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6700 XT Most Efficient Kaspa Mining GPU! | 363MH @ 47.2w = 7.7MH/w

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In this video I show the method to achieve the maximum efficiency on the 6700 XT mining Kaspa!

echo 0 X /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:05:00.0/pp_dpm_mclk
***Replace the X with a greater than symbol. Youtube doesn’t allow angled brackets in the description of a video for some reason.

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  1. I spent a few hours working on this. I've now got my Reference Edition 6700xt's mining Kaspa at 360mh -364 mh and pulling in 37-42 watts following your tips. Thanks again! But that's power on my Hive dashboard. Still, it's FAR better than anything I've ever seen.

  2. I think the command is not needed. You can set the memory speed in hive os to 674 to get the memory state (6800 and 6800XT)

  3. Know any tricks for efficient VEGA 64/56 on ERGO? Been trying for a month. Best I can get is reported 109W at 133mhs, but at the wall it is a LOT higher!

  4. You better run a script and save it in HiveOS so you don't have to paste the command every time you change OC. I linked a txt file with the script on the TRM discord

  5. omg before on rx 6800 590mhs @ 95 watts software now 585 @ 70 watts software no overclock change thx for the video

  6. Thanks for the really informative video! Just wondering if you have any experience with these settings on Micron memory 6700XTs? I have 2 Sapphire Nitros that are Micron and another 2 Sapphire Nitros that are Samsung and the Samsung ones are definitely more efficient in my opinion. Using the same settings as the Samsung cards typically results in an error…

  7. very good work bro. I'll try with my 6700XT.

    I use RaveOS now.

    I have test your 6600 setting with my RaveOS.

    I have more efficency.

    When i test with HiveOS : 4×6600 => 220W (Wall)

    When i test with RaveOS : Same config => 170W (Wall)

    Do you have setting for 6600XT?

  8. Thanks Riley, I hope the difficulty calms down as many people seem to be jumping on this. When this happens I normally do the opposite and go back to tokens with a drop in difficulty to get more yield.

  9. debunked 4090 is the king 8.73, there is also possibility to increase that with some mods to 9-9.3…

  10. Hmm. It does work on my 6600 cards as well! What do you think happens with this plus kawpow? Have you tried? I may try but my kas rigs have been on for 6 days as of now I don’t wanna mess with them 😂

  11. works on the 6600xt. thanks a lot. 7x 6600xt rig with 1425 core 660 VDD dropped from 350W to 248W measured at the wall – 1762 MH

  12. Finally settings I can simply copy and paste lol! (I have the same cards in the farm). Cool video! Not sure about Kaspa future, but who cares, great vid!!

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