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Sound check we are live wait are we live what’s up guys welcome back to my channel once again this is Panda Allen and today is our 14th permanent fruit giveaways how’s everyone doing guys we got lots of names in the live chats today we are spinning again for uh three permanent

Fruit winners or Game Pass items and tomorrow we will have another permanent fruit giveaways 15th permanent fruit giveaways guys let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh yeah let’s go but let’s get the wheel bro wait I have to I might have to go back because I might die here

Soundtrack sound check sound check all right let’s go I have to go back because I might die here I’m not just um stay in this the castle yeah I just have to stay in the castle all right all right back to the castle because love is everywhere so much of the diamond here

A knife full of diamond already okay I started whoa look at this guy whoa it’s really cold it’s not a white guy what is that what is that underneath like what is that bro oh it’s a scale oh it’s a love skill right whoa that’s

So cool look at that look at that guy it says he was like a character or something yeah yeah that’s really cool White my audio is cracked wait hold on absolutely foreign Guys sound check we’ve got a party in here still the same right I think I have to be Sound check can you even hear me now oh you can still hear me right why is my auto cracking hello hello how about my oh yeah it’s a crackpot is it a cracked oh yeah foreign all right man hello hello thank you for calling can I help you

Can I help you is it better now guys is Marvel is clear now my whoa we got ninjas in here bro bro what are you doing all right better better let’s go we now have 6890 subscribers we only need 110 subscribers to get that 7K and again we celebrate 7K subscribers by giving

Out 10 10 permanent fruits so don’t forget to share this video click that like button once you’re in the live stream don’t forget that click that like button so we get more people in here and we give out 10 permanent fruits right away let’s do it okay let me get up foreign Guys we are giving out permanent fruits here every week as you have noticed the title is 14th permanent giveaways because again we have been giving out um permanent fruits every week guys three winners for Saturday three winners for Sunday so imagine just do the math guys three times fifteen it’s like

That’s more than 50 right so we have given out a bunch of leopards Mochi uh blizzard all everything dark blade so and we had multiple winners already so if you’re really active and you keep joining the live stream you are getting everything you want what you want what

You need I’ll give you what you want I’ll give you what you need baby oh yeah let’s go miss those okay let’s go let’s go let’s go let me just get those names that we collected from uh this week actually so the way we do

This is uh we spin two wheels that is the that is the the fruit wheel which is this one let me just show you so first we spin the fruit wheel this is the fruit wheel so that’s the oh sorry this is the fruit wheel guys as you can see all

I’m not sure if everything is there but I all I put all the fruits the permanent fruits and The Game Pass items in there so we spin that let’s get I’m gonna give an example let me just give you a 10 Second Spin just just just so you know

Guys for those new subscribers how it works this one so we spin that and whatever it is we’ll select guys that is the permanent fruit or Game Pass item that we are giving today I mean not this one but later once we do it what happened Still crafting already whatever what the hell what is happening who wants this kill oh guys who wants this kilo so that’s how that’s what we do first and then the next one we do is we spin the the wheel of names okay so whoever gets elected by this wheel will we will

Win the permanent kilo like that um just an example all right don’t worry it’s not permanent kilo yet unless it spins again for the performance alright so let me get the name so we collected from I think from I don’t know which day we we started out we didn’t have many live

Streams this week I think only yesterday but then before before yesterday uh some people helped me get the V4 not not yet finished but they started helping me out with defeat by defeating uh Indra getting that mirror fractal so I gave them extra names on the Wheel

So you can get as many names as you want guys just be active or in the live stream because we do lots of activities in the live stream like do pvps do seek and kill where you have to find and kill me and then I’ll give you extra points we

Also do blue cat to get so those winners the top three winners for blue cat gets more names on the wheel all right all right all right that’s how we do it and also I’m getting more names from the live chat so if you’re here in the live

Chat I’m adding you on the wheel a little bit later okay so as you can see there are a bunch of names multiple names in there but again historically we had a lot of winners who even who only even had like one name in there one

Person just join the channel and if you want a permanent fruit right away so it did it didn’t really matter but if you believe that you’ll you having a lot of names in there will give you higher chances better chances of getting the permanent fruit then so be it right that

Was Jonas yeah shout out to Jonas monsequel he was the one who won the permanent was it chop permanent job do you want a permanent job right away he just joined the the the channel right wow now just hit six nine I I hope the counter is not messing with us

We’ll just hit six nine guys I’m not sure if that’s the real time but we just hit six nine 100 subscribers more guys oh my God I’m quite excited now so 100 more subscribers and then if we hit 7 000 subscribers we are celebrating 7K by giving 10 permanent fruits just to

Celebrate the 7K okay that is apart from the Saturday and Sunday giveaways we are still gonna do the Saturday and Sunday giveaway we’re just celebrating 7K subscribers that’s it guys that’s how I how I do it I don’t really care I just want to give out lots of permanent

Fruits to everyone to all uh enthusiasts of block Spirits so you will enjoy this game even better right let’s go I I want to do everything today before it’s been off all the wheels because there will be free one answer right so I want to do everything

All the activities that we want to do in the game or in the blue kid whatever you want to do it right now so we don’t have to um insert activities in between um spins all right let’s do it let’s do the look at first so we finish with the

Blue kit and then we’re done with it so for those who don’t know what look it is it’s a website it’s a it’s um what is a trivia question website um you’re gonna have to uh answer questions about blocks first and then I’m still choosing I think I’m still choosing the crypto hack

So whoever gets the top three uh spots will get uh the top three gets two extra names on the wheel the top two gets uh three extra names in the wheel and the top one gets guess what five extra names on the wheel alright let’s do the look it’s up let’s go

Oh you want to do let’s do the crypto hack okay let’s do the crypto app let’s go where is that where is that where is that where’s that where is that I can see it oh I have to click OK first okay hold on

Hold on hold on here we go here we go I’m gonna make it 10 minutes all right crypto the game ends oh why don’t we use this one the game ends after player reaches the set oh okay that’s not fair that will take that’s unpredictable that

Can be very long or very very fast so let’s just stick with 10 minutes let’s go Okay let me copy the link and then all you have to do is click the play this game click the link that I’m pinning right now and get in blue kit and start answering questions once we begin alright let’s go so if you win this this game guys top

