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Hello hello just test my test foreign what’s up guys long time long time good evening Namaste service hope you guys are doing well it’s Al caper foreign recently so I’m completely focused towards it hello Edwin what’s up man good evening Fallen what’s up it’s alcohol guys what business it’s called backseat

Gaming we sell PCS laptops and peripherals and sort of post menu array you can check the page out or server come server but whatever you need we might have it mostly have it two weeks by launch where I go new products in the last week’s early laptop workout

So we have some laptops from Asus Roger we have MSI we have Dell available sign G model size you just let me know or you tell me the specs I’ll recommend that I mean sorry hopefully next next next month early Feb anytime the last time that was ages ago yeah

It was a contract the contract sock you I’m back in Nepal delivery once air we are offering free delivery all over Nepali magelli magelli re-delivery all over Nepal foreign foreign you can come down to my home and you can watch me build that setup for you so that’s on appointment basis

Digital stuff and say you can visit match and I’ll build it in build it in front of you 25 questions VA panel back 165 Hertz alimati IPS means 165 or two eyes anyway range was a 240 Earth serpent so if you are interested in high high high refresh rate 360. foreign

Normal day-to-day lifeco live laptop money pause or pause depending on your budget I can recommend so options are we are more focused on gaming and other options foreign foreign oh wait here enemies blocked paintings foreign it would be best if you could message me on backseat gaming or my channel itself

Then I can look at the options we have right this is whirlingness whirling what happened to that keyword you showed last time it’s still there we still have it baby I have to do this map here foreign guys that I come once in a while guys say foreign foreign Maybe yeah okay yeah

No exit lag guys foreign foreign launching smoke then Beacon down [Applause] one enemy remaining it give me shout out bro she came back watching patan how was it are you an srk fan as well anyway guys thank you for tuning in services would really appreciate that is

So that you can climb back your rank easily by 144 or 190 to 192. I don’t know how you should run foreign Reloading yeah I’ll be 49 damn I don’t think that’s exciting good as uh you should mirror I don’t have the chase for Bollywood uh maybe the acting was it’s good to see those stars on screen Lord Jersey long Beach City foreign backseat gaming now you know why I have that name as my

Business because we all do it and give Hicks yeah China one of them yet okay be smoke be small right here Spike planted yeah right ready foreign already gotta come and pick me bro Beast all right inside I said right here what’s her name yikes actually guys game game restarters so

You got away with us screen tearing I don’t know why streamers Foreign foreign foreign right here yeah launching smoke Spike down a helper corner BB C is Spike planted last player standing pulling them in and see bro um What’s the weird say cider foreign Foreign foreign so I’m here foreign a link oh yeah Switching sides please guys soda double face bomb what was he thinking ah which if you should uh pair with 36 years 2800x is good 12th generation X would be better spam money gaming premium recording video editing Maybe Barney video editing um I currently have the 5800x with 2070. all right it works fine editing money smoothies are small GPU dependent that’s pretty good keeping our extra damn year very valuable 3050 today it’s better to buy it right which is so much better value and performance foreign gives you more room foreign

I mean 1050 was a very good car there that was way back I’m there would be crossed nice two two doors all right and shoot ers it’s been quite a while not sure [ __ ] ing now I feel this Stevens Window s idea don’t be done camera now I’m chat like butter thank you like Planet Smoke’s down and out three alter oh yeah foreign like this is What’s up man I’m good I’m good how are you okay nice loading one enemy remaining is 70 80 something um yeah there were a lot of other things that I was trying to do and he backseat ended up doing backseat for now so I latest my focused all again

I’m burning oh yeah yeah bench for when I’m bored now foreign no the Subscribe the river lead animal the river is also pretty fun I mean those are pretty good skins 2K plus four damn that’s fast foreign then you can make it but I don’t know which VPN right here foreign Holly

Launching smoke one enemy remaining foreign if you have a payment method subscriptions possible sir thank you BTR nice chin Feb New Market I guess Night Market down available foreign Nobody oh yeah nice reload they want to dance Flash holy smoke Ollie ultimate of us one enemy remaining seven heaven I had his ass together stay safe yes bro LLY you said though is the city nice Bruce damn momentum so good bro so good hey so good gg gg guys GG but

As well all right so Immortals or the new oh yeah foreign honey honey we’re a backseat gaming like follow up on yeah guys so followers come on yeah exit gaming I follow button for you what is here 100 guys follow follow Ed him opening app on an app foreign Match found match found be La you Ling salon on my back early see the app closer hola all over them guys live shout out ice box ah jet Cipher so Piper Inverness again ugh dehydrated boys and girls laughs again it’s good I’m out of here foreign hey [ __ ] we’re gonna go Spike record

