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Acala & Kucoin | Are Turing A Profitable Crowdloan ? | Auction Status..

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In this Polkadot News video, I talk about Acala & Kucoin and what they’ve been working on as well as Turing Network being the most profitable crowdloan in the bear market & some points on the Polkadot auctions.

This is NOT a sponsored video
I am NOT a financial adviser, anything I say is based on my opinion and you should always do your own research on any project.

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00:00 – Acala Network
03:44 – Turing Network / Mangata DEX
07:55 – Polkadot Auctions

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  1. You got me spooked with the kucoin aUSD NEWS. You are right about other ecosystems. I am a diehard Dot/Sama guy but I am not part of the whole donnie brigade. Basically if you question any of these exo, poop, gramlin, minecraft stuff then beware. They are like a pack of vultures ready to rip you apart. I have almost had enough and am looking for something else.

  2. Great stuff, as usual. I'd love to see a video where you highlight undervalued projects in dotsama ecosystem, for us to study further. No financial advice, of course 😅

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