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Hi there this is savior crypto on Saturday lunchtime and uh yeah what a date yesterday was wasn’t it unfortunately I had to drive to the airport to pick up my daughter my older daughter and uh whilst doing so I decided to close a trade that I’d basically fur mowed into so what I

Actually did was I I think I made a little video like a little a YouTube short just saying that was fomo again and it was about I can’t remember now if it was 19 000 or something and uh here I said in the free telegram Group by the

Way this is a free group you don’t have to use my buy bit link or anything like that but I’d love it if you did so the buy bit link is buy bit and the telegram group is same with TG okay

So what I did here at 10 36 I did the video saying that was fomo again and uh and then and then just before I was about to set off for the airport I said I’m not feeling the farmer along and I have I have to drive for three hours now so

I’m setting a TP slightly below 19k so what I’ve done I’ve gone in at 18929 and uh yeah I’d set the take profit for 18 967 um and and yeah I mean sure enough you know as soon as I set off the the price went up and the take profit hit I think

I made about I don’t know five dollars or something it was you know something quite trivial and that was it for Friday but I just had to watch the price going up and there wasn’t much I could do about it you know I was so didn’t want

To firmo into it again uh I kind of wish I had no but you know that’s the way it goes and it what I did do this morning though and I did update the telegram group um I did put um some long orders here here hitting here so twenty two

Eight nine twenty one eight two one nine eight nine five and what actually happened was the price came down in this kind of dip here and did pick up the first order and then updated the group to say that I canceled the two lower buy orders and

Then I moved the stop loss into profit which is where we are now um so if you look at the trade now okay let’s come down a little bit just recently but um it’s 17.2 percent in profit which is about 47 now this is the account that I started on

Um when was it it was January the 2nd okay so and I started with 200 and the current value of it is 0.0571 Bitcoin or uh in dollars 1178 dollars so with that 200 I’ve actually made nearly a thousand dollars in 11 well 13 days now

Um so I think that’s pretty good going isn’t it anyway the telegrams group is there that don’t blindly copy everything I do but just get a feel for it you know and uh try and establish your own kind of method of trading now one thing I’ve been using is this V WAP standard

Deviation bands volume two well version two mod okay this is vwap is the volume weighted average price I think it is um and it’s it in this version you get these kind of like green bands here and these red bands up here now it’s slightly different on different

Time frames and in particular the mono looks like that and then the four hour looks like that but what’s important is that for one hour okay now very rarely do you see these Wicks come out at the bottom of a green band see we’re looking back in time now

Okay did it here okay so that did it there and the price then was around about 17 982. now as far as I can see that’s a really good Buy Signal if if you get that uh did it here as well like what’s that price

Did it there 17 306 I mean that would have been a superb one you know at the same time as well if you if the price goes above and actually out of the bands in in the red part then that looks like it’s a pretty good opportunity for short

You know but I’d say generally at the moment as the trend is upwards uh I’d be looking for Longs rather than shorts I know some people say why do I never short I do occasionally but I I prefer to long and what I prefer to do

Is when the when the when the prize comes back I then go long and then go up again that is the generally the plan and I know I shouldn’t do it but I do like to have these you know multiple entries so I can just try and catch a wick and the

Reason I did it this morning the reason I chose those levels um I think the first one was on this kind of like Dotty line here the second one was this green line here and this third one was this green line here so that was the idea you see because

When it goes down there it usually goes back up to the red side um now at the moment what is also worth looking at is the macd which is this momentum oscillator down here and this shows the general oh how can I simplify it’s the moving average Divergence convergence it it

Looks at the moving averages and it tries to assess what the trend is if it’s going up or if it’s going down or you know it gives you an idea of what it’s likely to to do now the problem with this is it is a lagging indicator so sometimes sometimes it sort of

Confirms what just happened which is not that useful but I I do find it useful for example here so that was oh it was yesterday okay so um that just went from from red to Green just there and then obviously you know the rest is history if we look back further in time

You can see here for example going from red to Green there and obviously that’s just gone up since then so I think that’s a really good indicator now of course what would have been good was uh if I’d have just gone into the 200 trade back here with the full 200

And then rode it all the way up there was a big trade that you know really really helped actually I didn’t actually mean to come out of it I’ll show you what happened there’s a I was trying to do one of them YouTube shorts so I had

My phone in my hand right and I was trying to add to the position that I already had and uh and what I did was I I clicked uh I clicked short instead of long so of course it just closed the trade straight away so so that was that

Was the end of that trade but I’ll just show you what I did basically what I did was I just taken profit on this one here within astonishing 330 long 40x coming from 17351 up to 18783 just imagine if I’d have kept that all the way up to 21 that would have been

Fantastic wouldn’t it anyway I didn’t because what I did I clicked click short by by mistake so I ended up making this loss here it was minus 2.98 but it was a tiny position so the actual loss was Zero pretty much and there was another one that closed yesterday that was just

Two percent in profit that was the one when I went to the airport um so that was okay you know I made .001 Bitcoin so it was not a lot but uh you know that was okay anyway currently the position we’ve got now is nicely in