Foreign Thank you they’re rotating water nice well pleasure ease clap powers Foreign guys can you give shout out sure bro go follow me on my pinned comment backseat gaming I’ll give you a shout out right now enemy remaining next time yeah let’s go videos shout out to you man thanks for following moist Ure right here deploying drone first floor two two

Never since the map changed Well well they will scurry foreign go enemies Wasteland oh okay yeah opportunities oh nice interesting go go go mint boiler foreign foreign foreign screen down one enemy remaining here foreign foreign door egg boiler don’t know I think ATR IA Mario mat hey guys last player standing time the heels keepers sorry hello

Thank you foreign Out of here all right close close headshot boy two more two more I think three oh don’t know why you can’t do that please foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign you ready well done one orange tube don’t know remaining should be one more Time Zero yeah Cypher

Okay we know the drill stick to your room Foreign I’m out of here Gotta go sh Bike down a yeah one enemy remaining unknown could be mid almost out here addictive hello foreign foreign appreciate it reloading Spike planted last player standing oh Edgar oh I try bro I’m out of here dude last player standing a bow and arrow is old-fashioned well we know foreign toxins going up there

One enemy remaining neither amen I don’t see and these cars nine three cars [ __ ] let’s hope not I don’t want to lose yes yes keep up standing ahead okay guys okay yeah Spike planted nice revealing area two more rounds two more rounds two more rounds still not over yet two more rounds

Thank you growing up Nowhere to Run down ready one headshot before foreign Construction’s going out 120 women oh they are everywhere it’s the beginning of the end guys hello clumsy what’s up long time how are you welcome sir let me check are easy tools flyer you see 3C hey what’s up bro I was down last text stuck in flat to hell right now man

Sadly sadly it’s been a very long time my friend kids are all good yes glad you could drop by focus in the game before it’s too late let’s move or whatever screen down 50 only officers Get to be busy though that’s nice I’m amped let’s go I got things to do this foreign foreign I’ll pick the way okay oh mid man ning which time are there nice try your life is good but I do miss watching Subway then I’m pretty desperate my error good times though right

That’s it okay sounds good Spike planted 9-3 cars is real open Ninja Left me left me my Spanish will they try the same old tricks positions foreign It was tonight foreign oh man again Foreign foreign Here oh come back foreign Oh Yeah you’re Wireless ly foreign Okay foreign building all right remaining nice dude back help us foreign Don’t hang bro first in another yeah appreciate it another anyway it’s good to watch play like after three months take care and stay safe thank you thank you glad you enjoyed take care you two stay safe foreign ah cool letter subscribe foreign foreign Playground is a youth season Apex money value just the reasons also where you get cheaper coins oh I’m not sure about that I’ll turn here foreign I doubt it happens so I wouldn’t know for sure one body Pearl okay you can play some Pierre uh Cipher feed back nothing

Bro can you go something else play five player five which are hello foreign foreign Ecosystem these guys keep taking our Earth let’s kick them out and get back to our lives there I love this track it goes here that goes there it’s so unique I know I’m getting here play art Pro play art leeway for me you can play double art hello cage trigger plant flows right

Jet plans okay wow need healing Now this is a nice spot distance thank you foreign Foreign foreign I remember Faith leave their brains in Texas Foreign sleep wait I know main main s least okay okay bug oh nice try 0.13 this goes here foreign is it ulcerated attracted once I reveal them make sure it has started nice well please oh God nice info Cipher thank you more of that I’m giving me uh get out of my Channel

Foreign foreign foreign Spike down we should run bike plants a closer get all zones foreign okay thank you we belong belong we’ll try everything foreign Foreign foreign uh last step I don’t know I killed them simple as that Sky bro remember like maybe because close Spike planted I’ll do it foreign okay that goes there completely Multiple I destroyed multiple are coming here coming here planted this is foreign Eminem foreign just don’t pick right down players I got spammed here bro okay mid Lane two minutes are down foreign Foreign from your guns etiquette myself those people who like going Beyond this map are actually dumbasses especially Start trapping you know now where to set up shops yeah backside cash project s you can play that spawn so if you can go that spawn no problem sir uh foreign foreign Foreign white planted standing in between us and victory what color let’s go here here wow this is foreign let’s go here is there foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign fun here more than we did before this goes here is foreign Foreign speak out of bye ready [Applause] foreign oh my God last year brother one HP mark S he knows you’re here hey Again foreign face your fear let out foreign Foreign last time please guys okay close team connector except Ariana where are you guys static City not your planter not yet you should run oh my God bye to uninstallers Randy I’ll be disconnected many people bye there is a performance reloading reloading there Gigi [Applause] is here the mouse foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign guys hello Either five duelist or play proper cop you decide player 4. I am down for both whatever you say I will play okay you better frag s foreign I must live in this nightmare my enemies might as well join me this algebra all right Violet chamber chamber limitations here help me raise me

