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2 Airdrops To Try For Right Now | VELA & LENS

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Good evening everybody Welcome to the crypto Q YouTube channel and in today’s video we are going to be covering two different airdrops uh that you can work to get uh one of them you can actively just work your way to earning it right now

The first one lens uh as you can kind of see on screen I will be touching on you can interact and try to get this potential airdrop uh you know you’re not guaranteed it but if you wanted to mess with it try to get it uh it’s something you can do

So hopping right into it I do want to note nothing in this video is you know Financial advice as always uh just trying to help people out here so take it for what you will but I’m in no way telling you to make a financial decision buying and or selling so starting off

Lens protocol so here I’m on openc you can go and put in lens protocol profiles they’re right about a hundred dollars right now I paid about 150 for my lens address but you can go in here you can buy this whatever one you want if you

Want to be a diamond fists dot lens uh chinmay.lens it’s kind of similar to your ens but if you want to buy one you can buy one then you can just tie it to your wallet so you can go over here to lens dot XYZ forward slash hashtag apps

And you can go in here to claim handle so you can connect your wallet check to see if you’ve got a handle available for sale not for sale but for claim if you do good job but if not you can go in and buy one if

You would like to if not you know hey it happens so then you can go here so this is just you go up here to the top where it says apps and then you can go through and they have many different partners as you can see up here like ens gelato poet

Polygon openc xerion snapshot Alchemy ipfs our weave I mean a bunch of big names but you can go on to some of these different apps there’s a ton of them if you want to try four airdrops typically it’s best to just test out a bunch of things on that project on that

Blockchain on that Network whatever it is so in this case you can go into like linster where I am connected and you can actually go in and interact similar to like a Twitter feed so you can go in write a post or what I have been doing

Is liking trying to retweet or comment and then if you see this little button here it is to collect it I would say at least collect some uh you know fine post find people collect some of their posts you can search through on Twitter and find people’s different addresses

Collect some of their posts some of them you have to pay for a lot of them you can find for free so worth checking out at least trying it uh even if it doesn’t necessarily get you anything it’s worth a shot because it could be something so we can go over

Here I kind of just threw up something I haven’t messed with it all too much yet I might start putting some posts here mine is just rescue so you can put at rescue or it’s rescue.lens but if you want to follow me uh and you want to

Like hear uh Mingo they talked about the ZK sync airdrop so I went and collected this because I saw that they had it on here so I’m going to go ahead and interact and do what I can to get these potential air drops so just first one there

So the second one I’m going to be talking about is Vela I have heard many of my friends talk about it I’ve heard about it I’ve kind of messed with it a tad bit not a ton yet but you can see they’ve already got a token life it’s trading at

36 we’ll just say 36.3 million dollar market cap we can go in and kind of look at it if you’d like to it’s been going up over time and you can go here it is on arbitrum so if you’re trying to work towards the potential Arboretum airdrop this may not

Be a bad thing to at least mess out with because you are going to have to bridge funds over which is probably a requirement if not it helps uh so keep that in mind uh vela’s got similar ideas to GMX you know you can put in mint vlp using your

Usdc and earn 50 of the total fees generated by the platform think of it like glp in that sense so if you’d like you can actually just earn on your usdc it’s pretty nice but you can see here they put this out the other day where

Currently we are in this beta phase two they’ve got different contests uh new assets Vela usdc rewards but the big thing here March 6th to be determined further for the beta airdrop nft claim trading competition and redacted so try if you want to to earn this token

You can connect here you can deposit some funds you can go through redeem so you know I’ve got some usdc sitting on this address right now I could actually go in and say I want to throw in 900 get 870 vlp and earned on my vlp which is currently earning 85 APR

So that’s pretty nice you can go into Vela you can earn on your availa if you’d like to you can see that evela is getting just about 20 percent with Vela earning about four and a half percent so not crazy rewards but it’s something there and then you can go through your

Account if you’d like to uh if you guys you know you can see I haven’t really done anything on this address but I could go and deposit trade I will likely be doing this just to mess around so I’ll probably go in and do some Longs and some shorts

Test it out you can do it on bitcoin ethereum Doge currently the markets are closed for the Euro pound and Yen so if you’d like to you can you know wait for that but you can trade and you know there is the risk of losing money so keep that in mind

They’ve got a leaderboard where you can track it with the leveraged win losses their profit and loss and then they’ve got referrals so if you’ve got friends you want to sign up they will give you a referral ID you get a cut of the fees and then you get some referrals so if

You’d like to when you go in and you connect it’s going to ask you for a referral if you want to put in mine it’s 2bhg 7j9u do you have to know what I appreciate it yes but it’s at the end of the day it’s

Not a make or break it doesn’t I’m not gonna not make videos over referrals people seem to overdo some of those but that is the big thing so this is the second airdrop that I think is at least worth watching if you don’t and you’re not comfortable with trading then don’t necessarily and

If you especially if you don’t trade a lot don’t overdo it and lose money to earn an airdrop that may not make up for the losses that you occurred during the trading so there’s just something to keep in mind uh as there is always risks involved with any of this you have Smart

Contract risk you have general you know liquidation because you can leverage your trades so I can actually go and deposit and I can do leverage trading which for many people is a highly risky and losing proposition so keep that in mind uh be careful but those are two

Airdrops I’ll make videos as you know I want to talk about others but I do get people that are asking me about different protocols different airdrops uh talking about different things and you know those are two potential ones that are worth noting so with that being

Said I hope you have enjoyed this video if you have drop a like and a comment down below and I will catch you guys later bye

Hello everyone! In todays video I am covering 2 Upcoming Airdrops that might be worth watching or trying for.

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