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Foreign live once again what’s up guys welcome back to my channel once again this is Panda Allen and today is our 18th permanent fruit giveaways let’s go make sure to like this live stream right now or else you will not win today that is for sure it’s another Saturday giveaway 18 times three

Do the math at least plus 10 during the 7 000 celebration 7 000 subscriber celebration I think we already hit 100 have we uh hit already 100 permanent fruits gave away guys I’m not really sure let’s go how is everyone doing today guys we are about to start the PVP tournament our next

Tournament is the five on five on five on five on five on five five on five PVP tournament it’s gonna be a team tournament team five whoa that is so exciting it’s a bigger bigger Tournament of course let’s see what it looks like and what’s gonna happen in that tournament I’m so excited

I want to be part of the game actually I want to be part of the team but I I’m the cameraman I’m the director I’m everyone so I cannot join the game I want to fight someone I want to beat someone let’s go all right we got lots of people in there

I could not get the top or the earliest Birds guys because I just came from my work bro I mean I was like her like I was like oh my God it’s already eight oh my God I’m gonna be late good thing I was able to catch up

Let’s do let’s do all activities first before we start uh the spin for the giveaways so for those new subscribers we are giving out permanent fruits every week every Saturday and Sunday and in any day during the weekdays probably surprise giveaways during the weekdays but if not

Then for sure I’m gonna have Saturday and Saturday Saturday and Sunday giveaways today’s our 18th permanent fruit giveaways we currently have seven thousand seven to eight subscribers and if we hit the next thousand eight thousand subscribers that I’m gonna give out not to say not nine but ten more permanent fruits to give

Away let’s go oh oh yeah oh baby let’s start off with a blue can of course too so we can finish blue can okay so to win this guys let me just um show you the wheel for those new subscribers to win in this giveaway we

Are spinning two wheels the first one is the fruit wheel which looks like this that is the fruit wheel all the fruit all the permanent fruits all the Game Pass items are on the wheel and when we spin that the wheel selects the prize like this one for example

So whatever this wheel selects will be our prize for tonight today wherever you are in this world let’s go move the glass let’s go oh Excalibur it’s been a while Lawrence basila nanetto gaming lots of lots of people in the live chat look at this look at that so for example

Part kilopard almost gravity Dragon oh those are good fruits those are good fruits but we got kilo during that time during that spin look at this look at this look at this so for example this this one guys we spin the fruit wheel first and whatever

This wheel selects like this one we are giving out a permanent fruit gravity but if you don’t like that permanent fruit gravity because number one you don’t like it just you don’t like it or maybe you already have a permit for Gravity then you can change that to something

Cheaper or equal to the value of permanent fruit gravity which includes let me see let me see the permanent fruit gravity you can change it with lots of fruits actually starting from blizzard going down blizzard Paul Rumble Phoenix portal spider love Buddha Quake magma barrier dark blade rubber light Diamond revive

Through dark sand ice Falcon flame two times Mastery two times money fruit storage Spike fast boats two but two times boss drops smoke bomb spring chop change race we have change race here for yeah spin refund stats we also have refund stats kilo and then respawn

Bosses let’s go so those are the things that you can change or swap permanent fruit gravity with if you don’t like permanent fruit gravity then the next one we spin the wheel of names so the wheel of names consist of all the entries that we collected from Monday to

Whatever day until we reach the Saturday permanent fruit giveaways so if you want to have more names on the wheel all you have to do is stay tuned to the live stream be in the live live chats be in the game if you can if you can join us

Because we’re doing lots of activities in the game that makes you get more names on the wheel extra names on the Wheel so like this one I’m gonna put all the names that I collected since Monday a bunch of people actually won because again we did fruit hunts in the game

That allows you to get five extra names on the Wheel okay and we also do seek and kill seek and kill means they have to find me and whoever Finds Me In the game and kill me gets to get um extra names on the wheel see that guys they’re they’re getting more names

By killing me how rude is that oh yeah let’s go see that so I have 167 entries so far and if I try to sort this out you can see lots of multiple names in there because again they joined the games the in-game activities or they

Join the blue kit and one the blue kit see that lots of book names in there lots of hot taru Iman and lots of multiple names in there so if you want to have multiple names as well win some games that I that we do in the live

Stream or maybe in the in the game we do fruit Han seek and kale PVP whatever and then you will get your extra names for the wheel but again it’s not a guarantee that even if you have a lot lots of names in there it doesn’t mean that

You’re you you you just have statistically a higher chance of winning but historically we had a lot of people winning the the giveaway just by having one name that’s it that’s it two names that’s it it doesn’t really matter because it’s a wheel we don’t know what’s gonna happen we don’t know what

What this wheel’s gonna select right so it’s just the luckiest person to win the permanent fruit or the Game Pass item oh yeah let’s go again click that like button button guys if you haven’t liked this live stream yet who doesn’t like free giveaways of course everyone does I see 16

000 likes only let’s make that 23 let’s go at least 23 let’s go for you to increase your chances of winning so that’s it guys that’s how the giveaway works again we spin the fruit wheel and then the next one we spin we spin the wheel of names the entries that

You can see on the screen right now and the way to claim this is you have to be in the game by joining the account that I will have you add on Roblox and once you’re in the game join me and then I can hand you over your prize in the game

Legit let’s go you have to be in the game you have to be here you have to be present guys so even if you join the Monday live stream the Wednesday live stream but if you you cannot join the Saturday or Sunday live stream that you cannot claim your prize