Three gets two extra names on the wheel top two gets three extra names on the wheel and top one gets five extra names on the wheel alright alright alright alright Let’s go people are getting inside now getting in getting inside oh yeah getting aside this game okay let’s go

6901 oh my goodness are we gonna do this the 10 I I are we gonna do the 7K celebration today oh my God we only need 99 subscribers more guys are we gonna do it today I’m not really sure oh my God let’s go and I just joined shout out to uh my

Fellow YouTuber hanejima I just joined his Discord and um I’m posting the the videos the live streams that we’re having to his Discord because he’s a big he’s a bigger YouTuber bro because he has I think he just reached 40 000 subscribers so I’m posting also the live stream in

There telling people that they can also join us and win permanent fruits yeah so if you want to join he also has a lot of um permanent fruit giveaways so you can also join that uh Discord his name in the Discord is hanijima hanijima’s Empire you can also get his Discord Link

In his videos his name on YouTube is hanijima h-a-n-e-j-i-m-a so Shout Out Mr hanijima thank you for allowing me to post live streams and videos about permanent fruit giveaways and anything about box roots on your Discord Channel and congratulations in reaching your 40 000 subscribers bro well deserved let’s go

All right let’s start we got third 29 people now type in ready ready ready ready ready and let’s begin the blue kit let’s go all right let’s start the audio doesn’t crack if it’s like after a few minutes so I think it’s just the beginning right

All right let’s go five four three two one someone’s is not ready Well what are you doing bro let’s go I’m only seeing you’re not when when are we starting can we start now five four three two one let’s go start begin all right let’s go answer questions choose a password oh yeah answer questions mine crypto cracked other players by guessing their passwords

Most crypto after 10 minutes wins good luck keep hacking oh yeah let’s go if you’re if you’re if you’re late guys if you just tuned into this video to this live stream you can still join the game just click that link that pinned link right there and join the blue cat

Right now answer questions about blocks fruits get in the top three and you’ll get more names on the wheel before we spin it for the permanent fruit giveaways right now let’s go wait is someone in the voice channel on Discord so I need a oh we got oink oink oink in

The Iman there oh yeah what I’m not hearing that hello hello are you there I’m not hearing you guys oh there there hello oh yeah oink oink oi oh God are you there are you gonna win this game again yes I have better to win this again let’s see

If you win this one again I will call you blue kid from here on foreign okay we got zitzer in on top spot let’s go um before we reach 7 000 guys oh my God it’s too fast let’s go let’s get that seven minute info look at let’s get that 7K guys I’m

So excited if you want to have more entries for that special 7K celebration permanent for giveaways if you want to have more names on that wheel you can actually do or have that by joining an event on Discord it’s called uh it’s at the server the channel is called pan art

It’s panda art you can all you have to do is um draw or paint or whatever Photoshop anything about 7K celebration or Panda Allen whatever and all the entries all people uh who posted pictures in there let me just show you guys just real quick

Um Discord right there so you have to go to um pan Art Channel wait where is that and then you can see pictures here some people already Draw Something Like draw some trash in here like Alex Trung’s uh best drawing is this one

Um I think he it was uh in the middle of his class like uh I think I might have to draw something about 7K Subs and then he draws something like this I don’t even understand it but I just I just saw a hand in there okay so whoever posted a pictures in

Here gets five extra names on the wheel but the best one gets 10 extra names on the wheel okay because of course we will appreciate that effort of doing it not just for the sake of doing it but the effort is there I don’t even understand

This revenge like what is this what is it I’m the Buddha whoa this one’s good too so I will decide which one gets 10 extra names but you murdered my nose in here bro anyway um a lot of this you also have uh like from the I think he just did this from

The paint app we got some people in here too with their drawings so all everyone here will get five extra names on the wheel okay but the best one will get five more that means he gets 10 extra names seven K celebration permanent fruit giveaways again once we

Hit 7K subscribers I’m giving not seven then yeah ten permanent fruits I’m quite excited to make a Content about love and spider is spiders a totally different fruit Yes actually so why do they have to re I think that was not a that was not changing the name it was actually

Removing string and replacing it with spider right yeah but not it’s like uh reworking on it so some people say like when people say string is like Spider-Man the first I know we can now they change it the Spiderman will be the weekend version and the gods Highway

Will be is there a spider character in one piece uh no but then the guy who used like a spider I don’t really know much about it it is not so on actually um all right I just won love love uh that loved update is actually good because it includes the

Two times experience every 50 like 15 minutes two times experience right that’s what I wanted yeah we had a friend I don’t care about the fruits wow no difference it’s something that you can switch but still I’m an after of that uh two times uh experience because I’m not level mixed yet

They’re still on top two where are you where are you here you’re not here I don’t even know I think I’m gonna lose oh boy why activate does everyone have a love fruit um I think I’m gonna lose oh about two minutes left two minutes let’s go with that top one right now

It’s uh Ethan with 2.9 Million now this drink someone rigged this last time I checked many people and now Karma’s hitting me oh you have you hacked many people all right it’s part of the game we are training hackers in here dream hackers but for iqba you look like a ninja

Yeah oh you want to do the face reveal today no oh man show me that sexy face bro yeah I think I I remember you were wearing glasses right yep I’m always wearing glasses yeah your voice is too big for your face bro it’s so sexy oh my God

I thought you were like probably 20s his little brother yeah actually I’m 15. you’re 15. all the same I’m also 15. 15 years working yes You’re like somewhere in the 20s thank you so much Iman for that I’ll give you a permanent love from me without wow okay I’m gonna add more names in there what’s up um that was book book gets two extra names what was the other one yes and I’m second who was that me

Enderman that’s you okay Enderman I’ll just write your name as Enderman okay not guest 69. let’s see 69. is uh your name sounds dirty bro oh penguin penguin how dare you and that’s win by right so when Bell gets five extra names on the wheels that’s my password and it is correct okay

I’m so good at guessing oh it’s spinning actually if you can know my password again let’s go how do you penguin hello thanks for subscribing we now need we just need 95 subscribers bro whoa this is going fast expected come on 7K 10 professors are waiting for let’s do it

