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Crypto News 2022 09 26: #ETH #ADA Vasil #NFT #LUNC #Coinbase #Celsius #Zilliqa #ShibaInu #XRP

فيديو يوتيوب

#CryptoNews #ETH #ADA Vasil #NFT #LUNC #Coinbase #Celsius #Zilliqa #ShibaInu #xrp

00:00 1 The Fear and Greed Index
00:04 2 مؤشر موسم Altcoin
00:12 3 Binance will burn LUNC offchain
01:32 4 Ethereum Issuance -98 %
02:26 5 NFL NFT
02:53 6 Coinbase Patent Infringement
03:53 7 Celsius Crypto
04:32 8 Zilliqa Gaming Console
05:26 9 SEC owns Ethereum?
06:19 10 NFTs the new Marvel?
07:14 11 ShibaInu’s new Game
08:09 12 Russia & Crypto
09:12 13 Cardano Vasil
10:08 14 XRP High
11:03 15 NFTs & Stamps

مؤشر الخوف والطمع في "الخوف"

Altcoin Season Index: 59

Binance will burn LUNC offchain
Instead, we have decided to begin burning all trading fees collected on the LUNC/BUSD and LUNC/USDT spot and margin trading pairs on Binance. Fees will be converted to LUNC then sent to the burn address. The burn is paid at our expense, not the users’.

Ethereum Issuance -98 %
Data from Ultra Sound Money show that following the Merge, Ethereum’s issuance rate has decreased by 98%.

Customers are purchasing a lot more of the Flow-based NFTs on Sundays, the day of the week when the majority of the real-world games are played, according to sales statistics from Dapper Labs’ officially-licensed NFL All Day NFT collectibles platform, which went live to the general public last month.

Coinbase Patent Infringement
Veritaseum Capital LLC, which claims that the cryptocurrency exchange has violated a patent granted to Veritaseum creator Reggie Middleton, is suing Coinbase Global (COIN).
Coinbase is reportedly suing for at least $350 million in damages after using the patent for some of its blockchain infrastructure, according to Veritaseum.

درجة مئوية
Preferred equity owners in the defunct cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network want to be included in discussions about recovering their investments and getting first dibs on proceeds from the sale of certain assets because they are concerned that the bankruptcy process will be overly focused on retail customers.

Zilliqa Gaming Console
Zilliqa is developing a device that will allow users to mine bitcoins while enjoying their favorite Web3 games.
A Layer 1 blockchain protocol called Zilliqa has announced the release of a new Web3-focused video game console that will compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but with a special twist.

SEC owns Ethereum?
The SEC expressed an extreme viewpoint on Monday when it filed a federal lawsuit against cryptocurrency influencer Ian Balina, arguing that because the majority of the network’s validator nodes are concentrated in the U.S., the U.S. government has jurisdiction over all Ethereum transactions.

NFTs the new Marvel?
According to Solana founder, NFTs will produce the next Marvel or Disney.

ShibaInu’s new Game
Shiba Inu’s new game will burn 5% of its $15.71 billion market cap in SHIB tokens. A collectable card game called Shiba Eternity has elements of Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Hearthstone.

Russia & Crypto
Russia accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies for use in international payments.

كاردانو فاسيل
Vasil began, offering ADA the chance of a lifetime to invest. Vasil has been late several times, but now it is here.

XRP مرتفع
With a 35% daily increase, XRP reaches a 13-month high in comparison to Bitcoin, but is a correction unavoidable?

NFTs & Stamps
At the Blockchain Expo in Amsterdam, Cointelegraph spoke with PostNL from the Netherlands and PostAG from Austria to learn more about their successful partnership in fusing NFTs with postal stamps.


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