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AMAZING Open World Metaverse built for everyone (#1 Best Community in Crypto?)

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In this special Interview episode, we catch up with Alex Nase, the Director of Business Development at TCG World, an online game metaverse where players can play to earn TCG Coin as well as hunt for NFT collectibles, invest in virtual real estate, build, explore, or start their own online businesses.

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TCG Trading Platform is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of collectible gaming and sports cards including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic The Gathering and more.

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0:00 Intro
0:35 About Alex Nase
1:10 What is your overall opinion of the Metaverse?
3:50 What excites you about TCG World?
8:00 What are the goals for the graphics?
10:12 What is going to be the catalyst for TCG World?
12:42 What are you guys doing to stay active with the community?
18:14 Are you surprised by the hype with the lack of active marketing?
21:17 How big is the team for the project?
22:58 How are you making the Metaverse appealing to gamers?
26:42 Who can play in the alpha?
28:00 Are players allowed to stream in the alpha?
28:11 Will players be able to test farming mechanics in the alpha?
30:43 What are you going to do to safeguard the younger audience?
33:54 Is there going to be a DOW or community voting?
36:10 Where can we find you and get involved in the community?
38:07 Conclusion


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  1. I pulled out all of my axie infinity investment after I was losing money for a while. Few months after selling is when it took off. I told myself I will not miss another opportunity like that again .. well this is that other opportunity and I thank God for TCG World and it's community everyday 🙌🏻

  2. very promising! will defo follow it and see how they progress towards future! great interview guys

  3. Just did my research. Watched this, some trailers, the game looks amazing. BSC makes it more accessible for everyone. I wish I could own a peace of land in every area. This will be big in 2022 and beyond. Thanks to MM to bring this to my attention.

  4. This is an amazing video! Thanks for sharing this, I have dyor TCG World and I think it is gonna be HUGE!! 💯

  5. Just subscribed, liked and shared. Let me tell you tcg is something special. I’ve worked on some projects and this is definitely something good.

  6. This is a great interview. Glad I found this early on and can't wait to actually enter this Metaverse!

  7. Fantastic video Bryan and Justin💯 Really like the interview/deep dive type platforms. I really haven’t given TCG World a second thought. That is until now. What an amazing project. And with people like Alex on the team, this is going to be a game changer. What an exciting time to be invested in metaverse. Thanks again fellas💪🏼

  8. TCG World is gonna be lit. A great project that everyone who's interested in REAL metaverse should definitely check out.

  9. I look forward to this project. Also, its good that they put into equation the fact that not everyone has high end PCs and especially in these times with GPUs obtainability and outrageous prices. Goodluck 👍🏼🙂

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