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5 Cosmos Projects with Big Events in April! (That I'm Planning to Invest in!)

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00:00 Cosmos Investments April 01:23 Andromaverse (NFT Mint) 02:46 Strangeclan (PASG Snapshot) 04:53 Crescent DEX …


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    Thanks for watching & Stay Vigilant

  2. My absolute favorite is Elements of Cosmos. The first triple A p2e nft game in the entire blockchain world running on Unreal Engine. Sad you didn't mention anything about it. Looking forward to your next reviews as this project is very promising and will offer tremendous earning potential.

  3. Juno will be fine and price retraction was needed as it was heavily oversold in the past 60 days. Great timing for a dip as Bitcoin conference in Miami will pump BTC and dump alts.

  4. thanks for pointing out crescent dex testnet. have checked it out, connected my keplr, but cannot move my liquidity here to farm. could you do a video on that before april 14, before the launch plz? other than that, great content as usual

  5. Hi
    Just wondering if yiu got problem to signing in to juno swap and Juno network
    I cant for last 24 hours it says error cant claim rewards cant do anything

    Any ideas pls

  6. Daym dude – how many TV's did you buy?!
    You must've received some mad airdrops to afford those!
    haha! Thanks for the video!

  7. Really becoming concerned about Juno. JunoSwap not launching, problems with Evmos… I took a step back and not seeing this kind of mess in other ecosystems. I am invested in Juno and followed many of your great strategies, but Juno just won't stop sinking. Where do you think you might start buying to average in?

  8. You the man 👏🏻 crescent looks really promising 😃 thanks for all the info mate 👍🏻

  9. As always keep up the good work…Please make a video when u will be allocating funds into the liquidity pools so that we can also earn from ur strategies..

  10. Thanks for sharing your picks for April.
    Congrats on the move and enjoy setting up your new place. Moving in has been more fun than moving out. Cheers 🍻

  11. I thought Crescent was going to be order book (not liquidity pools). I could be wrong. Have not researched a ton into it.

  12. Hi bro
    Thank you for best information
    Bro why my evmos is doesn’t work and i cant staking or any do ? I do a one ibc transaction but now is error is ibc but when i can evmos this name isnt in my wallet
    Thank you plz help me

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