If you cannot claim your prize we will have to re-spin for another winner oh yeah baby let’s go let’s get that blue cat from first game that we will do today to add more names on the wheel is called a blue kit is a like a Gaming website

That um it’s actually a trivia questions website asking questions about different categories different topics but right now as we are always we have been doing we will do blocks through so all questions will be about blocks fruits but then again if you don’t know much about luxury it’s not it’s not actually

All about having lots of knowledge or very knowledgeable with boxers but it’s about hacking because one mode of blue kit is the hack the crypto hack this means you’ll be able to hack others other players points by guessing their passwords in this blue kit game so if

You want to if you want to play this game and get more extra names on the wheel then you have to win this top three of this game gets two extra names on the wheel top two gets three extra names of the wheel and top one yes five extra names let’s go oh

Yeah baby let’s go let’s get that blue kit going so there are as you can see there are many modes here there’s even a kahoot like a kahoot if you if you know kahoot that is the classic one that um lets you choose different colors as your answers

Right so but right now we’re doing crypto hack for you to be able to have points from others players which allows those none not so familiar with blocks Roots still win the game right because of hacking so when once you answer questions correctly you’ll have a chance to get

Those treasure hunts so treasure chests and we’ll we’ll also allow you to get that word Hack That treasure hack which allows you to hack more points from other players let’s go let’s go yo Panda Works my five morning what what is that five more names bro let’s go oh yeah

10 minutes it’s a 10 minute game guys all you have to do is answer questions about blocks fruits and you’re good to go I’m listening to myself Oh yeah okay you said five more names for whatever show their face on this code that was last that was for Saturday and Sunday bro the work done with that so it’s back to scratch right now was that one day when did we do that

When did we do this show their face on Discord if you did I actually added if if it’s for today I I already added it there don’t worry I already added those was it six people who showed their faces on on Discord so if you’re if you’re new to the

Channel guys and you’re if you’re not yet on our Discord Channel we have a Discord Channel all the events are there all the the uh the announcements are there the updates the uploads anything if you want help with your V4 with any quests you can ask

Um help with anyone in our server in our Discord server and this is our Discord and you can also join us in the game through our private servers but you have to be at least level five to do that and for you to reach level 5 all you have to

Do is just Spam no no spamming just chat anything anything about your life about flux Roots make sure you reach level 5 for you to get in our private server let’s go oh yeah baby foreign 27 people in the blue kit game let’s go in five four three two one oh yeah

Let’s start 28th okay don’t worry if you’re still if you’re late if you just tuned in if you just got in you can still join the game by clicking that link all right so answer questions guess their passwords mine crypto so all the points for this game is about crypto

Bitcoin whatever hack other players by guessing the passwords so if you get that treasure chest with the word hack that that allows you to hack other players points by guessing their passwords so you have to activate that Ultra Mega supersonic instinct in guessing passwords oh yeah baby let’s go

We have started the blue kit game answer questions foreign guys let me uh start eating Kira’s pack is that you penguin oh you’re you’re like Angel’s Pet remember myself you can hear me drinking bro this microphone is lit you have to refresh Savio when there’s a problem with answering it

It’s always about Connections been there done that my memory’s gone well Kira’s pet now has 117 000 points let’s go Oh yeah I can hear you eating yeah what are they eating just bread bro okay bread what time is it now uh 9 19. 9 19. uh Siri your time is like Philippines right maybe yeah because you’re one hour ahead of me yes are you playing right now hi oh you’re here

Yo what’s up who’s talking show yourself even though I know you’re not normal I’m normal I’m playing right now you’re free I mean free spins I can I can give you that no yeah give me give me give me Permanent light permanent what give me Permanent everything

I’m gonna give you a permanent love boy permanent love from me why because I love you and then your your mom’s gonna hear it like hey I was laying in love you to you bro yeah yeah who you are and you and you’re gonna tell your mom I’m a big boy now Mom

Yeah I’m a good boy how big super big super big boy I don’t know you sound like you’re probably um you sound like you’re probably eight years old or seven am I right Oh no you’re you’re far away from me whoa so you’re like two years old two

Older than eight so you’re like 12 right it should be 12. I have one million what is one million I got one million uh 1 million wait are you booked no I’m Renzo in the club you said you got one million I got 1.9 million now

Tell your mom you can buy a house now no also your Renzo Fernando yeah I’ve been telling you that yeah but I’m not looking at Discord right now so I don’t know Renzo where are you from are you from the Philippines now I mean are you in the Philippines

You sound like you’re uh you’re from the Philippines you sound like the Philippines I’m from wakanda from the jungle what We got three minutes more guys keep hacking Renzo Fernando’s points A million someone has to be no oh they heard me they heard me Mr Enzo my brother helped me 90. that diamond is ready what paramita what part is considered the word sobia easy what it’s smooth Um uh what do I think This one I’m not gonna say any answers let’s go boy 1.3 billion for oink oink I don’t have fun I’m here this is now clutch moments one minute and 30 seconds um Assistant is that one 1.2 million haha yeah 50 seconds now my brother my brother that’s six dollars look at this everyone’s Frozen in the game because my I think everyone’s playing the blue kid look at that I see you there hello yeah they’re not moving here 15 seconds to go Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one yeah zachrin top three where are you Renzo where are you bro I’m the 30th I’m the third what the game is not about who’s the bottom bro I don’t know oh you didn’t know you thought it’s the winners are from the bottom