Oh we have a bunch of people here who wants to do a face reveal I’m gonna give five extra names no I’m not doing official the world is watching people them oh God yeah that’s me bro thanks it’s for it’s for comedy Grace wait Let’s do let’s do something first

Um in the game okay let’s do c and kill guys let’s do seek and kill oh we got Pirates let’s kill the Pirates first do a voice reveal what what is a voice reveal I mean bro oh you just want to hear the voice oh that’s boring bro hey hey don’t kill me

So I get something here oh so much love in here and the love is like killing me Love Kills In mysterious ways Oh he killed him bro why are you trying to kill me bro whoa the ice is killing me who’s that pink and Mr Franklin someone’s trying to kill me why am I settling for it when I can be a dragon when I can be a dragon let’s go

Someone’s trying to kill me with a love I don’t need love oh I got 100 100 bucks in there 100 f let’s go okay let me just change fruit guys okay Mr Penguin you have to uh let book in in your life bro it’s been like

Mr Penguin are you there why don’t you add Mr book in your server Pro what’s wrong what’s What’s happen what happened to the relationship bro oh that spider let me get that portal through okay again guys you can we are doing the seat and kill that means whoever can find me and kill

Me wait I have to change let me switch first to Marine because my Marine is a little bit low in uh was where was that again bouncy was it this one pirate recruiter where’s the marine guy is this it oh this one okay let me change to Maureen first

Because it’s even if you kill me it doesn’t really matter because my Marine is quite low so that’s fine okay so whoever can kill me whoever can find me and kill me gets five extra names on the wheel alright let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go

We’ve got lots of people in here oh not really only five if you want to join um This Server guys you have to be on Discord so because the link the server link is in there so this is our Discord Channel guys if you’re not on our Discord yet Wait Um chat is too slow okay there we go that is our Discord Channel guys if you want to join us in the game and play with us here join the server and go to VIP servers channel on Discord and choose La Cane’s link uh private server we are in La Kane’s private

Server right now he’ll take care of you he will serve you coffee and uh some oh yeah okay that’s it I pinned the link guys join that Discord Channel and be part of our lives why not baby be level five to get in oh my God can we

Just change it for for now what was someone All professional hacker Mr Penguin Mr Penguin can invite you in the server okay so yeah join that server if you want to play with us here we are doing we’re gonna do seek and kill right now again guys you cannot use a portal fruit I am the only one allowed to use a

Portal fruit if you want to join the Sikh and kill okay you can use your pale scarf because again pale scarf will allow you to see everyone in the map um in a very far distance right but you cannot use a portal fruit to kill me to find me because you’re gonna

Catch me of course and there’s a new update with the portal right I can TP everyone in the safe Zone like what like what okay anyway should we begin now should we start where is the VIP server the VIP server is right here I’m posting it on a general channel on our Discord

VIP This Server is here all right so that is the server of uh Ellie King if you want to join that I’m not sure if Mr Penguin already changed the settings so everyone can join for now just for this event but I don’t know Mr Penguin on Discord will take care oh

What is that is that the spider whoa cool cool cool yes 96 you cannot use portal fruit in any way oh that is not a permanent fruit right so you cannot join them I’m really sorry bro like you cannot get it’s unfair for everyone we’re trying to

Catch me like with their Barefoot or um like uh just trying to catch me without doing any TP that’s not gonna be fair if you if we allow you so I’m sorry bro you cannot join the game if you don’t change it I’m really sorry but you can join the

Other activities or other events too okay we might do PVP as well because we got a bunch of strong people in here okay let’s go let’s go can we start now are you ready guys why is everyone randomly a fruit okay oh what’s this the reformed wait let me see if I can

Spin hold on guys I don’t have much money look at that 540 only whoa look at that I got a phoenix look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that how lucky am I today oh yeah oh yeah baby see you next time Phoenix baby

I got Phoenix like this is my second Phoenix right now I have Phoenix in here oh yeah this is my second Phoenix let’s go who wants the Phoenix the ones up anyways maybe it’s like oh yeah oh what is that little people what is that thing I’m seeing new skills

Okay let me just store this one guys yo who wants it okay no one no one’s answering okay hi let’s go let’s go seek and kill guys in five wait my last request let’s go let’s go oh look at look at our subscribers guys six now we only need 89

More oh my goodness are we doing the ten thousand sorry 10 permanent crits giveaway to celebrate 7K this is gonna be exciting this is probably the most exciting week so far okay let’s do it guys no need to uh waste time here I’m gonna start counting now I’m gonna start teleporting actually

Um you cannot follow me yet okay wait where’s the farthest place here Wait don’t follow me yet okay let’s start in five four three two one go find me and kill me you get five extra names on the Wii let’s go let’s go look at the up the new update we are not seeing the moon anymore right it’s not too bright

Let’s go guest 96 cannot play because he’s using portal fruit and that is not a um that is not a permanent fruit so he can’t really join us we don’t allow portal fruit but you can use your your um your pale scarf though but again not the portal fruit oh people

Are coming here mikoi is coming let me go where where should I go where should I go that place that place oh my God oh my God it’s too fast it’s too fast I’m I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking I’m thinking wait wait why am I

Here why why am I in the Mansion oh someone’s here I wait wait wait or should I go now I don’t even know guys where should I go now wait I don’t see them where are they oh my god oh yeah I’m not seeing them I only see wait are they near me

I don’t even know Wait I’m not seeing them oh they’re a bunch of names in there okay they’re in there somewhere suffix is not moving so I think he doesn’t know what’s happening right Mikko is actually trying to follow me but the other dudes are there who’s near me now

Wait I’m not seeing anyone oh Mika is trying to go after me behind my back huh that is really really really naughty you’re a very naughty boy Mico oh he’s here he’s here easier time to go back I hope he he doesn’t catch that portal

Uh I hope so I hope he didn’t catch me I hope he did not catch me okay good good good it did not catch me right I think he did not okay he did we’re safe for now let’s take a rest out of the energy this is a really huge sea

Okay I don’t see Miko right now I’m just looking after Mikko because he’s the fastest I guess oh thank you the sun is here the sun goes down let’s go oh goes up Rather the sun goes up and Miko is here wait where should I go now um I don’t know

