out the telegram you guys will find all the

Links down below to the downside very important you guys don’t miss out on this not only that don’t forget you guys you have an opportunity to where you can actually buy their token when the time comes alright so so other than that ladies and gentlemen crypto flu

Community let us know what you guys think about tide exchange we’ll see you in the next one and ciao

Tide Exchange! DAOX

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