Oh stop boy that’s funny all right let’s give points to the winners not points but give them extra names on the wheel we got Zachary and hotaru and Xiaolin okay five names for zacharin sorry two names check that hotaru gets three names thank you and Xiaolin gets five names on the wheel

For winning the Blue yet foreign we got 177 entries so far guys let’s go I miss doing this one okay this other this next game that we will be doing okay we did this before but we stopped because probably a blue cat but I want to do it again okay just to make sure that we are doing something else let’s go I’m gonna

This is called how do you call this game again zoomed pick let’s go so I’m gonna post a little a picture an obscure picture a zoomed in picture and all you have to do is guess what that is by writing your answer in the live chat so whoever gets

To write the answer correctly first based on the live chat on my view my perspective on my end then that person will get the foreign are you ready oh this one should be easy wait a minute aha here we go oh this one should be easy bro Wait hold on let me see I think I should I will be using paint for this paint are you ready guys let me show you the picture whoa let’s go in five four three two one what is that picture whoever gets to ride the answer correctly wins an extra two

Extra names let’s give let’s give two extra names oh oh that was so fast that was so fast of course who doesn’t know that is that is no other than than Buddha Buddha Buddha Buddha it’s like part of the arm here so that’s gold bot first right goatbot

Wrote the word Buddha first or human you can say human Buddha or whatever yeah my heart stopped when I first saw you wait who’s that again okay goldbot got it right first Goat Bot you get two extra names on the wheel Goat fought let’s go let’s do the next one are you ready baby oh yeah let’s go All right let’s do it oh this one is cool I need the exact name for this okay here we go in five this one is literally cool okay let’s go five four three two one what is that No that is not ice That is not a blizzard babyless dot is not a blizzard you are wrong brother you are wrong I’ll give you the next clue in 30 seconds maybe someone might hit it keep guessing it’s not it guys keep guessing no no no no no no no no okay here we go

The first clue is it is not a faroot oh someone almost got it but I need the name of I can’t say it but I’ll do it the next one I’ll give you the next one later it’s not a fruit it is not a fruit not a fruit

Look at that look at that look at that look at that look at that oh both got it right book got it right brothers and sisters we call that uh book got it right bro let me show you that is Skylands Skyland so that the answer is Skylands I

Wanted you to give me that was actually my second clue like give me the exact name of this place okay place I wanted you to give me the exact name of the place so that was book gets an extra name on the Wheel that easy book two names on the Wheel

Okay let’s do the next one this is our third round for this zoomed in pictures let’s see oh wait a minute okay here we go let me just click this picture ah this one is quite difficult okay here we go in five four oh wait I cannot zoom it

Oh baby look at this baby oh it’s too hard to zoom whoa wait okay that’s it guys that’s it that’s the best thing I can do what is that picture let’s go baby I will give the first clue in 30 seconds maybe someone might get it right whoa

Okay someone says sand gorilla King NPC you have to be more specific if you say NPC guys okay mob leader gorilla King six pack what okay I need the exact name I need the exact name of this here okay the first clue is it’s an NPC

It’s a name I I think I said that already it’s an NPC let’s go the question is who is that NPC what I might miss I might miss it nope nope wait wait wait wait I’m looking I’m looking hello Chief Warden gray graybeard no it’s not Ray beard dude

I need to see okay here’s my next clue I’m not sure if I saw the answer wait let me just I don’t think I saw it no it’s not I didn’t see the answer yet okay here’s my next clue um the name has three words three words that’s it three words Three words not three letters but three words bro three words I need to see three words in there do you even know what word mean wrong eyes Admiral no okay here’s my next clue this NPC has something to do with the second or the the picture that

The picture that we had before this again this picture go let’s go pajaras got it right my friends I told you three words right there we go you see the six-pack right there that is Master Sword dealer let’s go baby pajaras got it right you are getting two extra names on the Wheel

Okay on to the four wait two names all right oh yeah let’s go this is our fourth right I think fourth or fifth fourth picture okay let’s do our fourth picture let’s do fruits okay let’s do fruits let’s do fruits oh yeah baby let us do paroops I’m gonna show you a picture Oh this one is cool all right let’s do it Can’t even grab it it’s too tiny bro okay there is a well pixelated part of the fruit let’s go what is that what is that for root no no keep guessing guys write all the fruits that you know maybe write your favorite food in there

I’m not seeing it I’m not seeing it hold on nope nope grass what is grass for it bro I need the blocks fruit bro what is bro you don’t know this fruit oh my God no one knows this fruit maybe this is a new fruit or what or what I know you’re looking at every fruit right now but keep looking keep looking outdated door oh my boy ran Fernando died my boy Renzo Fernando wait let me just take this screenshot so you can see it someone said like here see that someone said um Renzo Fernando said magma and then Mikko said

But it was too late okay so let me show you the permanent food this blocks through magma look at that that is magma everyone that is magma Renzo Fernando got it first Let’s go two extra names for Renzo Fernando oh yeah baby it looks censored yeah it’s so well pixelated bro okay Renzo Fernando you’ve got two extra names on the Wheel okay one more one more guys let’s do one more one final picture one final picture here we go Oh I want to do this okay Away from away from oh this one is interesting all right this one is I’m not showing that thing yet okay that is my first clue before I actually pin I post the picture I’m not showing the thing yet that I want you to guess but that is a clue it has nothing to do with a thing but if you try to check anywhere that is the

