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AIRDROP Info – DC DogeChain + NOMIC + Stride + ZetaChain + ZigZag 🚀

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Hello elson good morning hello michael welcomes everyone here ladies and gentlemen, today we will make an er drop info we’ve gathered a bit here that’s why we pick up different things I have here’s some info for you too no longer leaks I invite

ok so if you participated in this launch will drop the widget, these are the results you can check if they have drawn the path a ticket to everyone of course Congratulations, we’re moving on chain, we did a test net here already

I think they had a little one here a year ago rebranding as you can see the logo i changed they have a new net test here like If you go to this link, there’s still some campaign to promote it five people can win a hundred

dollars when it comes to this their net test on bridge has changed a bit here as well we can just buy it some of their zeta tokens worth doing here once in a while points are paid out at all here for these poor conference we approve

and let it fly okay we won’t be here wait if you are going through them twitter looks like they are working hard they go here for some events you can collect these outs on gal x rome hopefully finally something here will fire on this zeta and we

we go further on the consensus you can here leave your email and will be here to receive nftz on the occasion of upgrading eti coffin shanghai good and now we hit on normik if you received this airdrop before that here is the second part as well

you just have to connect and pick up next part of air drop are we sticking of course, please ninety-three percent remember to refresh this page because you don’t I will show you at the beginning snick good

we’re 100 percent we can go on let’s go back take care of yourself because you can do it here Pick up these two parts just like we’ll go out on the wallet enough here strike I already had half of this strada

used so I thought it was just I get it and it looks like I need it do it again, we will also throw ourselves another half st rally to this state elegant now we have to throw some atoma osmo stars juno luna or evos on this one

their liquid stating zero zero one we will throw in as long as it’s just for us they passed and so ok we have this information appeared here that we have three and a half to the Sejm na straits it’s and that’s it and that’s it

more info from games witt has jumped in they have a contest here for two thousand dollars and you can glue yourself in question enf it I’m still waiting for them to verify me I don’t know if it’s for me or not

I have an idea but I don’t want to verify it this discord and I’m still waiting, I don’t know if anything will happen this nf k but I think it’s worth it broadcast it and, of course, wear it

an account here with them on the platform, that’s it one of the main conditions of this competition this is where we have to sign up ok we go on we have air drop from to chaina we go here airdrop good and like

if we go downstairs, we have six the last part of air drop from dc is four days here to glue it together so that you take it, of course Anyone who qualified can be found here dc this and throw it on the ship

I’ve already shown you this in general I also cordially invite you to the next video air drop will be zigzag if you used zigzag through the wallet argent it should follow appear there just size tokens here is a whole list of addresses that got caught and that

That’s all, congratulations to everyone I just this I didn’t get welcome to my blog leave a thumbs up and a comment for I wish you a nice evening direction greetings

Sporo tego za to w ekspresowym tempie😉👍
Odbieramy Tokeny od:
✅ DogeChain
✅ Stride
✅ Nomic
✅ ZigZag
NFT od Consensys + GameSwift

💰Gdzie kupić kryptowaluty?
💎BYBIT – https://partner.bybit.com/b/michalmmm

💎OKX – https://www.okx.com/join/12922391

💎MEXC Global – https://m.mexc.com/auth/signup?inviteCode=1LknA
👉 Więcej Tutaj:

⚠️NBX -10% z kodem – HAJSOHOLICY – https://nextblockexpo.com/tickets/

⚠️ Portfel KEYSTONE – Link do sklepu – https://bit.ly/keyst-michal
✅Kod -30% – Michallewicz – Ważny Do końca Lutego!

💥Linki z Video:
BITGET – https://www.bitget.com/en-IN/support/articles/12560603777370
💎BitGet – https://partner.bitget.com/bg/MichalLewicz
ZETA Chain – https://labs.zetachain.com/leaderboard?code=Ezn1xVd3NLjFnNWyG5rsR
NFT od Consensys – https://consensys.net/shanghai-capella-upgrade/
Nomic – https://testnet.nomic.io/airdrop
Stride – https://app.stride.zone/airdrop
GameSwift – https://twitter.com/GameSwift_io/status/1630947966826545153
DogeChain – https://dogechain.dog/
ZigZag – https://docs.zigzag.exchange/zigzag-exchange/airdrops

0:00 Intro
0:36 BitGet
0:48 ZetaChain
1:40 ConsenSYS
1:51 Nomic
2:16 Stride
3:04 Game Swift
4:08 ZigZag

🔥 Mój drugi kanał VLOGowy https://bit.ly/Michalskyvlog

🐦 Twitter:

✅Discord Hajsoholicy – https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/w5c6n5

✅Nowa platforma na której publikuje video – RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/register/LewiczMichal/
👉 Mój kanał – https://rumble.com/c/c-1922587

🔊Kanał z Muzyka ktorej używam

👉 Cryptiony – Aplikacja która pomoże Ci rozliczyć podatki od CRYPTO – https://cryptiony.com/?ref=Michalmmm

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