Where should I go now baby baby they’re following me baby who wants to PvP with me but not now okay they’re all following me wait are they even moving only see a few names moving Miko is coming uh huh where do I go now

Oh I hear the the I hear the the Phoenix I hear the Phoenix I think I teleported the wrong place oh no one’s following me actually I can still get some chests give me that chest oh yeah oh no one is actually following me like really close Miko I know I think the best the the the person with the highest

Potential of winning this is right now is uh the Phoenix Unknown man Iman because I think he’s the fastest because he can fly fast without Phoenix well let’s see what happens Let’s go the dragon is here oh Iman is trying to like wait there what are you doing Iman you very naughty boy huh dragon is here A bunch of strong players in here we got Nico and Ellie cage oh boy where do I go now where do I go now

Um I don’t even know guys if I teleport here Iman is near here right he is very near here oh sure for sure but for now I’m safe I think he left the server what why did he leave the server bro is he trying to um

Oh was it was it who left the server Ellie cage oh Ella King she left the server what happened oh the the someone’s here someone is here not sure if I can catch that portal oh he did not he did not he didn’t catch it he didn’t catch it

Come to Mansion yeah I can do that but to rest right because it’s safe Zone but once I teleport again they’re gonna teleport with me that’s a new update so I can’t do that let’s see okay let’s fool them a little wait what’s here

Uh I’m sorry I forgot oh my God I didn’t see him actually so oh he’s too fast he’s too fast he can fly he can fly he can fly foreign tricked you bro who’s here no one no one no one no one’s here no one good good good

Wait wait where do I go now who is there Miko is coming bro Miko is coming bro now he missed it he missed it he missed the portal he was almost at my back it is taking so long guys you cannot why can’t get why can’t we get in what’s happening

Guys I can’t jump in the water I’m dying oh my God I think I keep it in the wrong place okay you have to be in combat what I am in combat I haven’t died yet I cannot turn on my PVP right now because I haven’t

Died yet you see that I can enable my TVP because I have never like died yet unless I knew someone killed me earlier oh my God he’s here did he get it did he get it did he get it oh suffix is running now did he notice

Like someone is trying to uh they’re doing something here that I don’t even know okay okay I’m safe I missed it Niko is really sneaky you sneaky little bastard Nico is a really sneaky guys try to get on my back bro brokeback bro cortle bug what I mean portal bug maybe you cannot

Get in oh that’s interesting then you cannot get in my portal oh that’s sexy let’s go this is taking so long guys who is getting that five extra names my energy is not even like like getting drained it’s getting drained just a little bit I’m just using a little bit of the the

The energy is someone near me here now no no one a little bit far omiko is here again why is Nicki so fast bro Miko is so fast this is taking so long because we cannot get in the portal that’s what that’s why it’s too long oh

Really so is that a new update and get in the portal oh Iman is here sorry Iman He cannot get it oh yeah he can’t oh my God oh really this is interesting now you cannot catch me then no one can catch me then oh boy oh boy they cannot get in my portal I think all you have to do now is plan guys work together you have to stay

On an island that you want to stay and try to catch me that’s the only thing but if you want to try to catch me oh my God they cannot get in the portal portal is a I think there’s a bug with a portal there is a bug with a portal but

Iman is still here why is yeah they no one can fall no actually the when I T when I TP the portal should stay there for a few seconds but right now it only lasts for probably a millisecond that’s it I think you you can get in but since the portal

Disappears in a split second that’s why you cannot um get in my portal you see that it was a split second guys just a Split Second and then it disappears right so maybe that’s why that’s the only reason I can see but right now someone is on my back someone

Is actually trying to kill me now but where is he where’d he go okay that dude that dude that dude is trying to kill me but again he cannot get in the portal oh this is really interesting now portal bug do you want me to rejoin do

You want me to get out of the server and get in okay let me do that guys let me just to give you a chance okay let me do that I’m gonna get back inside okay and then let’s get back to Elle King server oh boy we only need 84 subscribers and

We are giving out 10 permanent fruits to celebrate 7K that is so hot oh yeah I can’t wait oh Mr Penguin please add book to the server I know I think you have to add friend him first or accept him Okay I’m getting back guys Let’s go Marine all right all right wait is someone someone here okay guys you can start now I think no one’s here let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go friendship boost I actually love the update for love because I actually love the update for love

Because um it’s about you know getting that Mutual interaction with other players like it’s so hot let’s go let’s go guys you can try to catch me now try to catch me now and see if you can get inside my portal my yeah when I TP let’s go

Uh Mr Penguin can you accept uh Mr book now he wants to be in the server as well oh someone’s here you now you see me now you don’t brother can you get in no no one’s trying to catch me there are only four five people in here okay tags bro tags

Can’t read anything oh someone’s here someone’s here someone’s here can they get in now oh see that the the portal disappears so fast I think it should take five five seconds maybe but this time it’s very short I’m not sure if you’re hearing me guys

But when I TP the portal should be in there for like few seconds but right now just a split second and it’s gone trust me that maybe that is a new update of the portal fruit they shorten the time of you know um leaving that portal behind

So it’s a bit shorter now so I think no one no one can win this time no one will win the seek and kill this time right unless someone is using a portal for that somebody’s here somebody did did he get in no he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t he didn’t laughs

Someone almost cat someone almost caught me there what was that I didn’t really see him because I was like a panicking panic mode panic mode okay ah so you have to be a marine for you to get in my portal really oh someone’s really flying so high there

So fast is it light fruit I think that’s light fruit right dude bro light fruit Bro Look at that it’s a bird it’s a plane no it’s someone someone’s here you need you want me to be a pirate from oh okay I’m gonna lose my money I didn’t get in though

You want me to about to be a pirate guys yeah that’s right Bao portal user can run easily because they will not be caught because he cannot get in their portal once they TP okay uh let me where do I change oh let me go back to

Um don’t kill me yet guys okay I’m gonna go back to my mansion and change my is that a race you call that a race pirate okay and now I’m a pilot I am risking my 3.1 bounty huh okay let’s go I’m now a pirate guys okay