First clue I’m gonna drop the other parts of the picture okay my first clue is this is a a weapon a weapon that’s it it’s a weapon not a person not an NPC but a weapon again I’m not showing you the weapon yet this is not the weapon yet but it is in

The picture so I just got that department okay okay I’m gonna drop the the other part of the picture no one’s guessing it again it’s a weapon but if you try to look somewhere you might be able to see it again it’s not a person it’s not an NPC

Yet okay I mean it’s not an NPC I am not showing you the thing yet but once you get the point you will find out what I’m talking about here we go the next part of the picture might help you Okay here we go foreign Oh I I stretched it I stretched it Lorenzo Fernando again bro Renzo Fernando got it once again Goat Bot almost got it too see that Lorenzo Fernando got it it’s a soul guitar bro but again I’m just showing you the the other parts of the picture because if you’re so familiar with his website it shows you the NPC holding that weapon see that see that see that

So it’s a soul guitar I told you before I posted it’s not I’m not showing I was not showing it the thing that I wanted you to guess but that is it it’s a soul get the get get guitar Lorenzo Fernando wins another two names on the Wheel let’s go two names

On the Wheel for Renzo Fernando all right you said not NPC I didn’t say NPC it’s not NPC bro I told you it was a weapon okay if you’re not if you’re listening very well it’s uh some people are mad like oh you’re not fair you’re not fair Ellen

I’m I’m Fair guys it’s just not fair that your level of understanding is way too different than Renzo it’s not my fault bro I’m just saying let’s go okay I think that’s it guys let’s before we spin I’m gonna do all the activities first before we start

Spinning the three winners so we don’t have to keep doing activities in between spins okay so right now let’s do a We’re not gonna do the fruit on because I think that’s gonna take long let’s just do seek and kill guys and then I’m giving five extra names for

Whoever gets to kill me first okay and then you will get five extra names on the wheel let’s go so if you want to join us here there are still some spots here two four six we’re only eight people in the servers so if you want to join us here um

We can still have four people getting so if you’re not on our Discord yet here is our Discord channel it’s actually one way of plugging our Discord Channel too so people can get in why not right I mean you want to be part of the community we are doing

Uh the next PVP tournament if not tomorrow maybe the next week right now we are accepting entries for the next PVP tournament we just finished our PV tournaments probably two weeks ago we finished we had one winner of permanent leopard fruit and one winner of fruit Notifier but he changed it and

Then but you’re gonna you’re gonna see that when the upload is ready and then that was the PVP tournament two brackets lower bracket and the upper bracket lower bracket was 5 million bouncy down upper bracket was um 5 million up now this time we are accepting entries for the next PVB

Tournament and the PVP tournament is all about five versus five a team PVP tournament how exciting is that it’s like anime tournaments bro so you will not be able to select your team members because I’m gonna do that I mean I’m not gonna select but we will randomly

Spin probably spin a wheel again for your team members but of course I’m gonna sort the strongest not in terms of in terms of bounty I’m gonna sort the players in terms of bounty so everyone can have um equal opportunity of having the strongest players or probably those more

Skilled players than uh those weak ones I mean starting ones okay so you can join us on our for our PVP tournament be on our Discord Channel be active we can um then we can start the the PVP tournament as soon as we get enough entries so far

Wait let me see how many entries do we have so far okay there we go PVP so there’s a form that you can you can sign up now okay so so far we have let me count we have 24 entries for the PVP tournament we can start even if we

Have only had 30 so that means that means six teams right PVP tournament five on five that should be very cool so for you to join that once again go to our Discord Channel and sign up with our Google form so if the form is just asking your in-game name your Bounty

Um and then your Discord Channel a little bit of a suggestion and then you have to be able to play on the weekends because the schedule should be weekends because most of the people in the server in the channel can play on the weekends it’s more free time because I know

You’re very busy at school and whatever so you have to be available for Saturday and Sunday for you to join the tournament if not then you cannot join the tournament all right let’s start guys let’s do seek and kill right now Focus five extra names No portal fruit you cannot use portal fruit you can use pale scarf let me just let me switch to let me just switch to Marine first guys okay don’t kill me at least let me switch to Marine I now have my angel V4 so I hope this

Will also help me survive even for a short time but I’m not sure if they will allow me to transform otherwise they will kneel before me okay I’m Gonna Change to Marine so make sure I’m the only Mourinho Iman I’m not sure if Iman wants to join but Iman is

Still Marine so I’m gonna start moving guys don’t don’t invite me as Airline I don’t have any allies let’s start in five four three two one let’s go baby seek and kill me let’s go they’re now moving zip yes or book is on the probably wait they might catch me the technique

For this seek and kill game is be able to set a home Point somewhere that I might I might teleport right that should be a good oh Oh wrong idea go oh bad idea guys I teleported to sea castle what are you doing bro what are you doing bro

Do you want to end the oh they’re not they’re not actually noticing it they didn’t notice why did they not notice received okay let’s see no one actually teleported oh they’re here they’re here oh I’m gonna die early now I’m gonna die early for sure

But let’s see if I can survive a little bit longer come on guys make a survive dice come on come on wait there’s a lag there’s a lag I can’t teleport okay here we go there’s a lag a little bit of lag guys oh they’re here they’re here oh he

Caught me he caught me come on B4 come on B4 make me B4 come on baby baby there’s a lag there’s a delay with my skills bro I can’t I’m recovering guys I’m recovering you should not be able to recover make me recover guys or else it will take longer than expected

