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Am I Against IBC For Terra Luna Classic?….. I'll Save You Time, NO but here's why…

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  1. I completely agree with every one of your points. I wish they would get on board and make something happen.

  2. Mrs Moraine the bitcoin trader is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  3. I wouldn't invest in Terra again, even if I had usdt, that I could easily spend on nonsense.

  4. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I acquire $29,600 every 10 days recently.

  5. Money is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, life was hard for me until I started trading Shiba Inu and am now earning $20,000 per week.

  6. .5% tax on buy, 2.5% on sell. Tax waived on sell with at least 21 day stake. Problem solved.

  7. 🤗Your channel is filled with valuable info! So excited today that I am comfortably earning $12,000/week with the knowledge you've shared. Thanks bud for all your hard work

  8. I lost over $100K when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that's what everyone said. I'm still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market,I'm really grateful I find one source to recover my money,at least $12k profits on weekly basis.

  9. Hi Matt, from first burn day the 1,2% burn is still less then 0,1% burn by Binance. Even now we don't see weekly burn by binance. Binance is burning biggest volume , more then first 3 biggest burner. Ppl are greedy to burn 0,1% or 1,2% and now you want to ask ppl to accept to burn 3% tax ??? 😂😂😂😂 ppl want to be rich over night without any sacrifice. Look at the volume on binance. And after they will complain about the burns after one month. NO VOLUME NO BURNS.

  10. La meilleure façon de trouver cet équilibre entre l'épargne et la vie est d'investir. j'ai pu construire une fondation sur le marché, j'ai gagné mon premier million en diversifiant, principalement des actions de premier ordre, des ETF et des pièces. Mon courtier gère mes investissements et m'assure de rester au-dessus du marché.

  11. stop dreaming, buy low cap token like $LSS it'll gave you what you want instead of this hopium dead token

  12. Been trying to get you to DM me. Matt, just get Binance to burn 0.2% (the same as current on chain tax) on top of all their transactions. Then instead of buying and burning their own LUNC, they would buy other exchange's LUNC and burn it. In the end they will be the exchange left standing with their LUNC bag. It's simple. You've been wasting your time getting a list of exchanges to sign and now proposing 3% tax. Come on dude, just have to get to one exchange (the only one actually supporting LUNC) and ask them to burn 0.2 on top of their usual fees, then take that money and buy LUNC from other exchanges and burn their LUNC. The rough calculation on a 0.2% tax burn is roughly 64B LUNC burned on a weekly basis. Used a slow week to estimate that also.

  13. Don’t be confuse buying the dip in a bear market, with guaranteed future returns. Just because that company is down 60%+ from ATH does NOT make it a sound long-term investment. Make sure you’re investing in great companies. kudos to SONIA DICKSON

  14. I’ve applied lots of trade patterns, and I still can’t make a reasonable amount of profit. I’d probably give up on this crap soon.

  15. I have only been in crypto for a few months so basically I know nothing but not long back it crept up to 0.00060 without any burns since we've implemented burns nothing I think it crept up to about 0.00034/35 if I'm remembering right

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