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Adamant Mine 2022 NFT Game Updates | Why you should get into it NOW before NFT Marketplace Release

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In this video, we’ll talk about some of the recent updates about this Play to Earn game called Adamant Mine – including adjustments on the minimum to play, block reward, coin split per block, and changes that will happen
with the NFT Marketplace release happening VERY soon.

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Adamant Mine NFT Game Review | Play to Earn and Donate –

Adamant Mine Beta Phase 2 Update | Low Investment Play to Earn NFT Game –

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  1. Hi sorry slight mistake here, its 40% earnings, 40% dev wallet + charity and 20% burn

  2. correction 20M is not the final requirement. they said before that it's 10M but they changed it to 20M. then just recently they made a poll suggesting 35M minimum lol. there's no such thing as "final" in admc. wish they stick to their word from the very beginning

  3. Ang kaso lang palaging binabago ng Devs ang block reward… sa ngayon nasa 43 days ang ROI nya

  4. Im excited for the NFT marketplace.. non stressful game.. playing just only 5 minutes a day… great and active devs..

  5. Hoki tahunan
    saya dapat 65 juta dari web penghasil uang bukti WD udah saya post di Chanel ini boskuu!!

  6. I happy to be in #BSCStaion platform, the Best launchpad ever. If you stake 15k bscs or more, you can join to sure buy many IDO hot on #BSCS 🥳🥳

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