Oh they’re trying to catch me now they’re trying to catch me now oh who was that oh what was that skill Miku got me Miko got me congratulations Mikko you got five extra names on the Wheel see that that’s easy right there’s a bunch of them

There’s a bunch of them so Nico got five extra names on the wheel he killed me that fast GG well done Miko you get five extra names on the Wheel let’s go we might start spinning Miko five extra names two three four and five there we go five names for Mikko well done bro let’s go let’s start the spin guys let me start with the fruit first okay wait let me just silence the game so there’s no spamming in there let’s start spinning for the first for root

Let me make sure all the fruits are there let me delete that and copy all the fruits once again oh wait I haven’t sorry guys I haven’t been all the okay wait two join the giveaway repeat again let’s go so to join the giveaway type legit 18 Panda Allen in this live chat

Right only once at least 18 because today is our 18th permanent fruit giveaways right so I’m gonna open another wheel for that for me to be able to sort all the names so make to make sure that I don’t get duplicates all right let’s go thank you let me start writing now We got resident Angelo bajares Jared goldbot nanetto gaming John Chiron foreign book Renzo Fernando F6 shown Roblox player boom bam as Mexico will it 100. Mr V Kingpin A.A Luffy Renzo Fernando you’re done Seth suffix Seth Zion Jaden Anthony John Chiron save your limb make sure to press that like button for this live stream guys trust me it it increases your luck your chances of winning click that like

Button right now save your limb hotaru Uriel Renzo you don’t have to write again and again and again guys Anthony R.I.P mark Favio that’s it that’s it right how many entries do I have here 26 entries 26 entries let me try to sort it to make sure we don’t have duplicates or maybe I missed

Something take a look guys at your names we got a a book F6 Sean Goldberg hotaru fam Jaden Anthony John Chiron Jonas maxico King paint Luffy Mr V nanetto gaming fajras friends of Fernando R.I.P Mark Roblox player Ray Zelf resident Angelo Savio Singh said suffix Uriel al-moguela

Bench diensai 100 Xavier Lim yoru and Yuki sorry I can’t wait Joshua Joshua the friend of Iman from from China my brother from China and Kang fuk when John Cairo that’s it did I miss anyone so I got 28 names here is that it okay let me copy everyone’s

Names guys we don’t have any duplicates let me copy this names to the main wheel so that’s 192 entries plus the names this one 192 Plus 20 plus names that makes it 220 entries on the wheel let’s go but okay again let me start with the fruit first

Oh Ace gamer op is here okay I’m gonna add your name bro Ace gamer oh you can still see that on the screen right let me start copying the fruits and Game Pass items here we go where is that wheel here we go okay

There we go so I I added more new new game pass items actually we got respawn bosses and refund stats because it also costs some Robux so I’m gonna include that add perm Shadow bro all fruits are there Halo spin chops brain bomb smoke Spike flame Falcon Iceland dark revive

Diamond light rubber dark blade barrier magma Quake Buddha love spider portal Phoenix Rumble gravity no Shadow Venom controlled spirit dragon fruit modifier and of course permanent leopard oh yeah let me sort that oh let me Triple the names let me Triple the names of all the fruits and Game Pass items here

Three and four sorry two and three okay let me sort that you can see all the names are tripled and of course as usual we will add two more names for the permanent dough so you can notice that it’s a longer name on the wheel you can see that easily

Let’s make that five names in there and of course we have let’s add kilo parts so I’m gonna remove leopard I’m gonna make a kilo part to add some luck in there so that means you’re not just winning a leopard fruit you’re also winning a permanent okay low

Oh yeah baby five names for kilopard and of course the love the last the last rework of love love oh yeah let’s make love permanent fruit love five names two three four and five there you go five fruits five a lot five names for love and of course the spider man

Let’s make spider five Nines in a Spiderman Spiderman five names for Spider-Man three four five that’s it right so we got five names for Spider-Man five names for permanent love oh yeah permanent five names for a kilo part and five names for the dough machido let’s go type in Reddit

Oh yeah ready baby spin this there’s a delay guys I’m waiting for you ready wait let me just take note of the people who just got in that’s Iman and Ethan Nightingale I will add your names later bro let me spin first four and Mark and Nicole okay ready ready ready

In five four three two let me make sure it’s a 60 Second Spin it is and let me make sure it is shuffled shall fall oh yeah baby Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle oh yeah let’s go baby what is our first permanent fruit or Game Pass item today oh yeah Let’s go our first here we go oh boy I see Killer part in there here we go Buddha blizzard what Spiderman love oh yeah two times mastery Spider-Man someone’s gonna get Spider-Man oh Diamond okay okay Diamond someone is getting permanent fruit diamond if you don’t like diamond you can switch

It with revive dark sand ice Falcon flame two times Mastery two times money fruit storage Spike fast boat boss drop smoke bomb spring chop change race spin refund stats killow and respawn bosses let’s go oh yeah diamond let’s go who is going to receive that diamond and will be as hard as the

Encrust baby in crust baby who wants to increase baby who wants to look like me baby this diamond here if you don’t know what Diamond looks like this is diamond permanent diamond look at that baby oh oozing look at that diamond baby so that’s our encrust Diamond

Root who is getting a permanent fruit Diamond let’s go let’s spin for the first winner Here we go I missed a couple of people in there let me just add Iman Ethan Nightingale Mark and Nicole and we got dtp hero I was not able to write your name yet robot King all right did I miss anyone and K and K

