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  1. Another awesome video guys! As you mentioned, with Algorand ecosystem growing so much, do you know any yield aggregator with Algorand dapps? something similar with coindix? Thanks

  2. Just wanted to say guys I thank Tinyman man is one of the best DEX to use to best they work 100 % with Ledger and I the UI is very nice the fee are a little lower on some of there pools , AlgoFi is nice but only half or less then half work with hardware wallets oooo and I did stack some Algo with Folks finance Governance And it work well with Hard wallets the only part that does not is the lock& earn

  3. good stuff, the Humble swap fumble is a blessing in disguise, it will force them to create an even more user friendly coding system, better testing methods etc

  4. Hi Team,
    You do a very great content. I would like to suggest you to create an ASA Academy.
    All The Best,

  5. Always the best content from you three! Each with their own perspective. At these prices, I just cannot resist not DCAing into Algorand atm. I have some accumulation goals I want to hit and might look into other ASAs, Stables, or more Lofty. But I agree with Seawill in that, with using Algorand everything is just so smooth. Tinyman, Algofi, etc. just works. I used Solana and Binance before and it fails so many times until your transaction goes through its pain honestly. Can’t wait for the video!

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