Walk in five seconds yeah they will put that away hey PSU finish uh you know pull this again they’re problematic very problematic foreign foreign foreign foreign there they are short forwarded I don’t know Shadows traveling out to buy the smoker layer take a shot nice with me please declined him revealing area

It dropped marketing Market I think foreign Reloading up please foreign Demon nice round KJ zero so we need to um okay we should push a pizza because mixer engine all together easier the city um foreign Shorty foreign foreign we’re calling out that’s important they sing swamp grenade swamp grenade out do you get anyone spawn Richard one in all right or when you didn’t have to pick men um hopefully reloading foreign time so next one is in master around 165 around 180 design area Foreign architect Ure I think hi Sue in the half thanks reloading reloading better somebody reloading Market pressure foreign revealing it [Laughter] nice straight Arena foreign I don’t know that you do the hunters I don’t know falling back both fell back both fell back watching mid cross okay foreign reloading reloading never lose sight

Forcement for away me okay 144 many buffing bruh no idea finishing the lambot mustard be again I think groaning I have smokes I’m living here can be fake Ninja longer days out on boat house one default I mean foreign scanning ahead one enemy remaining deploying throne hey wow is thank you bro appreciate it

Don’t overthink it that’s my job take flight foreign foreign foreign You sure it’s fun by plenty I can Flash generally remaining nice nice foreign we’re in a short smoke yeah you got blind woman foreign Foreign foreign foreign rotation again close okay Okay okay okay okay let me see a little um [ __ ] it came in episode foreign foreign recalling my bot bot coming back player standing bro attackers Windows reinstall the answer is no paint brushes where are you right now bro I’m at home bro got found you uh foreign let me know

You went to in India that was like six months ago man foreign That you know I need money that’s like a website reading China sorry no last rule like I said what’s the website where they ordered the address easy Uptown funk you up Uptown funk you up foreign foreign foreign meritable internationally and never they always fanatical or without eating other this is the support

Not really the examples Thank you for dropping by though give me ideas foreign more than enough way dry here last year 2023 is a better word so definitely exit gaming company also that we will have any answer let me do any yeah ideas also available guys Uptown funky up after yeah It’s a loser what’s up man how are you doing hmm it’s about the game and agents I mean yeah I think I wanna get away from Valor and focus content okay I want to do General gaming contents yes foreign active man okay okay so you have to be very active to stay up

To date not that I will be left behind you play Elden ring Norman I’m not really into those kind of games I don’t know why I don’t really like playing uh story games or ask her man I I feel like I have a key story multiplayer hello mind setting mirror so warzone

Apparently hello RP gtrp RV last year Alex here it’s like uh starting a new life making connection making friends here you know foreign Rainbow Six Seasons I have played before but uh the musics I used to play a lot during college time it’s pretty good uh GTA online with your problems

The dragon kumara thoughts oh National keyword of the world um spill proof it’s an artist um it’s a decent keyboard Red Dragon why not put some more and get a better keyboard because that kumara is not oh Enterprise it’s normally out of stock here But yeah foreign like if you guys had an option between black and white would you buy white what do you guys say you guys are all black black everything black uh foreign black is very minimal it’s good not bad white wow a lot of whites which is a good news guys my lighter

Keyboard is in Royal white option there is a white a white keywords I think I prefer white as well only putting key capture which is super nine set budget Mouse RGB pop by Alexa as a keyword putting keycaps foreign keycaps Your translucent or Stones okay so there’s more of lights passing through the keycaps uh foreign cables are actually very expensive yes I think coil cables clean design Serena I think ah coil cables you see uh Answer 2500 so my coil cables are also black and white option putting keycaps costs 7K ah expensive saw that good news there is Hospital Mouse I’m uh I’m uh expecting around 1800 2000 Theta 30 amounts that you guys can enjoy that hyperx could 3 came out in here her dinky caps yesterday

Just saw good options so if you guys are looking into it well I hope you guys look into it that’s just an alarm for dinner without tickets you guys I think I’m gonna go now Mouse pets is 400 X3 Sai J Paul then ask her Boss Battle Royale shortages foreign foreign Still [ __ ] ridiculous size 350 300. together options how branded it’s Heaven is how we go and says grsx could say a model actually check what numbers are yeah it’s a school which Mouse would you prefer under 10k um I think zoeys are good for FPS games Arena

