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  1. thx for that explanaition .. It is crazy all people are just talking about the price prediction… It think is more valuable to informe people about what they are doing..The question for me is if tehy are going to succed to fixe the system.. I have a longer view so i am just interested about the technical developpement …

  2. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  3. Gotta remember that this time around the pump we had was not as big as other times. So the drop may not be as bad this time around too. It would make sense as well. That being said, Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise over 18BTC when I started at 7 BTC in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Alice Marcella . I would advise y'all to trade your asset rather than hodl for a future you aren't sure about . ..

  4. I don't really understand these numbers. I am getting around 0.1% staking rewards, ie 0.1 lunc per 100. Way less than what it's said to be.

  5. Everyone is an expert when the market pumps… Pay attention to those who can trade when the market goes up,down and sideways .. those are the true legends in crypto trade..
    All thanks to Mr Georgewest for helping me and my family, his skills and strategies are just mind blowing. Just as we have a lot of game players he is a game changer 3btc trading with him in just a few months and still counting I just can't believe it

  6. You kill it bro I have been a long term holder from the bottom when we supported this with our cash there wasn’t much content to begin with brother you have been here from the start big respect

  7. Happy catty crypto can we implement a button on Terra station that allows us to burn the rewards from staking if we want. A button that gives the user a choice to burn their rewards if they wish. What does the community think ???

  8. Your explanation is realistic and straight to the point. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market, I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyse the digital market , all that changed when i encountered (Shirley Bagshaw) strategy. more emphasis should be put into day trading as it Is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market.

  9. I've delegated about 65% of my coins to a major validatior that burns their yield, so I guess that's my way of helping 🙂

  10. 🚀 🚀 & Beyond 🚀 🚀 🚀

    Have no fear, Burning near!!!

    Fully expect to break $1.5B in daily value today and burn well over 60B LUNC Token every 24hrs

    Overall goal between $3B and $7B in daily value until supply is gone!

    6.9T Lunc supply your days of honoring yourself are at an end! Too Infinity…

    Together we stand, divided we fall. Stay safe, Stay invested, peace!

    $1 Lunc before Dec 20th

  11. Twitter is just so incredibly toxic, we just need to get our heads down and work at making LUNC great but slowly.

  12. Please put us an hour for the time of the burning started in Lunc and the total number of what was burned?

  13. should people that stake for long term on terra station not get a bigger reward ,also i think a percentage of the rewards should go to burn

  14. The reason the rewards are wrong will be to do with USTC showing the below on my rewards USTC = 88.416037 ≈ 287,113 LUNC when it will only get you around 9,876 LUNC.

  15. Lunc has always been just a memecoin. Devs focused on the wrong areas in the chain (staking,burn). Before even considering a burn the goal always should have been slowly building utitility back into the chain. A burn just won't work in the long run if there is no utility and people just see this as a meme. This is why cex are hesitant supporting the chain because the burn tax wont really increase the value if there is no demand for the coin in the long run.

  16. Shib paid out once Ryshi Vision coin in May
    They said every 2 weeks we would get RV but never happened

  17. Jay – are you able to bring your node forward? If Vegas was able to add his node recently surely you can??

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