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A2000 Hashrate and Efficiency Testing! | Kaspa, ETC, Neoxa, Flux, Ergo, CN GPU

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In this video I show the most efficient settings for the A2000 mining a variety of algorithms in HiveOS.

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  1. @KiwiCryptoMiner I've been running on these settings for 2 days, little warning: HiveOs can "Pop back" the settings to the default state (No OC's in LOLMiner), which ramps up the A2000 to 300Mh/s and the full 70w in the software. Great for total hashrate, not so much for efficiency, which we are definitely going for here 🙂

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    Cheers Jashy

  2. bro my gigabyte 6600 cards not working properly ..when i run 8 cards on TRM ..after running 30 sec randomely one card stop mining … can you help me in solving this issue … can you give me overclocks for gigabyte 6600 … your subscriber from india 😉

  3. Boss, LOLMINER1.63 optimizes Nvidia's cards, what is the most optimized power consumption ratio kernel choice for the current 6600XT 6700XT?

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