Yeah carry on carry on I’m now a pirate wait I’m not seeing everyone right if if no one kills me in five minutes guys I’m just gonna give everyone two extra names for the effort okay because we didn’t know this update of portal fruit that no one can really you know follow me

So yeah too bad but anyway everyone gets two names whoever are here in the server wait suffix is not even playing with us though suffix is not included all right I’m just gonna add two extra names for those who are actually chasing or running after me right

And Fishman I think is not playing too yeah fisherman oh someone zero oh someone’s here oh it’s almost here no no no one no problem Adrian malapit prioritize School bro I’m a teacher so I always encourage students to always prioritize their studies before games okay so no problem with that

Yes that’s my plan like V3 mink and pilot helmet and left card well someone’s killing me whoa bro why are you killing me bro wait oh yeah he’s not getting into he’s not getting in so you have to okay so three minutes left guys if no one can kill me then

Then uh I’m gonna give everyone two extra names except for Fishman face and sapphics because they’re not actually playing with us only this uh three dudes in here Miko guest and dark Hydra I think right dark Hydra where’s dark Hydra rain yeah rain that died the rain is actually moving

Yeah it’s impossible for them to kill me now portal is now a very evasive uh fruit foreign they’re not getting me now two two minutes left guys two minutes or maybe less and this sea is too big for everyone so I think I’m just giving two extra names right

Are you good with that guys two extra names guys I’m gonna wait here I’m gonna wait here oh oh the light oops I didn’t even see it bro I didn’t see you bro the light hit me but he just poked me here’s the Z but it didn’t really deal damage bro

You have to Stun Me you have to use the C first right why are you why do you want me to TP to Hydra huh you were in safe Zone not in safe zone now Mirage that’s in okay wait yeah I know I know it’s game master

Mirage doesn’t require full Moon I mean yeah so as long as you find it in the night time but I think I guess you have to you need the full moon for the gear right so that’s Thrills that’s still useless if you find a mirage but not get the the blue gear

I’m not sure how that works one minute guys no one is actually running after me like the uh it’s impossible bro okay guys that’s it I’m giving everyone uh two extra names because um wait wait there’s still trying to kill me instead I have to reset

He almost got me oh oh you followed me how is that possible how is that possible he followed me actually right he was able to follow me how did you do that withered withered followed me so he can actually follow me right he can follow me oh don’t kill me Daddy

I’m in combat now so I think everyone can TP now because I’m in combat I think that’s it right they can follow me now because I’m in combat oh this is exciting now someone’s getting the five extra names instead of the two extra names for everyone

Oh boy oh boy oh boy who is it gonna be but I’m not training energy that much so I’m good I’m good I’m good actually I’m good no one caught me again no one caught me no one caught that that poor that portal so I’m good for now

Oh boy someone almost got me there oh rain is here rain is here rain is like no I’m not I’m not giving up bro it’s not over till it’s over bro who’s here who’s here come on guys give up give up it’s still broke oh who’s that oh NPC oh my God

That NPC surprised me okay so two extra names for everyone guys can you stop running after me now okay let me go back to oh they’re waiting for me there you sneaky little bastards follow me guys okay okay I’m now in safe Zone you can’t kill me okay that’s it guys two oh

Look at that barrier two extra names for everyone guys except for suffix and uh fisherman is never not really playing they were doing something else no way S four um yes what was that again guest 96 you’re in and who else was that dark Hydra and Steph no not suffix

You’re getting two extra names in there all right let’s go guys I’m gonna add everyone’s names here uh in the live chat so to join the giveaway type 7K Subs baby no not baby yeah every year Let’s go sometimes I’m wondering if Alan is a boy we call that a talent guys we call that a multi-talented person let’s go okay so all you have to do guys is to type in the live chat 7K oh yeah Panda Allen sorry it doesn’t as don’t

Mind the S guys that should be oh yeah that’s true yeah okay but I cannot edit that okay I can’t edit that anyway let’s be the whole year so yeah oh yeah Oh that should be Subs okay okay all right to join the giveaway type 7K Subs in live chat write only once please and I’m gonna start writing the names right now let’s go let’s give that three permanent fruits today wait let me give this space and

Let’s start with what was that well it we lit we lit okay at the end you’re in Tristan red k book is here Raymond what Raymond bro so yeah my friend Raymond hot battle when bow is there okay I can still manage guys no no problem

Okay Jonas like sequel we’ve got OG’s in here I thought we let your row Raymond game master okay book is in there Raymond Jonas again um Tristan Raymond F6 Stone F6 shown and rain patilia rain all right rain oh is that the rain in the game all right Yoshi

Who else is here Mikko pajaras Yoshi all right Roblox Dino what’s up Roblox Dino all right do we have people on voice Channel give me that hype no one’s in here Raymond Miko is that it is that it I got so far I have 160 names only 160 names on the Wheel

Okay while we do that let’s move to the fruit we’ll die so I can spin the the prize what what fruit or permanent what permanent fruit or Game Pass item or do we get killer guys that was just an example of how the giveaways work so let me remove everything in

There let me copy all the fruits and Game Pass items let’s start with a natural fruit but I think I might have to change string to spider wait is spider available in uh the gift hopefully we get a spider oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

Elemental we got I’m not adding the elemental fruits now and the Beast fruits and what else what else what else what do we put in there and of course the Game Pass items like let me boss drops fast boats money Mastery dark blade fruit Notifier and fruit storage let’s go

All right and now wait do you want me to triple single or double all the names in here let’s go what do you want what do you want give you what you want give you what you need white guys let me um let me go back to the the names and add

Dry Creamery our previous um dark blade winner and then I actually got names from I got names from the earliest birds today although I only got eight names in there so let me just add them that was Iman you can call me Alex winbao Lucas gaming game master

Oink oink Cyrus Junior and hotter okay I’ma triple it I’m gonna triple everything there oh RJ is here RJ I’m adding you on the wheel let’s go let’s get back to the fruit wheel and I’m gonna triple all the names in there all right let’s go let’s triple all the names

Copy and then let’s paste everything one and two all right there you have it guys you can see it because once I sort it you can see all the names tripled in here right and as usual as usual as practice we’re gonna change leopard into ah guess what kilo part kilo part kilo

