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5700 XT Kaspa Mining | 303MH @ 79w Wall

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In this video I show my settings for my 5700 XT Micron memory in HivesOS on Kaspa.

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  1. Are they bios mod like when we mine eth i'm getting please check your (memory) oc & uv settings on this card when i set the core clock above 1500 mhz

  2. For better AMD efficiency, stop your miner, run that command. Restart your miner. Do not re-boot

  3. motd | grep Radeon | awk -F "[ ]" '{print "echo 0 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:"$3 "/pp_dpm_mclk" }'| bash;

  4. great video thx
    6800 gigabyte gaming oc samsung memory 590mhs 93w so its around 110w from wall software you can get more efficient at 560mhs 87w software though

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