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Okay so welcome back and Merry Christmas everyone this is of course light liger here and today we are gonna be talking about the huge airdrop done by one inch exchange on Christmas Eve not gonna lie it was a pretty nice surprise present and in this video I’m gonna be showing

You how to claim the airdrop and how to see whatever you’re gonna be eligible for this airdrop one inch token is on ethereum it has a supply of 1.5 billion and it’s currently sitting at two point two set or two eight dollars and it has

You know kind of rising up and down up and down so there’s many points where you can actually enter into the market and make some profits still while it’s hot and people are claiming but what you basically need to do is go into the one inch exchange website you can use my

Referral that link down below and you need to connect your wallet I’m gonna be using in this video metamask it’s pretty easy most people are familiar with it and there are some other options here such as wallet connect Port is new wallet link and Etc now after you have

Clicked the metamask you are going to be there will be a pop-up for you but since I have already logged in I can already um it automatically locks me in and now here on the top there’s this unicorn and basically here it will show you whatever you actually are available for the price

I got really lucky here that I have two accounts that were eligible obviously I have done previous videos on one inch Exchange in case you want to have the full tutorial it is included on the tab on the side and in case you want to look into our other accounts you can

Just simply paste them in I’m gonna be copying one of my ethereum addresses here and I’m going to be pasting that here and I’ll be seeing how much one inch there’s actually available to claim and I have made this through the actual pools that they have Distributing right

Now so this account was not actually eligible for the 600 which is kind of weird I I think it was but I guess it wasn’t and basically um here are all the details on the medium article so basically it goes into breaking down what the token is it is basically governance tokens

Which seems to be also Gathering some types of fees in terms of you know the governance fee that is happening on the aggregation protocol so it’s a bit different on the tokenomics than the gonna swap one but um I think it’s going to be a heavy heater a heavy player

Still on the game especially given the fact that it’s going to be on Cross chain they’re going to be releasing on Tron soon and these requirements are as follows all wallets that interacted with one inch until December 24th midnight will receive one-inch tokens and long as they

Meet one of the following conditions at least made up one trade only one trade before December um 15th apparently or at least four trades total or trades total at least worth of twenty dollars so if you’re gonna make a trade in terms of a five dollar trade that

Doesn’t sadly count uh also it means to be said that there’s liquidy pools right now on Muni swap which you can basically participate on um basically and providing LP tokens is gonna be also accruing you um uh basically um these LPS not LP tokens but they’re

Going to be gathering you some one inch so from actual mining perspective it’s also um pretty good so you can see the farming pairs here I think there are some others that are going to be added in in the future I think um kyber was one of them I think they

Talked about in the previous post I could be wrong maybe they ditched kyber but I actually provided some uh to the Moon swaps but uh liquidy pulls when it comes to them I think this is a great opportunity for many so definitely go check it out in case you’re interested

In it and after you are eligible you just need to put the claim obviously because the gas trees are really high right now I’m not gonna pay three dollars for 20 cents basically so um or 40 cents so make sure you’re gonna be counting all of that and it’s all you

Can watch all the um addresses and you can claim when you claim on the address it not will not claim with this address here it will actually add a claim with the address that you’re logged in so make sure you understand that so you can claim for

Your friends for example as a Christmas present or for anonymous people who haven’t claimed their airdrop and you can claim it for them um if you want to but then again they could be dormant accounts or accounts that have lost their monies or something so maybe not do that but if Case a

Friend needs help maybe you can do that for them but that is pretty much the rundown how to basically get the one inch tokens I think it’s gonna be seeing crazy valuations in the last couple of days might go up to five dollars six dollars I don’t think it will go as high

As uniswap did given the fact that it has 50 more Supply so that’s pretty huge but then again a lot of those funds are not in circulation they have a very big a long investing period and farming period compared to unit Swap and obviously one inch exchange is pretty

Good Exchange in general it can be sometimes been expensive but they do have their own gas token as well which is called Chi that is not one inch token that is the other token which is the gas free token and the idea of the website is basically to find the best prices for

The best trading pairs so if I’m gonna be trading one inch to eat that is around thousand and four hundred so it’s around 604 uh that you will be getting so it’s a crazy amount crazy amount and that’s basically two free money like a lot of money and it

Might go up even from here who knows I will see you guys on in the next video make sure to leave your questions Down Below in case something is well you don’t get something okay you know something’s unclear let me know thanks for watching I will see you guys on the next video

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