Part so that means if this wheel selects a kilo part we are giving out not just a leopard permanent leopard fruit we’re also giving it together with a about a minute kilo oh yeah okay and of course I’m gonna make that as a I’m gonna add two more names

In there for the kilo part so that means five names for leopard fruit guys who does that in any YouTube channel guys who does this let me know I’ll try to beat him just kidding all right so we’re just having fun here guys I’m just giving out permanent fruits to those so

You can enjoy the game right enjoy it a lot better and of course I’m gonna I’m adding two names for the dough all right let me just dough machido machido I’m making it a longer name so you can notice it on the wheel it’s visible that those are the longest names

In there two three four and five so we got five names for you don’t Mochi dough and of course we got I I will add two more names for the new fruit not really new fruit but replacing the string is a spider so I’m gonna name it as Spider-Man

Hmm Spider-Man Spider-Man who wins a Spider-Man let’s go let’s get let’s get five Spider-Man in there Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that five names for Spider-Man Squad and of course since uh the new update was about love

So I’m gonna name it as give me some love oh yeah give me some love I’m gonna put five names for love permanent love fruit in there okay let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh yeah so we got five names for kilopard five names for

Permanent love fruit five names for Mochi or the dough and five names for the new replacing string permanent fruit spider all right so whoever can get that congratulations in advance let’s go I tripled out all the names except for those five names leopard doe spider in love ready

The live chat give me some hype give me some hype oh yeah no one’s in the voice Channel I wanna I wanna hear some Oh Yeah from other people oh yeah let’s go let me make sure it’s a 60 seconds spin all right okay all good all good all good ready

Ready ready Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle in five four three two one let’s go what is the first permanent fruit giveaway let’s go what is it what is someone getting today is someone getting some love with kilopard Mochi or the dough no what does this say or the spider

What is it we are seeing longer names in there stacked longer names look at that look at that oh boy oh boy oh boy give me some love I hope we get love through today just to you know acknowledge the update but oh we’re missing a lot of longer

Names expect except for this spider and the love spider and love what is it Venom spring a chop spring oh one’s a spring this wants to bounce guys who wants to bounce who wants to bounce wants to bounce Okay who wants a spring once a spring the question is who wants a spring

Who wants to swing um I don’t know what is that word okay let’s see let’s see let’s see spring oh my goodness this is like the older brother of chop and kill and spin right oh my goodness oh my goodness so we are gonna respect

That guys again we put all the fruits in there for a reason so we’re gonna have to respect all the permanent fruits in there otherwise Indra will uh ban Us in the game who who is getting this permanent spring let’s go to the wheel of names and let’s give this permanent spring his

New owner let’s go okay so in case you win this guys if you win this permanent spring you cannot win again today okay because the goal of this permanent giveaway is to give all the permanent fruit give permanent fruits to different people different players okay so if you win again

Um let me just copy all the names first because I’m gonna use all the names in here for tomorrow’s permanent giveaways 15th permit for giveaways so let me just copy that so I don’t lose it and then arjun’s last one okay and then I’m gonna have to remove the winner

Um because uh for the second and third spin you cannot join or participate again okay oh we got a new friend in here kin SE Milan is here I’m gonna add you bro okay who’s ready to get that spring type in ready ready ready ready ready ready

Who is getting that permanent spring and will lose a chance of joining the second and third spin I really let’s go ready ready ready ready let me make sure it’s a 60 Second Spin it’s a 10 second okay let me change that we’re good we’re good who is getting a

Permanent spin in five four three two one Shuffle 177 entries let’s go oh let’s go who is getting a permanent spring permanent spring baby permanent spring baby let’s go let’s give that permanent spring we only need 81 subscribers left guys I mean 10 permanent fruit giveaways to celebrate Sabbath K is so hot

RJ you can’t see yourself because you only have two letters in your name bro let’s go who is winning it who is getting that spring and will lose the chance for the second and third spin let’s go permanent except for permanent fruit anyway so it’s not a loss right

Oh boy oh Iman Kyoshi F6 Sean chessboard gang who’s that is our defending surprise giveaway Champion oh wait I think it was not the last winner but he won three consecutive surprise giveaways so now he’s getting a spring okay why not let’s go he’s luck right

Now he’s still lucky bro I mean why why it’s still a spring fruit okay but Harris I’m gonna remove all your names I’m sorry bro but you can join tomorrow I hope you’re here otherwise we’ll we will re-spin it for the another person but either way I’m gonna remove your

Name all your names let me just look at pajarus Jared Christian oh there oh he only has two names oh we have Jared Christian Paris and maybe a pajaras it starts with a little family name so let me find that pajaras Jared Christian wait wait wait wait wait hold on

Oh I don’t see it oh that’s it wait wait wait wait His name what’s his name again was it zeroids in the game oh that’s that’s it he only has two names actually oh he was not that active this week I think he was busy all right all right all right all right so he only has two

Names or three two or three I already removed the others so we don’t have Paris Jared Christian or Jared christian powers okay let’s go guys let’s spin for the second prize let’s go and by the way guys we are having our finals of the PVP tournament tonight okay

So the winner of there are two brackets of that um PVP tournament the winner for the lore bracket will get a uh fruit Notifier and winner of the upper bracket gets a permanent leopard fruit let’s go okay let me remove all the springs in here all right let’s go okay

Let me Shuffle it shuffle Shuffle type in Reddit let’s spin for the next fruit or Game Pass item ready ready ready in five four three two one let’s go Buddha ain’t allowed for PDP right we we have a bunch of players in the tournament using Buddha no problem let’s go

Let’s get what is the next next permanent fruit what is the next permanent fruit guys what is it what is it what is it what is it let’s go oh yeah let’s go what is it oh oh here we go here we go here we go athilopard I’m seeing a

Spider and a kilo part oh mochi mochi and spider here and love love spider is it gonna be spider is it gonna be spider no no there’s a little push in there gravity control barrier a barrier barrier is getting a barrier fruit that’s not bad

Again if you don’t like if you in case you win guys and if you don’t like barrier you can change it I will show you the the permanent fruits that you can change it with okay you can change you can swap it with anything cheaper or equal to the value of barrier food

