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ANKR Bringing Education to Web3. This Could Be Big.

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In this speculation video I discuss education and the metaverse. Is ANKR be working on a product that allows edtech to meet web3? If so, this could be huge. Let’s get started.

I am not a financial advisor. I am not an economist. This channel is for entertainment only, not financial advice. I am not affiliated with Ankr, nor any entity mentioned. I am a member of the Developer_Dao, but I am not a developer, just a web3 enthusiast.

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My channel is not intended to be financial advice.
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I am adding this section only because someone insinuated that I am paid to push some hidden agenda.
I am not an influencer. None of my channels are monetized. I am not paid to make videos. I do not recieve compensation in any form. I am not paid to schill. I do not accept money or any type of kick back, from any entity to schill a project. I am not given any preloaded bags, or pre launch info. If there are commercials on my channel, that is youtube alone making money, not me. I am just a simple, no frills, cell phone youtuber, making videos for entertainment only. If you are looking for someone to promote your coin, there are others who will gladly accept payment to do so. I am not one of those channels


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  1. I was involved in the online education back Pre-Dot Bomb days, we were doing live collaboration on dial up, it was painful, DSL was just starting to come on scene.
    The software was called Placeware and then Microsoft bought it and killed it.Then the platform called Blackboard came on scene and it wasn't any better but a lot of colleges were using it. We were hired by New Horizons tech centers to teach them our methodology on creating online syllabus and a copy of our tech. I can't remember the name of the platform management tool Oh wait I remember it was called Vignette! Such a long time ago. Here is what we learned. Here is free 500k to 1 million dollars worth of consultant advice for free.
    There is nothing new under the sun. Doesn't matter how much tech you put into education the human touch has to be there. Virtual reality will still take time to develop, we were talking about VR way back in the 90's. Even had a pretty silly TV show about it. Daryl Hannah was in it I think?
    We even did a pilot program for underprivileged kids at a DC school to teach them how to become MCSE's before they graduated so they could get those 60k jobs out of High school. But we all know what happened after the Dot Bomb crash. Companies were laying off paper certified techs like it was a Blue light special.
    The net has to be faster and adapt on the fly to really make VR work seamlessly, I say give it another 15 years.

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