Of course K and K I just wrote your name what is that name so long bro Vogel vogeland what is that name bro too long okay I’ll just write your name as Vogel Throne vocal thrawn EuroVan Germany hello brother oh we got Rena Noah bro no no no no Noah

Lost the Zorro you are on the Wheel sima sima rafik all right did I miss anyone no no I don’t think so let’s go let’s go let’s spin the wheel type it ready ready ready who is going to win this permanent Diamond permanent diamond diamond permanent diamond oh yeah baby let’s go baby

Ready ready ready oh yeah let’s make sure it’s a 60 Second Spin and you can hear the ticker it’s so hot let’s go Shuffle Shuffle who is getting a permanent Diamond fruit or something you like let’s go in five four three two one let’s go it’s spinning now

And I cannot see the names clearly but maybe a little bit later when it’s about to stop at your name you because you like you click the like button for this live stream you follow this channel you are lucky today you are getting no no no the other one you yeah you you

Will you’re looking at me now why are you looking at huh what are you looking at what are you looking at let’s go you are winning a permanent fruit diamond or change it with something better like permanent kilo oh yeah what who is it who is it here we go We got I am normal in there mark Nicole hotaru Mr snowyo oh Goat Bot goldbot God oh yeah he said in the live chat come on I have to win see that bro oh yeah Goat Bot wins he said come on I have to win and he just won easy as that see

That I’m not sure I’m not even sure if he has a lot of names in there bro I mean I’m not sure let’s find out of course goldbaud is here you still have time bro to think if you want to change it to something a lot cheaper or

Equal to the value of permanent fruit diamond or what you want to keep it I don’t care but you still have time because I’m gonna give all the prizes all together at once okay so you still have time to think but you cannot win again today uh

Gold bot you can still win again tomorrow let me just close this and let me copy all the names here so I can use all of the names for tomorrow you got all the names now and let me remove all the names of goatbot let me see how many names he has here

Goat mod here we go oh he has a uh oh he got actually six names in there okay not bad I’m removing his names now it’s down to 224 entries let’s go let’s spin for the next fruit For the next foreign let me remove all diamonds in there shine bright like a diamond let’s go oh we got nope a new person in there I’m gonna add you later um your name is burn toast that’s it all right let’s go baby let’s spin for the second permanent fruit type in Reddit

In the live chat let’s go baby in five four three two one shovel shuffle oh yeah let’s go Are permanent Mochi is spinning now oh yeah baby let’s go let’s get that pillow part please Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it let’s go What is our fruit say Ellen Ellen Ellen home oh yeah for you to win say it right now even if your mom is listening I don’t care let’s go oh there we go killer party’s there kilo part two oh we missed two kilo Parts what do we have next we got doe Mochi

Dough let’s give me that dough Mochi dough police oh two times mastery wait wait a minute bomb no two times Mastery or two times money it’s just either of those oh oh dark dark fruit who is getting a permanent dark far root or if you don’t like permanent dark you

Can get sand ice Falcon flame two times Mastery two times money fruit storage Spike fast boats boss drops smoke bomb spring chop change race spend refund stats killow or respawn bosses what do you like baby let’s go who wants a permanent dark for root let’s get back to the wheel of names You were looking for your name Jonas your name is here Rose you only have one name Jonas man CEO now let me add that dude just who just got in his name is burnt toast let me add you bro who knows you might be the next winner Burns host

Let’s see type in Reddit let’s give the next rise let’s go let’s go in five four three two one type in ready ready ready ready ready say Ellen Ellen Ellen home for you to win oh we get we got another person in there whoa your name is like an emergency name

Like you’re you look like you’re a second account bro are you are you real a b c d e f it’s like an emergency like uh wait I’m gonna make a second account bro wait let me name what what should I name it oh I

Don’t care a b c d e f sorry sorry I’m just kidding bro but are you real bro like a b c d e f that’s the best name you got bro I’m sorry I’m sorry But still I added your name I hope you win bro let’s go in five four three two one ready Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle five four three two one hole Yeah let’s go baby this is our second permanent fruit or Game Pass item winner who is getting the this permanent dark fruit

It’s a permanent fruit anyway so you can change it anytime you want bro let’s go oh yeah oh margin you missed the Second Spin Bros margin pantalunan foreign We don’t do that here only one bro don’t be so greedy you can win the next time for the other stuff that you want oh who’s that a book a red basic bro it’s zeroids it’s pajaras Jared Christian or surprise giveaway multiple winner bro and OG red basic pajares Jared Christian right wins

Another permanent wait a minute Um Jared are you there did you win per permanent dark already bro Can you can you type in the live chat what were the fruits that you already won pajaras for us to check if whether he already won the permanent doc can you list down I’m not sure because he actually had probably um five or six um prizes already he has one surprise giveaways multiple

Times bro oh you want to change it to ice okay so from permanent dark fruit he wants to change it to ice give me what you want give you what you need let’s go the hottest Jared Christian you are getting permanent ice let’s go go back to the permanent

The wheel of fruits the fruit wheel let me remove all the permanent dock there so there’s no darkness in there let’s go so those are the prizes that he already won Bro Look at that he won permanent though permanent blizzard fastball permanent blizzard he changed it to Buddha and

Then the legendary kilo he also won that so this is the one two three four five this is the sixth prize for red basic or pajaras or zeroids those are his names so lucky right that’s it guys it doesn’t matter whether you’re OG whether you’re

A new new newbie or new new member here it doesn’t matter anyone can win let’s go let me Shuffle Shuffle type it ready ready ready for the next and final wait wait wait hold on hold on hold on okay next and final prize let’s go type in ready ready for the last prize

