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4 Hot Developments for Terra LUNA and LUNC / Luna Classic News Today

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Hello, welcome today We have news about Cryptocurrency. 4 Hot Developments for Terra LUNA and LUNC / Luna Classic News Today I prepared it, have a good time 🙂

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Recently, Terra Rebels, the independent Terra Classic development group, announced new proposals and programs for LUNC and LUNA. In this article, we list the hottest developments from the ecosystem.

Terra Rebels has launched the first app to support LUNC burns.

In a new tweet today, Terra Rebels announced that it has launched a lottery game on the LUNC network. This specifically marks Rebels’ first DApp for LUNC. You can participate in the lottery via the DApp through the Terra Rebels website.

The full reveal of the Terra Rebels-powered DApp reveals that the winner will qualify for 60% of the pool. The remaining 40% will be shared as follows:

26% dead wallet
6% to developers
7% to Terra Rebels
1% contract reserve

Terra Classic launched the FPS game.

In another news from Rebels, co-founder Edward Kim announced that they are launching a new FPS game. The FPS LUNC game was released on Unity Play, a platform where it distributes WebGL creations.

Terra Rebels has launched their own LUNC validators.

Terra Rebels announced in another tweet that it has released LUNC validators. According to the details, validators will work with a 5% commission. They will also be subject to change only by internal management voting. The group plans to cover operating costs from the revenues of its validators, while transferring the remainder to the Rebels donation wallet.

In addition, the group plans to avoid management votes to avoid unduly influencing management decisions. The LUNC community was expecting Rebels validators to launch on Thursday, with validators from Classy Crypto, HappyCattyCrypto, and David Goebelt. However, the group did not announce the launch of the validator until Friday.

The LUNC community has started voting for the development grant program.

LUNC developer Edward Kim announced in another tweet that they have started voting for the LUNC grant proposal. Kim put his 8813 proposals to a vote, according to a tweet Friday from the LUNC core developer who shared a temporary website created for the initiative.

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