And we think the options are reserved in heatola Piper Old Piper Pioneer for Viper Paul then your price rookies option there aren’t a lot of options there few price changes again maybe I should find a good Mouse under around 67k for range option Viper ultimately G5 O2 around Foreign Wow and take crypto vx7 good or no I have no idea about fan text when fantical mouse or I wouldn’t recommendous with good sensors and good switches maybe good for an year or two this was it’s probably gonna go dead but I have no personal experience eh so I wouldn’t know for sure

Ah substitute with the budget comes out the leader answer no-brainer under your mouth summarized area I think this is a good price nine thousand Risa Helios xt5 it’s wireless it’s a right-handed shape it has scale switches should I review it should I get this model and review it 65 xt3 Venza

Better not go in the butt don’t believe me just watch I’ve been losing some click on those hard putting it comes out there that’s the thing have you used razor that Arrow V2 oh I used it 10 years ago man very good Mouse Tara used to be

I thought that had her V3 Knights okay I don’t believe me just watch it’s a Viper mini ultralight gaming mouse price dropped from 9k to 4K it used to be more cheaper like three thousandth amount yeah so to say 3500 for thousands amounts Piper monitor best budget Mouse good price Ma foreign

You can save a lot uh Piper mini towns I can provide it for a 3.5 oily body with free delivery of course 3 500. it can get cheaper in the future hopefully foreign you g101 Logistics foreign if you are looking for a good headphone investment might come under 10k

Price say I can’t be sure of right now but the 10 key some answer it’s a very good headphone nearby 11th I’ll answer it’s very durable cancer it went open up so headphones I wouldn’t recommend that it’s hella expensive Black Widow is the 173 Quantum 100 that’s a jblk headphone sound quality

Wise is Top Notch best dummy JBL Quantum line Subway you can see that this might break to joint foreign Take good care of it it’s very very vulnerable questions foreign Ty has a lot of options I breaks Cloud 2 is very good one of the best headphones in the market but it’s very expensive Nepali Market was a I was thinking of importing that as well I know that already I Endo only limited crowded Italian To bring it for a cheaper price at least it’s pretty good good for us to Singapore city yeah foreign 35 speed uh the Army monitor was in the 144.30 foreign which is also 165 words IPS panel which is much better any Excel to for 11k I think there Mom 140 Hertz TN panel until only purani model but it’s still one of the best Esports monitor for FPS game zero

It’s option I would say 30k with them expensive set and as I go inside but it’s it’s gonna cost you around 38 pistol 38 40. it’s kind of high right now the price foreign Optics g241 oh foreign so it’s good stand for today foreign Foreign the link I like either you can message me or you can put it on Discord two in one adjustable dual arm desk Mount single desk arm stand yes answer your attacker table my attachments uh you know that this is the 8500 knows again Excel circuit so I might need to sell my

Msig241 at the end of this year oh son Sky wants to buy a monitor sell it to him just want to standard wins huh they double stand single stand in China that is okay two four one quarter by this 35 000. ikeago famous desk powder and nepalma Ikea famous descuno Alex drawers Table

Mountain I have actually been talking to a person to make a customized desk like countertops or Rafi Chinese if you are ready to put in money it’s available for sure foreign foreign Answer ing guys ergonomic it can do this Plastic share best foreign that’s that’s also in the pipeline actually I just stable uh funny pipeline I’m finding a way to actually not make it electric but handling so that saves a lot of cost foreign let’s see all right guys I’m hungry your boy needs to eat

If you have any further questions or anything you want to ask me please let me know just guys they look like to my latsu I hope you guys have a great night what time is it have a great dinner it’s nine already and I have a a warm good night

Stay warm guys it’s very cold business Tony bro they were time giving you all the rates we have it’s backseat gaming they were in an exit like oh backseat gaming bananas I own this or teller ready millionaire bro we’re following you guys soy soy soy followers put on money there foreign

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CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 5800x
GPU : ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 2070 Advanced edition
Ram : G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 Gb ddr4
SSD : Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB
HDD : Western Digital 2TB
Cooler : Coolermaster Hyper 212 LED
Motherboard : Gigabyte z370 hd3
PSU : Corsair Vengeance 650m
Monitor : Acer Predator XB241H 144hz (overclocked to 180hz)
Cabinet : Coolermaster MasterBox Lite 5 RGB

Mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Mousepad: HyperX Fury S (Large)
Keyboard: Skyloong Sk64 (Gatreon Yellow Switches)
Headphones: Logitech G PRO X Headset
Microphone: Maono AU-A04
Camera: Canon EOS 70D

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