Guys in five four three two one let’s spin oh yeah What is our third and final permanent fruit or prize today and of course we have three more winners tomorrow for our next 19th permanent fruit live giveaway live stream tomorrow probably same time or maybe earlier just stay tuned follow our YouTube follow us on join our Discord Channel and you will see the

Updates there here we go oh kilo part baby oh boy oh someone’s winning a Killer part oh my God we missed the Killer part again wait a minute there were like blizzard it was like Killer part and then blizzard and then spring and then blizzard why why not the Killer part

Why can anyone explain to me why why spring why maybe not today maybe tomorrow I want to get that kilo part brain so if you don’t like spring you can change it with chop change race spin refund stats or permanent kilo or respawn bosses it’s still a permanent

Fruit guys I mean we are respecting each fruit that the blocks for its gods have made right oh boy someone’s getting a permanent spring let’s do it let’s get back to the wheel of names and let’s give this permanent let me let me just remove red basic in

There and Jared but let me sort it let me find Jared okay there he has a name here and I think something that starts with bajales there we go we got five names six okay one more let me remove that we’re down to 217. oh he’s at Red basic still here again

Done done win bow okay I’m adding you and win bow you might win right who knows who else did I miss is that it oh marjun marjun pagta lunan I’m adding you bro let’s go let’s go I think that’s it the network gaming I already added you

The little gaming AJ boy let’s go okay who is winning the permanent spring that was almost a Killer part guys man almost kill a part even blizzard is good you can change a lot of items with blizzard right bro we lost it we missed it we can get we can change it with

Portal Buddha dark blade lots of permanent first that you can cheat with blizzard with anyway it’s destined to choose a spring maybe it’s tomorrow or whatever let’s go Shuffle Shuffle in five four three two one let’s go who is winning the permanent spring yeah baby And of course don’t miss the the next permanent fruit giveaways tomorrow and right now we are doing uh we’re accepting entries for the next PVP tournaments if you’re interested to join us we are having five on five PVP tournament just join us even if you don’t have friends because I will select

Or we will randomly select the members of five a five-man team who will go against the different five men teams so far we have 24 entries if you want to join us and join the PE tournament you might win you have a chance to win permanent fruits in this channel so we

Just finished our first TV tournament we’re now doing the second one here we go who is that winning the permanent spring I’m normal Mr I’m normal is that you oh is it book is it book oh it’s almost book the next name was book actually

Okay so anyway it’s I am normal I am normal it’s on Discord I guess so let me just check Discord oh I’m normal is actually here on on The Voice Channel bro wait let me join that I’m normal are you here hello what I am normal is that you yeah um

Did you just are you watching my stream right now so what did you see Where you won wait I won no no no no no you did not win bro I was just asking what did you see wait what did I win um you want spring you want a permanent spring can I hear a little hole Yeah from you is it in normal like friends or Amira

And he is I am normal on Discord that’s his name so you won your permanent spring bro do you want to change it with permanent leopard movies Lorenzo Fernando do you want to change your permanent spring to permanent leopard what do you mean yeah Um I think you’re getting a permanent leopard but not in this universe you are winning a permanent spring bro that is just the beginning okay we are on a road to getting that permanent lap it was actually almost a permanent leopard Renzo it was a leopard and then

A blizzard and then your favorite fruit permanent spring okay got it can I change it you can change it with kilo how about that you can change it with chop spin kilo respawn bosses refund stats and change trades how about that you missed it I cannot say it again

I’m gonna give away a turkey Max account give me the map uh I don’t know what I can change it with again you have to listen listen carefully you are getting a permanent spring you can change it with permanent chop permanent spin permanent kilo change race refund stats respawn bosses and permanent

Panda Allen’s love what do you want uh did you say earlier uh storage what did he say no how much is Okay let’s just talk in the game bro just join me in the game okay I’m gonna drop the the account that you have to add all right I think I already know is it is the um is it a girl account yeah I already have it added the Mysteries oh yeah Okay so I’m gonna drop it in the live chat winners add this account on Roblox no hello thank you for calling my name is Ellen how can I help you Permanent what permanent leopard selected before that let me do the transaction can I have your first and last name please um I didn’t get that is signed a Gaba can you spell that for me how are you how are you related to my papa I don’t know man no man you don’t know

My Papa okay I’m gonna go to the account now that I’m I’m using to give the winners their prizes I think some of them wants to change it but if they cannot claim the prize the permanent fruit that they’re getting today then we will have to re-spin the wheel for another winner

That is if they cannot join me or claim the prize but let me let me open the account first please I’m loading to log out I have to change accounts let’s go Join our join our PVP tournament guys it’s gonna be fun you will have new you’ll have your team you have your team captain it’s gonna be like an anime tournament basically where p uh they have to be like one and one and then whoever has probably the highest points whatever I’m

Still thinking though but that should be the setup it’s gonna be interesting it’s a lot bigger than the first tournament but let’s see how it goes I hope I the problem is just with the scheduling because most of the people are like busy so I have to make sure that you guys if

You want if you’re interested to join that then you must be available on Saturday and Sunday to fight okay if you’re not if you can’t fight on Saturday or Sunday then you should not join the tournament please okay so that we don’t disrupt the system I now have the winners I see Paris

That’s the red basic um Goat Bot what is your in-game name again a lord Destroyer Okay so I don’t see your name here bro are we friends already um where is Renzo Fernando wait Renzo what’s your in-game name are you already oh here this Lord Destroyer Opel right rapsky okay I’m

