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AlgoRANT [FIFA+ Collect / TECH / Starbucks / Helium / ALGORAND!!!]

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In this episode of The ReCoop, Cooper RANTS about the Algorand Ecosystem. He discusses FIFA+ Collect (built on the Algorand blockchain!), huge tech upgrades, Starbucks / Polygon, Helium / Solana, and everything else! Don’t miss it!!!

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  1. Plants, exotic drinks and cocktails! I think that’s where u need to be! That’s the vibe, make it happen.

  2. The plants ARE Coop Algorants man. It's like you care enough to do something but at the same time you don't care enough to go all elaborate. An Algorant sign made out of bamboo, haphazardly hung behind you would complete the background

  3. Background is just secondary, content is important. Enjoyed content as always. Green is clean, getting sponsors as the background is an awesome idea 🥰👍🏻

  4. Coop I say this every time, but I thoroughly look forward to algorants. Random spitfire mixed with facts gives me life. Also what if you had different nft projects that need more light brought to them or new projects. You could add a logo of coop Daniels and then a shoutout to “x” nft.Then, could Drop their link in the description as well. So many great projects and artists who could use help to push through the noise. Ps. Check out deentra. Multi chain project that now Launches today public on algo. Dinosaurs that promote climate awareness. 😉 🦕

  5. If the crypto market was a colour currently it would be a gloomy grey… I’m frustrated that companies can’t see Algo’s value, or are being lead to other block chains by the leash by VC’s.
    I like the green screen idea, you’ll be able to use backgrounds like the news with subject matter. You may need to sit to one side of the desk to create a useable area.
    Was a little disappointed you didn’t go full karaoke with you Outcast lyrics “Miss Jackson” – forever ever forever ever… 😘

  6. The thought that comes to mind is half of the back ground with plants and the other half with the green screen, is that possible?


  7. Background idea: you are on the inside of a rotating UFO 🛸 with windows slowly spinning by behind you.

  8. Algorand is the best project out there 💪💪💪🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  9. Fuck Starbucks !!! Lol !!! We dont need them. We're going for the big fish.🐳🐳🐳 yea and maybe do a test run with the plants.🌱🌿☘

  10. Good rant, love it! This made me buy more ALGO. I think you should make the green screen the exact background you wanna replace just with absurd things pasted in.

  11. I’m so short of words !.. 🆙️⬆️👆 BRENDA success story is all over the media I think if you are new to trading or need to multiply your asset you should go through her.> she and her team are the best when it come to crypto invesabout, HER >NAME ON >PROFILE

  12. Good stuff as always. Why not do a few dry runs, it might be fun to play with the green screen, have themes or nft's coming to life back there

  13. I< think the difference in this instance is that analysts are stating that we are heading for a DEPRESSION! so this changes everything in the grand scheme of things when talking about possible new ATHs. Great points in your video. I agree and suspect it may be too convenient to think BTC is perfectly correlated to S&P/Nasdaq and Altcoins to BTC. Refreshing to hear reasonable market analysis that takes a bigger picture perspective. So many people are squabbling over timing the exact bottom. That short-term thinking is such a rookie mistake. By dollar cost averaging and holding for several years, it takes the guesswork out. Next bull runs it won't be a huge deal if we bought at 21k or 17k. What will matter is that we are accumulating while the price is relatively low. I'm really holding on for this possible low point reentry, I screwed up some time back & I need this lower point to get back in, I’ve small cash on the sideline I don't like that but I refuse to FOMO in. Our younger investors are scared, they're concerned about what they should do because a lot of them have not been through this before. My advice to them is this, go all out into trading. Trading is where the bucks are been made. I see the stock market, housing values going down, and crypto going up. Traditional markets are getting recked. The new economy is crypto, not fiat. People want truth, not corruption, contracts not monetary easing. Venturing into crypto trading investment has been a turning point for me with the help and tutoring from my investment Advisor Mr Scott Franklin . With his guides and the trade signal, I use in trading, I have moved from having 0.8 BTC to atop 2.3 BTC in a short period of time. Invest today and trade your crypto assets with the best tutor trader. bufferingͲeIєɠɾαm 👉 scottfranklin for more info or mentorship on how to invest trade and earn with his top-notch trade signal..

  14. I'm honestly glad the starbucks conspiracy is finally cleared up. It was so toxic with people desperately connecting dots that don't even exist. we don't need to be like GME cultists coming up with all sorts of conspiracies for copium.

    Let the real developments speak for themselves.

  15. Starbucks are just salty they can't grow in Italy cause any gas station coffee ☕ there is better than Starbucks💀

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