Um those are let me just oh my goodness you can change it with a dark blade let’s go you can change it with a dark blade rubber love light Diamond revive dark sand eyes Falcon flame fruit storage two times Mastery two times money Spike fast boats Boston smoke bomb spring chop spin killer

Let’s go you can use it right yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s give you what you want give you what you need guys if you don’t want the barrier then I’ll give you something else who is which is uh something that is cheaper or equal to the value of permanent barrier

Okay let’s go who is gonna win the permanent barrier or maybe a dark blade if he wants to change it let’s go thank you I’m not missing anyone right everyone’s here okay let’s go guys I’m gonna sort uh Shuffle Shuffle who is winning a permanent barrier of

Mate or dark blade if he wants to change it with dark Blade no problem in five four three two one let’s go who is winning a permanent barrier let’s go permanent barrier let’s go only 174 entries because that this is nothing compared to the first giveaway we had 300 plus entries this is

Just 50 of it let’s go and I didn’t do lots of live streams so there are only a few names actually right so yeah you’re lucky to be here let’s go let’s get that who’s gonna win a permanent barrier or a dark blade

Let’s go who is that oh I’m I can see it Mr Penguin Alex true Philip is game master Nika no no no you can call me Alex oh boy oh my God no that boy Oh you missed it sorry Iman there are 23 watching on my end Paris I think you have to refresh it I did it I tried to refresh this I showed only six people were watching but when I refresh it it’s 23 now GG Iman Iman Iman Iman

Where’s Iman Iman go to the voice Channel right now I demand I summon Iman Iman I summon you go to the voice channel of Discord and I want to hear your oh yeah Iman Iman where are you man that is calling you Where is Iman Iman oh he’s not here oh boy if he is not here then we will have to re-spin for the another winner bro you can’t miss this bro he left my God is he in the game wait oh he’s not even in the game guys oh my God

I think we have to spin for the third one so he will miss it I’m sorry I’m just kidding Iman I want Iman to get this dark blade I think he doesn’t have dark blade yet so he gets a dark like if he if he wants to change

Barrier to dark play but anyway let’s move on to the third winner okay because I’m gonna give all the prizes together so they still have time to be in the live stream okay let me remove all battery yeah no barrier no spring what is the final and last permanent fruit or Game Pass

Item let’s Shuffle it shuffle it shuffle and Shuffle it’s typing item that we’re giving we only have 128 entries left here because we reboot permanent spring and permanent barrier in five four three one I’m only seeing one ready in there guys are you not ready do you want to do something else

What do you want foreign let’s go what is our final prize right now let’s go what is it give me something better something good let’s go Lola oh who’s this am I is that you oh we’re spinning for the third prize right now oh kilo Park oh cool oh we missed it we

Missed it we missed it we missed it we missed it spider please spider I want to give a spider to someone spiders because I saw like a lot of people just think the only loud what happened oh oh is it portal a flame portal someone is still getting a portal

So what happens exactly give me the portal someone is getting a portal what happened because allowed just say you can change it you want barrier and change it to Darkly right what happened um um Iman it was he was just kidding bro uh we did not spin yet bro oh okay

Yeah but because I was playing Minecraft with my friends what what if you want to change it bro do you want to change it to dark blade yeah I won barrier oh you already have a dark blade no I don’t have dog food yet but you prefer videos

Okay let’s see if you win can I have a list of the wait why are you asking for a list bro do you think you won no all right into the one why are you assuming bro that you won bro huh Um I am trying to know that I want barrier or not because clouds why are you mad because that I don’t I’m confused right now okay what was the first winner again the one who’s uh Jared all right so someone is getting a permanent portal fruit and if you don’t like portal fruit

Because you don’t have you don’t like teleporting or something or maybe you already have a permanent portal you can change it with oh it’s it’s almost similar to Baria but for portal you can add magma and barrier on the list so that is magma barrier dark blade rubber

Love light and so on going to the cheapest oh someone’s getting a Iman what are you doing why are you trying to get in bro you already won bro because I am confused one another like trying to say like fit which one is lying which one is like

Trending the truth right now because here yesterday you actually want oh my God I’m confused my bra my brain is right okay so we’re spinning now for let me show you bro let me show you bro so you can uh settle down okay this is the result for the Second

Spin bro is that your name bro what is your name again Imperial officer oh this is Bro okay pirate said tell Iman he want permanent spring okay I I see there in the live chat so we’re spitting now for the third winner whoever gets this a permanent uh portal again you can change permanent portal to barrier or magma or even dark blade let’s go

I’m gonna remove all your names in mine okay I need I need something I need a list like what the hell do I want okay oh you got Imperial officer in here lots of Imperial look at that look at that look at that okay so we’re now down to 157 entries on

The Wheel Sonic way I’m adding you bro you just came in we are spinning you’re just right on time for the third prize permanent um portal fruit and Aki akiro right Aki I’m adding you on the Wheel let me see if I missed anyone that’s it right oh that Serene yeah I

Didn’t add that Serene yet I think that’s it that’s what I mean I won a barrier fruit for a dark lead bro you can change your barrier for a dark blade if you want because dark place is a little cheaper I think you have you have you have you have time

To decide bro go to your bedroom and ask yourself what do you need follow your heart bro follow your heart oh yeah I’ll be on deaf and for the moment I need some please critique right now okay well go ahead okay let’s go five four three two one

Who is getting a permanent portal or something that they want that is cheaper or equal to the value of permanent portal dark blade barrier magma you can change it with that if you want let’s go who is getting Iman give me some oh yeah he left he left all right I’m all alone

Now someone’s spamming in the game wait who is getting a permanent portal portal portal or a dark blade oh is it oh is it or is it who is it who is it who is this is suffix oh book book block okay I think I think a bit dark lady oh my God

Finally boom boom it’s getting what he wants me yeah he wants the dark blade bro so bad he can change it with a dark blade whoa bro let’s go see that see that I told you guys you can’t like just give up on anything because uh there will be a day

It’s just about it matter wait book has not really participated a lot this week right let me just remove this it never wait I never saw the names and look at his names in here he only has three names in here including the the name of that one for