Accepting it now okay who’s the other one Renzo Fernando what’s his name again are we friends here yet what’s your in-game name Renzo Renzo okay let me start with whoever is here join me in the game um Goat Bot and pajares join me in the game so I can give you your prizes

And let’s see if Renzo Fernando can get in or not or maybe it will have to spin again let’s go they’re both here wait what happened to my account I don’t remember this account okay okay So that can a red basic face Goat Bot Goat Bot is Lord Destroyer he wants 12 hours of 2 times x experience 12 hours bro wait let me see wait that’s in the shop right two times experience boost right 12 hours it’s 19. so this one right

Experience boost 12 hours so that’s 99 times 12. not good at math bro 99 12. that’s 1188 Robux and your price the diamond is just worth a thousand bro that’s too much bro nope 12 hours is like Oh okay diamond Okay at least you tried 99 times nine hours okay that’s fine I’m gonna give you that all right Lord destroy let me start so nine wait nine right I have to count bro wait I can just give you the six wait let me see now I wanna burn all the brain Oh sorry sorry sorry I see it now sorry sorry I was looking at one hour bro I was looking at the one hour I was not looking at this 12 hours thing okay 12 hours then right okay so I’m giving him okay I’m giving you your 12 hours 12 hours in the hotel I mean I mean um 12 hours experience okay let’s go revsky

All right so he changed his permanent Diamond to experience boost for 12 hours whoa that is so good there you go guys he got his 12 hours experience boost that he wanted give you what you want give you what you need as long as it’s cheaper or equal to

The value of your price let’s go on to the next one Um Lord basic wants to change his um permanent dark grip to ice okay red basic I’m gonna give you your permanent ice bro Ice ice where is ice here that should be zeroids here we go There you go bro you got your permanent ice congratulations enjoy your permanent ice and I hope you win again let’s go he got it now let’s see if Renzo Fernando can claim his prize Renzo’s getting spring 12 hours XP okay I think he has to add me first so

I’m gonna add I might have to leave here okay let’s see if he added me yet where is Renzo Fernando bro where’s Renzo Thank you whoa Renzo’s saying like can he just get it tomorrow no bro no bro oh boy oh boy he is he might miss it we have had we have had multiple instances that like for people not claiming it because they have to go so I have to be consistent guys whether

You’re you’re an admin of the Discord or what I don’t really care guys I have to be fair to everyone my living cause I only okay let’s give him yes that should be a wee spin around okay let’s give him two minutes two minutes I’m gonna open a timer here I have to

Fair to everyone guys because a lot of guys missed to claim theirs and I had to respend so I have to be consistent with that I’m really sorry I’m just fair to everyone let’s go let’s drop that two minutes Starts Now you have two minutes bro to be in the

Live chat or whatever add me so he’s done right I remember I need I am normal orenzo Fernando to accept it or else we will have to respect So I do I have to stop the timer now so we can just re-spin just love one minute though maybe he changes my life maybe like he snooped his phone from his mouth later man I have to claim this for spring fruit imagine if that was a Killer part

Like Mom just beat the hell out of me I don’t care just get me this leopard the timer is just for formalities bro okay they’re so friendly what I think he’s asleep now so we will have to re-spin it time’s up guys let’s go time’s up so we have to re-spin for

Even if he’s here or he’s not here then we will have to re-spin again we got we posted a timer in there for a purpose so let’s give it to the another winner all right oh he’s here bro bro I’m sorry bro we have to be consistent why

Where like he came before it ended oh really wait his message should be before my oh okay okay I see it now I see it I see it sorry sorry so there’s a weight in there like wait and then I posted it to join the permanent spring okay I’m gonna

Delete that he’s here guys okay now Renzo Fernando add that account I just posted he got it in time probably three seconds left okay let’s give it to him he was able to uh get past his mom Let’s go let’s see if he added me it was almost a re-spin bro Renzo what’s your in-game name you have to add me bro add me I’m looking at the request now see that I have a bunch of requests here what’s your name bro what’s your name I cannot just accept everyone here

What is your name Demon Lord okay I guess you’re this I guess okay all right he’s here he just got in time so join me in the game um Renzo and I will give you your you’re not changing it right are you keeping the permanent spring

Or you want to change it to kilo sorry Oh yeah join me join me in the game now um Renzo uh you wanna keep okay you want to keep the the permanent spring foreign either pirate or marine and please make sure not to leave okay come here baby come here baby I’m gonna give you your permanent spring that was almost a

Permanent leopard though or permanent um blizzard but again maybe it was meant for a reason he’s flexing his portal okay let me give you your spring gift that is for Demon Lord right one zero four three here we go all right You just got your permanent spring bro enjoy your permanent spring I hope you win again let’s go and again guys we will have another three three winners for tomorrow stay tuned follow us on YouTube join our Discord we are accepting entries for next tournament that is a five on five tournament

It might start tomorrow it might start next week just stay tuned and I’ll see you again tomorrow probably uh same time for the next giveaway tomorrow is our 19th permanent fruit giveaway so don’t miss that if you want to win permanent fruits or Game Pass items

Tomorrow and of course if we hit 8 000 subscribers I’m giving again not just eight not nine but 10 permanent fruits or Game Pass items to celebrate a thousand subscribers in this channel join our Discord let’s have some fun play with us and I’ll see you again in

My next live stream oh yeah

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