Profit and the stop loss is in profit as well so if it does goes safe uh I think I’ve said it so I’ll make two percent or maybe it’s four percent I can’t remember uh but anyway so that’s what will happen there but yeah I mean so

That’s mainly what I’m doing at the moment I’m just looking at the V web and then I’m looking for kind of confirmation with the macd the other thing that might be useful is the VR VP that’s the visual range volume profile so I’ll just show you that this

Is these um yellow and blue things over here now what this is this is um this is the kind of uh the the amount of trading uh that goes on at the different levels I think it’s like the depth of the order book or something like that and this tends to

Show the level um that the price of Bitcoin is going to gravitate to so you can see here you know this 18836 is quite a strong thing as well uh and then up here we’ve got 20 20953 I mean that might be a good profit for this trade but you know I’m confident

That we can get up into this red band of the V web so I’ll be looking for to take profit with this one at something like 21 068 or 21 259 or even 21 399 that kind of area but obviously the V web moves as time goes on so if this just Wiggles

About a little bit then you know we’ll see what happens there um the other thing I look for at the weekend is where the CME closed on Friday night this is a CME you can go to this URL here so this is the price that the Chicago

Mercantile Exchange closed at on Friday night so it’s 19 895. now what I’ve generally found certainly over the last sort of six months or so is normally on Sunday night Monday morning the price will tend to come back here okay so that’s obviously quite a bit

Below where we are now almost a thousand dollars below below where we are now so am I going to try and short it if we do end up there and trying to short it down to 19 000 whatever that was um no I’m not because uh at the moment

Everything’s very very bullish and you know the price could just go straight up here oops the price could could just go straight up here um and if that happened you know I don’t want no shorten it I mean there will be a pullback at some point so that would

Probably be it so maybe I’ll just drop her like a horizontal array in there so set that at 19 8 9 5. okay do that um and I just put text type it CME that’s where I think it might come to tomorrow night or Monday morning so I

Want to be prepared for that so I think what I’ll probably do during the day today is if I see the price going up here I’m just going to go to my trade and I’ll probably just manually push up the stop loss and I guess at some point it will probably

It will probably hit so I’m just probably going to move it just you know you can just click that and drag it up a little bit um I’m going to leave it there for the moment just in case there’s another wiggle like that but to me the price now if you look

Here in the 15 minute shows that this the macd is just starting to go green a little bit green there that’s on the 50 minute and what you’ll see if it carries on doing that is you’ll see the 30 minute one do the same and then hopefully what you’ll get is the hour

Time frame CME going green now if that happens it should go up really quite nicely so I think what will probably happen is it will go up here go into that red part well that’ll be over there but then that’ll be the red part of the v-work up there

I don’t know maybe go up here liquidate a few more shorts they come down here hit the CME gap on Monday or Sunday night and then hopefully we’ll go back up and then go to the Moon that’s the plan okay so what you need to

Do this you need to buy a bit of current so you can go to cyber buy bit and you get free money stuff like that I mean I actually went to the rewards hub this morning yeah so I came over here went to rewards hub there

Right and you keep finding that you’ve got rewards in here like this one this one here so I don’t even know what I did to get that but you know that’s cool so I’ve got twenty dollars and you kind of get these every now and again just get

Free money if you look at my rewards there you can see the history of the ones I’ve had so this is today look so you can see here that you know I’ve got one here for a hundred usdt this one this morning just got it

For 20 usdt and it’s money you can use straight away for trading so they go uh so you need to buy bit account which will which you can get from buy bit uh get your free rewards uh you’ll need a trading view Pro account now you need this to get the

V-wap and also I think you need it to get the VR VP I think you get the macd I think you get that with the with the free one I’m not sure if you go to TV you get 30 off a annual plan and the cheapest way to do

It is to use my code get the 30 off buy an annual plan and then when it gets to Black Friday in November you’ll get an opportunity to extend your subscription for like you know 60 off or something crazy like that and it doing that it

Works out real cheap so uh that’s what I do you don’t need the premium one just the just the pro one just the first one the first paid one and that is obviously the cheapest one as well so you need that buy bit account bit of money I

Started with 200 oh and of course you need to go to the telegram Group which you can just go to TG and you’ll get in the telegram group straight away and you know you’ll see the trades that I post and hopefully you too can turn

200 into 1 200 in 12 days like I did and I’m not a very good Trader I’m really not but I can show you you know what I do and hopefully that will allow you to sort of like learn your own kind of style and I think everyone has a

Different kind of style of trading everyone’s got different amounts of risk that they’re willing to tolerate and you know that kind of thing and you know for some people 200 is a lot of money some people it’s nothing but it doesn’t matter how much you use because all the

Techniques are all the same and you know you the fees are a percentage so it’s not like you know you everything gets swallowed up in fees so that’s all pretty cool isn’t it right so if you like to enter that please do like the video give it a share you know

Share it amongst your amongst your friends and stuff and then leave a nice comment and do all that good stuff and above all do tell your friends Foreign Foreign

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