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Algorand - ALGO Coin

Algorand Price Prediction!

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Subscribe or I’ll See Your Crypto! JK. But for real! Good karma is the secret to winning trades! Kadena, Bitcoin, Luna, & Flux make up for 90% of my portfolio. The rest of projects in this space I have no clue if they will be here in 5yrs!
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0:00 Algorand Price Predictions.
0:30 Algo Tokenomics Explained.
1:45 Algrond Economy vs Top Layer 1 Projects
2:27 Algorand Total Value Locked TVL Defi Lama.
3:15 Messari Social Metrics
3:45 Algorand Adoption Rate.
5:10 Algorand Trade Analysis!
7:25 Algo Price Prediction 2022.
8:01 Algorand Review Ryan Matta.

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  1. Why are you saying algo is at $6.70 at the beginning of this video? You go thru the trouble of making a comparison with other coins market caps and you're using incorrect info? lmao

    Quality control dude….. keep sucking helium

  2. What's with the Helium voice? Keep the great content coming, and drop the silly voice. Thanks.

  3. Sorry but I don't see algo going for the same MC as cardano cuz it's simpler not better than Kadena

  4. You should see tvl boom by summer. A lot of big projects launching. Not to mention El Salvador bitcoin currency project is run on algo so I imagine this model will be used by a lot of countries. Not a flashy blockchain but it will be one of the blockchains that will last. They have also changed their tokenomics in January with a slower release so you should see more early investors once they find this out. Look into the algo team- just start with Silvio you will get bullish
    Bitcoin Algo KDA Sol, Eth (until the merge hype peak then sell into bitcoin )

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