After FTX's Collapse, Can Crypto Survive Without a Savior? | Coinage Episode 4

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The crypto industry is one that was built around Bitcoin — an alternative form of money founded to refute the failures of the traditional financial system.

In fact, Bitcoin’s genesis block includes the text of the New York Times headline seen as the precipice of the bailout era: “Chancellor on Brink of Second Bailout for Banks.” It’s as if Bitcoin’s founder was speaking directly to the old banking system to say, “We see your transgressions, and we are coming for you.”

The irony, therefore, that crypto itself could come to repeat the very same mistakes the old system committed in the 2008 financial crisis is not lost on us. But how did we get here? And, can crypto survive without a savior?

0:00- Open
1:30- Intro
3:39- Is this the same as the ’08 collapse?
6:14- Who is SBF?
6:59- What is FTX? How did it crash?
15:35- Interview with Cailtin Long, Custodia Bank Founder & CEO
25:01- Conclusion

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