A message to my fellow nerds: How your passions, and Veve/OMI can make you a millionaire

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not financial advice. not a financial advisor

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  1. Nobody bullied me before, but I hate bullies 100%! Sometimes I did met bullies on the road.

  2. Yessir! I will be collecting a lot of japanese Pokémon cards now that I understand the hobby more. Growing up with it as a child was life

  3. I've also noticed that the Loki's I bought have been doing really well latelly, somehow I think it has to do something with you Randy 🤔😜🤣

  4. I am increasing my nerd skill by finally watching all of Star wars 😁🤣 i'dd say i've gained 500.000 exp and went from level 85 to 88

  5. Great video!! We're all happy to have you and all the other "nerds" in the community! Even though I don't see any of us as that. I'm glad to say you're my friend! 😊

  6. I must say, this was probably one of your best videos. The intro was straight 🔥 and the advice at the end hit it home. You're a 💎 to this community Randy!!

  7. Hi Randy,
    Your best vids I ve seen so far are:
    1) Darcy Donoven
    2) David Yu
    3) Message to nerds
    For me, your vids are almost socio-psychological insights into some specific part of American society. Unfortunately, I don't have time to watch your every single vid but do you have some that are, according to you, must watch?
    I hope you are happy (in general) and if not, I wish you will find your happiness soon. Many people have deep scars in their souls and you show how you deal with it. You are very authentic and thats a gift. Good luck!

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