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ANKR, AMP and Algorand now listed on this Regulations Site?

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In this fresh episode of Unusual Due Diligence, we observe a chance encounter and identify three of our favorites… positively listed on a regulations site for cryptocurrency. It’s about BitLicense and also the project next week.

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Topics: #UnDD, #amp, #ankr, #algo

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Now, I didn’t expect to do toy parodies and reviews at the same time as unusual due diligence, and yet here we are. You can help me help you reach the moon. #CommissionsEarned and you can support the channel by buying the featured toy in this video.




Large font. Super important. This channel is parody. This channel is entertainment. The channel host is Poseidon, god of the sea, and you should not be listening to investment advice from him. This channel, the channel host, and these action figures are not investment advisors. This channel also may choose from time to time to provide limited-time offers, which the channel expects to earn a commission from.



  1. ANKR price action is strong from the feb lows,much stronger than most cryptos,it has outperformed 95%of the crytos i follow,this is very positive,chart looks like a breakout to ATH is near.
    AMP and AGO price action are very negative,underperform on down days, underperfrorm on updays..
    disclosure.Long ANKR,flat AMP ALGO

  2. My man Poseidon, another fantastically informative video, and in 2:20 none the less. Nice work on your subs up to 635, cant wait for the campfire series i'm glad that got the necessary votes. keep up the unusually short and sweet videos

  3. Whoop, whoop have all 3. Been in ALGO several years. Loaded AMP and ANKR over the past 7 months.

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