Only four names this week that is nothing compared to La Cage Mr Penguin was a lot fast 55 game master it’s just four names for him because he was not that active today I mean this week right let’s go he won the permanent leopard and now he’s getting his dark baladi let’s go

I think I will change my barrier food to duck with oh what made you decide to change bro what pushed you my mind and my confidence so hot have you asked your parents about that decision no I only ask myself you asked yourself yes I asked myself I have two of myself

In my brains right now because one is like trying to trust one another and another like don’t want to ask us like whoever is paying the lies I think I’m changing my spring to eyes oh boy that’s nice all right let me have you have you already added my other account right

I know I think you’re unfriend me on the other account oh really yeah I I have to maybe wait just adding again winners uh add this account on Roblox okay let me see okay winners add this account on Roblox Roblox okay if we’re not friends yet so I can give you your permanent

Or dark blade give you what you want give you what you need yeah okay there you go I send my friend requests um wait oh say sorry sorry I clicked that wait uh-huh okay you see me wait I still refreshing wait hold up okay okay I got

Bath that’s you that’s your book right bath zeph ps99 XXX okay I’m accepting you and Imperial officer okay I’m accepting you and red basic that’s your pajaras right zeroids okay I think that’s you okay so I’m going inside the game now C1 I guess so just just uh join me and uh

Okay I’m right now refreshing my page let’s give that oh it’s the same as Swedish weeks during that time that they change it to dark blade we gave out two dark blades at the same time right so it’s the same thing right now because you’re changing it to dark blade and

Book wants to change it to dark blade too so yeah Okay I’m joining you okay changing so you got awesome someone’s but I mean I see here okay yeah oh yeah they died for a moment see that book book was like book wasn’t like telling like oh he’s not gonna get the dark plate anymore I mean no one knows the future bro

Just keep the positivity it’s all about the positivity right okay I’m here that’s final right both of you dark blades no changing right nope okay let me start with what is this open thing in this shop there are permanent fruits open what is that oh it means you can like change your

Fruit anywhere you don’t need to go to the blockade dealer what just to keep your fruit here yeah you can no I want to buy that how much is that wait the inventory fall with the inventory wow this is what I wanted so bad yeah

So I can just go anywhere and just equip it anywhere right that is a good update bro yeah yeah you can change while we’re doing ticket we can change the dough and then change to portals yeah and I just said that a lot this can be done in pvps too right

Yeah well I don’t know that one I don’t know about that one though I never tried this that’s really good you have to be quick though to change fruits yeah you need quick reflexes yeah quick reflexes okay let me start with uh book first for me I’ve been freaking trying

To find trying to get freaking cyborg V4 because I like the cool blue wings okay book I’m giving you your dark blade now catch it oh God blade yeah I got it it’s not a book too happy negative wait let me see that you see that he’s

Showing it he’s flexing it right now he’s flexing it he’s not lifting it this thing around with it yeah he deserves it bro everyone deserves it anyway I’m gonna give you now your dark blade too so you can uh fight um book I cannot fight okay dark blade let’s go

Are you ready to catch this Iman I want to hear your call yeah first give me your best call yeah I didn’t hear you bro hi uh Uncle Roger Hoya bro that’s not Panda Allen Hall yeah I can’t do it okay say oh yeah I’m waiting bro right now let’s do it bro

Just I don’t I I know you can’t shout in them and say oh yeah that’s sexy a sexy version oh yeah go let’s go oh when you said Hall yeah um book left the server I think we lost a friendship okay for him okay that’s nice yeah he didn’t need a hole

Yeah okay was that like sorry but sorry Christian Bahamas we forgot you that is whoa what is that why is why is this Aura like that bro it’s too bright yeah yeah the colored hockey oh really it’s too bright yeah hey nice I haven’t got this before this knife

Oh wait let me do what did you well uh sorry uh Christian Paris you’re not changing it right uh that was a spring okay spring yeah he wants to change anything twice but unfortunately it’s a lot expensive so can you can change it with chopped spin or killer what do you want bro

Okay give him a give him a spin okay so I think spring is good okay I’m gonna give him the spring now in he’s not saying anything right so okay yeah zeroids you’re getting your spring okay let’s go oh wow these flash this is good which one is faster with the dark blade

Very V4 player all of us are sweet before that’s nice except for congratulations uh Jared Christian Paris you won your permanent spring let’s go wait I didn’t see your dark blade bro where is it where are you oh here whoa look at that look at that he’s he’s flexing guys he is flexing

Like oh my God and you don’t uh the only thing that I can afford barrier Okay all right I think that’s it guys okay so we have to do we have to finish the PVP tournament tonight if everyone is here we only have two matches uh Akira is ready yeah they’re both ready to fight and the winner of that PVB tournament will get a permanent leopard right now

Right away yeah permanent leopard fruit so we can start we can start all over again with another PVP tournament or whatever let’s go guys Iman because you won the permanent first sorry the dark blade any message to them writing good stuff whoever is fighting and winning permanent leopard offering to fire good luck

All right so much Iman congratulations to our three winners that was Iman book and Jared Christian Paris we are get we are using all those names today for tomorrow so we will have another permanent fruit giveaways tomorrow and that is our 15th permanent fruit giveaways plus if we hit

7K tomorrow so that will be 13 permanent fruits right oh my God look at that look at the sub count it’s 6919 we only need 81 subscribers before we give out 10 more permanent fruits who wants to miss tomorrow’s giveaways guys that is really awesome and if you want

To have more or extra names for that special wheel to celebrate 7K subscribers all you have to do is go to our Discord Channel and uh post any drawing any artwork about go to pan Art Channel and post any drawing or Pat Uh any art any Photoshop or anything any Google generated

Uh image about 7K subscribers Panda Allen or whatever and I’ll give you once you post it here on this channel I’ll give you five extra names on that will automatically and the best the best of the best picture or image about this celebration will get five extra names so that means

He will get 10 extra names on that wheel for that 7K subscriber celebration only here in Panda Allen let’s go so I’ll see you again tomorrow guys same time most probably three more winners and maybe 13 winners tomorrow once we hit 7 000 subscribers 13 permanent fruits that’s really awesome salad

Watching and take care guys bye bye

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