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Answers to Ecomi fud. Potential exchange timeline for OMI!

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not financial advice. not a financial advisor

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  1. Randy you absolute legend. You voice of reason is much required today. In 3 years we will look back and laugh at this period on the chart.

  2. I think you're missing the overall fact that the token has been in shambles for 2 months. The migration is far from complete anyone telling you otherwise doesn't know s***. They still have exchanges that haven't even started the migration. The fact that they did not have the bridge set up before the migration is a joke. My money has been trapped there because I was assured that there was going to be a bridge for me to get it out. The fact that this migration has been such a flop does not sit well with anyone. I've been through many migrations and it's really not that hard to take a wallet snapshot and then airdrop a new token.

    Also the fact that they have not addressed any of this whatsoever is ridiculous. This token is still running on two different platforms and any of the burn isn't even coming from the main supply to begin with.

    I've been here for over a year and all I see is a token and shambles with no direction.

    promises after promises after promises.

    The fact that they're still running drops when bots are still so rampant… They are don't kid yourself and don't b***** about it.

    I'm in an nft project that's only 3 months old and they've already accomplished much more than VV. They just don't have the mega licensing.

    And if you think the main wallet holders aren't dumping through all this b***** you're crazy.

  3. I think the sales in the primary market just might exceed our expectations by far; this, along with lower price, will drive burn 🔥 let it burn burn burn, all facts do your work and research 🔥 😎 Can't make everyone happy and as companies grow so do priorities!

  4. If im ever lettin fud get to me or start to believe some of these couks out here i just gotta watch ur video to put me back into bullish mode and gets me in the mood to go spend more money on omi lol. Thanks bro 😀

  5. Really enjoyed this one Randy thank you, a lot of comments on this video. Good work

  6. Supposedly the exchanges were ready to launch when the migration was done

  7. Metaverse = new
    NFT= new
    Digital collectable = new
    P2E = new
    Digital asset = new
    Crypto = sorta new
    AR/VR = sorta new
    Social ntwork = sorta new
    Combining these as some sort of tech mega project = MENTAL
    Teenage 'investors' expecting it done in the 1st year = 2022
    "Tweet from cryptotopdog"

  8. I will be happy after the mcp and omi to nft is implemented. You can look at todays drop and see plain as day all the bots

  9. Dont want to fud at all but i am just curious what will happens when all the omi holders will stop buying drops For some time? Just curious. They are very transparant about veve and drops. I miss the omi transparancy a little 🙏

  10. Stick to your guns… Follow your instinct and when you can try to remember to dollar cost average! I will keep stacking for sure.

  11. The ecomi team is the most transparent project i’ve ever been involved… alot of these people it’s their first time investing because they’re cute “collectibles” and dipping their toe into nft and essentially crypto

  12. I feel bad for people that have their tokens stuck on VV they need to release the bridge already.

  13. So glad you brought up the point about leaders of other projects. I’m invested in about 8 others and NONE of their teams are as transparent as this one. And the ones that do communicate to my level of satisfaction provide boring information that I probably could have done without. Everything I’m in invested in is for 2025. At that time I will compare and reassess

  14. I think the guy had the impression that they're not as transparent because they have plenty of NDA's from licences to exchanges.
    Plus the bigger you grow, the more there is to possibly report on.
    If you're small, it's easy to talk about every single move you make. The things you say also won't get blown out of proportion.

    I think ECOMI is still as transparent as they can be while being smart about it, but ofcourse there is a difference.

  15. In a few years to come I'm sure people will be kicking themselves after Being aware of the opportunity they missed not investing in Crypto currency trading. My advice to investors right now, Just seek professional help from a good financial adviser to avoid loosing money. I'd suggest you get assisted by a market advisor like BLAINE PHILLIPS JR


    Think about it though… Veve has to have the cash for gem to fiat conversion. It's not like they can go back to IP's and ask for help covering the cost. But, IP's get a cut of every drop and Marvel/Dis get a cut of every MP transaction. How does Veve cover that gap of money of what's already been distributed to IPs if everyone is cashing out?

    Mabe thats why they put today's drops s high to get a quick 1 million? Thoughts

  17. Great video, agree with what your saying!!
    OMI is a great company, they do need speeding things up!!
    I do see other crypto projects moving faster, but people need to chill and hold.

    I can’t think of any other investment bringing this type of revenue and have the IP that OMI has.
    Keep up the gd work Randy!!

  18. hey Randy, planning to buy more $Omi this week, my total will come to close to 3 Mn tokens now… do you recommend storing that on Ledger? or something else? primarily interested in security, no plans to sell any time soon

  19. Tesla delivers more cars every quarter than what the analyst believe they will , they have beaten revenue and delivery estimates every quarter since 2019 veve is the opposite if they something is coming you need to add like 6-8 months

  20. Here is a quick thing you can do in order to understand the problem: Go to the Ecomi or VeVe website. Try to look for available new position in those companies. Then go to any other decent blockchain project and look for the number of job openings. This is the problem. They are making millions of $$ but not hiring as they should be.

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