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$15 to $14,015 Using Trading Strategy Fractal + ZigZag For Pocket Option & Quotex

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Hello friends welcome to my channel my name is Lima I show everyone how to trade binary options correctly and also show the simplest and most profitable strategies for you before starting this video I recommend that you subscribe to my closet telegram Channel where post free signals with the 90 percent

Accuracy the link in the description and we start our Trading Foreign ER my name is Lima and welcome to my YouTube channel here you will find the most profitable and straightforward strategories for trading Banner option you will also learn some trading tips and if you’re new in trading and think that you’re not gonna handle it then you’re gonna totally wrong and if you’re

A beginner then open the charts and takes notes and let’s get started guys uh today I’m gonna show you a lot of useful stuff we got 150 dollars on the balance weapon position for the maximum trade amount as always we trade 101 minute time frame what concerns

Indicators this is the adx that’s exact and of course the factal so we’re gonna use them today I’ve already got to them prepared all the currency pair have been picketed as always uh let’s begin the trading session we are interested uh in the highest paid trade let’s open a long position here

Right away good Trade Center guys the upper Dynamics take place here this is a clear uptrend look at the ad except the cross and create this Zone and the red movement coverages is heading upwards the corrections show you that but while the upper Dynamics we’re expecting to see the reversal of the

Movement coverages uh the edx line is near the zone 29. I think we’re gonna no see any uh unpredictable correction we can also point out the support Zone and hear the updation of the local law according to the zigzag basically the breakout is very likely to happen uh

Here we go look at this green candle it has a massive body and we can be 100 sure that their Position will end up in process so we’re fixing the profit there 277 dollars on the balance after the first trade and we’re gonna knock not drag this out let’s continue the trading session

So let’s carry on analyzing find the next current pair uh well I wanna take a look at this Zone we see the price Dynamics so let’s open a shot position here following the thread Direction I’ll point out the workspace there is a sideways Trend if you look at the adx so

This is the resistance level we see the super Zone the edits is somewhere around 2026 on uh this green liner arcaded up and we are going to expect it to fall down and the red moving coverages should go upwards so the crossing is gonna happen let’s also point out the resistance Zone

The updating of the local high according to the exact contractile that’s why we’re expecting the continuation of the downward movement so far so good look at this massive body of the red candle and there are several seconds left before the closing and our position held with clause and profits

Let’s update the trade amount let’s carry on the 3D and excision find another currency pair so let’s take a look uh we’re developed here a good connection to the down wires A downside sorry no time to lose the weaponal one position we can see the upper Dynamics

On the trend line if you look at the edx there is a rejected or the movement coverages take place this correction indicates uh you did if you draw the trend line then we have a good three to entry level the touch of the support Zone has happened Um and basically we open with the trend here we cut a good correction and the breakout is very likely to happen here and there it is meanwhile our position has been closed in profits they’re almost one thousand dollars on the balance there is no stopping here let’s pick another currency pair

Let’s continue on 11 okay see a good trade center so far short we see that the updating car of the local hype took place here uh the touch of the separate Zone really important Zone by the way the price almost hit this price maximum this candle also have Long Shadows and

We assume that the price should continue going down if you look at this movement coverages on jdx we understand that it’s almost at the top we are expecting it to go lower and here are the several of the red movement coverages the zigzag and fractal show a user updating of the local high

Basically we have so many signals that the price should go down I’m not okay with this candle so far if you look back here the candles used to have large bodies you can see the same picture here however our position is in profits it was correct to treat entry that’s why we

Need a one minute time frame let’s change the trade amount and refresh the page and we can continue the trading session let’s find the next currency pair uh let’s take a look what do we got here there is a clear flat so far but here is a great trading opportunity

Guys uh let’s open along um I will point out the workspace the edit shows use nothing specific to react okay we understand that there is a Frank flat on the currency pair so we should really own the edex here we should point out the touch of these support Zone and basically we can

Should assume this zone is a potential pullback that’s why we opened the long position so far so good there are a little late here in theory if we opened a little earlier like here or there then it would be a super safe however in this way a random inclusive

Candle uh can screw or use up a little bit and another position has been closed in Visa profit we are doing good what do you think guys I like this way things are going so I’m expecting some feedback from you guys uh if you trade using these indicators but

We’re not gonna stop here let’s continue the trading session and find another currency pair let’s take a look what do we get here with this huge correction guys I wanna open too long position here guys I’ll point out the workspace look we should point out this person

Actually the price broke down in theory the price could of going down to this level but I’m talking carries here I think a small pullbacks is inevitable here we see they are dating on the zigzag and if we look at the edx uh the green moving averages is currently at the bottom and

I’m expecting to see the reversal and our position should be closed in profits because a beautiful pullback there’s around five second life before the closing and you can see that the candle has a huge body very nice workouts and we are fixing the profits there’s more than four thousand dollars

On the balance really the center result but I don’t want to stop on this I want to multiply the profit seven more let’s continue our trading session and find another currency payroll Let’s continue on Amazing uh um I think we should open full long position here we see that our candle has a Long Shadows and basically there is a lot of Long Shadows which indicates that the price is going to go up let’s also point out this person the price started it many

Times and basically the price should move to the upside so it’s my thinking basically we understand that there was a good correction to the downside from this point and we also can truly on the adx9 now because here is the flat movement dominates ZX doesn’t show you so anything the

Movement coverages at the bottom here low volatility and we should look at the fractal and the exact and take her into consideration um support and resistance Zone meanwhile our position have been closed in profits not bad guys I think we should Consolidated our profits let’s refresh the page and open our final position

There is no stopping here let’s find the final currency pair and let’s notice properly and open our position uh we see the price is heading downwards right so after the pullback we’re gonna see the updating on this uh zigzag I guess uh here we also see the downward moment um

And let’s open Ireland position here I think this is a good trade center let’s take a look at the edx right away I see um I wanna bring to your attention the green women coverages we see that there is a reversing to the upside the adx

Line is around this Zone 25 which also a bullish sign theoretically the price is gonna go up uh here’s a good correction took place there um they’re updating on the fractal and their zigzag that’s why we are expecting the continuation of the upwards movement I don’t think that the downward Dynamics

Will Go On and there we go look at the beautiful breakout guys the price is heading up to this level but actually we don’t care basically the position isn’t profits there is uh 14 000 dollars on the balance quite good outcome don’t you think and this is where I will stop for today

Really a predictive trading session we started from 150 dollars so let’s uh withdraw the money in I’m gonna withdraw so 14 000 on the uh keep these 15 on the balance no big deal and our transaction is being processed I’ll attach the screen where it’s done

Uh thank you guys for watching leave the comments down below uh your thoughts on this strategory uh on these indicators uh you’re welcome bye bye

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$15 to $14,015 Using Trading Strategy Fractal + ZigZag For Pocket Option & Quotex

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